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P.O Box 364, Gulu,Plot 5, John Labeja Road, Layibi Centre, Pece Division,

Gulu District Farmers Association (GDFA) was formed in l992 with the objective of mobilizing the farming community to have one voice under one independent umbrella organization. GDFA is also a registered member of the Uganda National Farmers Federation, the umbrella body for all farmer organizations in Uganda. The association operates in the whole of Gulu district. Currently, the total membership stands at 8,200 members.GDFA is dedicated to eradicating poverty in the smallholder

Contact PersonDennis Adonga Laloyo (Coordinator)
Telephone0789 555 500 / 0772 826 735

Bulange Sub County, Namutumba District, , , P. o. Box 53

It was started by the coordinator with the aim of uplifting the youth Growing of maize, Groundnut, tomatoes, poultry keeping and brick laying were the first activities we took up.Our members have acquired different skills such as lobby and advocacy, plus proposal writing skills which helped in acquiring the CDD Funds. There is a significant shift in standard of living and people have the basic needs.Currently, we have planted 700 orange tree seedlings which we are nurturing. We also carry out voluntary counseling and testing.We have grown to attain registration with Namutumba District NGO Forum and affiliation with other NGOs/ networks. We provide Loan schemes where members access loans to run their projects.We sometimes encounter challenges with finances being minimal and the secretariat ...

Contact PersonMwisi Farouk (Coordinator)
Telephone0752 278 896
Date Founded

P.O. Box 71327, Kampala,Plot No. 794, Kalungu Village, Kulwazi Drive-Bunga; Gaba Parish,

Centre for Integrated Development (CIDev), is a Ugandan NGO engaged in the promotion of sustainable natural resource management and food security for improved livelihoods. It envisages sustainable natural resource management for improved community livelihoods.The organisation was founded by various professionals who came together to combine efforts and experiences for the good of sustainable natural resource management in the country.Our mission is to support natural resource-dependent poor communities with skills development and inputs for improved productivity and quality of life.Our main intervention strategies include;

Contact PersonJudith Mugerwa (Programme Coordinator)
Telephone0312 270 604

P.O. Box 73, Kihiihi,Kyeshero,Kayonza, Kanungu,

After a baseline study that was carried out in Kayonza sub- County by Herbert Banobi about the backwardness in Kayonza, he started the organisation as a CBO in order to advocate for the development of the area. Community members gathered, brought all the locally available resources/materials and construction for the organization office. They decided to start new projects like community tourism, village based trainers

Contact PersonBanobi Herbert (Coordinator)
Telephone0772 930 304
Date Founded

P.o Box 67,Masindi,Bwijanga T/Centre Masindi-Hoima Rd.,

VIRUDI was started by the community after realising that there was a need of eradicating poverty in the sub county by giving out poultry equipments, agricultural inputs like bean seeds, maize seeds, cassava stems and piggery projects through paying subscription and membership fees.The first activities included:

Contact PersonMugume Charles (Chairperson)
Telephone0773 404 518

Kigimbi, nyanga ward, K.I.T.C, , , P.O BOX 17

With the initial objectives to create unity for development, add value to farm products, get market for bi-products and instigate a saving culture coupled with credit facilities, Bamanya.A.Moses and Muhwezi Ben started the organisation for development purposes. The main focus areas included value addition, marketing plus piggery training.The very first activities we carried out included saving and credit facilities, piggery farming, apiary farming and tree/fruit and vegetable farming.We set out with about 5 million shillings but as of now we have approximately 8 million shillings in cash and about 3 million shillings in kind which totals to about 13 million shillings. Our customer base has also enlarged.The registered changes have enabled us start a hotel and bar for pork at Kabwohe town ...

Contact PersonBamanya Al- cortez Moses (Director)
Telephone0700 683 582 / 0782 446 456 / 0772 634 123
Date Founded

P.O Box 611, Mbale,Bukitongo Village, Butemulani Parish, Bumwoni Sub-county,

The organization was started by Joseph Weyusya; a member of the local community. It was as a result of a number of challenges in the local community that needed to be addressed such as child motherhood, HIV/AIDs prevalence, poverty, school drop outs, and rape cases among others. By starting the organization, he hoped to empower the girl child through restoration of hope by provision of education and a meaningful life. The organization also hoped to sensitize the community on HIV/AIDs.The first activity was restoration of hope in child mothers. This involved counseling the clients as well as their parents to ensure that they were taken back to school. ARDI also carried out sensitization on HIV/AIDs through awareness and encouraging the local population to test and know their status. A small ...

Contact PersonWeyusya Joseph (Director)
Telephone0752 624 533
Date Founded

P.O Box 635, Mbarara,Kaberebere Centre, Kikagate Road, Isingiro, ,

Isingiro Family promotion and Improvement Organisation (IFAPIO) is an indigenous; grass-roots NGO founded in 1999 through the merger of 13 women

Contact PersonClare Kabakyenga (Programme Coordinator)
Telephone0702 109 213 / 0772 675 624 / 0772 578 169

P .O Box 71, Pakwach ,Pakwach Town Council,

PRUDEPMA is an umbrella membership organization which was founded by 10 reformed poachers associations, 15 beach management units, Women fuel wood and thatch grass resource user groups and farmers groups with crops affected by park problem animals. It was formed to reduce conflicts between Murchison Falls National Park Authority and poachers, fishermen, Women Park Resource users and farmers with fields bordering the park.Our organization has good networks with local community, government conservation agencies and national and international biodiversity conservation agencies and local authorities. This enables the organization to involve the above stakeholders in information and experience sharing, advocacy for conservation justice and poverty reduction for park-edge people. This has brough ...

Contact PersonOkwong Silvius
Telephone0782 698 007
Date Founded

P.O. Box 14, Pallisa,Awokei Village, Boliso Parish, Puti-Puti Sub-county, Pallisa District,

Best Village Organisation (BEVIOR) is a non partisan organisation operating in Pallisa district. The name Best Village was agreed upon as the vision to make our village the best one in the subcounty, district and the nation of Uganda by improving the livelihood of its people by 2020. Best Village is situated in Awokei Village, Boliso Parish, Puti-Puti Sub-county, Pallisa District. Awokei Village was one of the villages whose people were below the poverty line.Our major activities include;

Contact PersonKirya Badru (Director)
Telephone0772 930 134

P.O Box 137 Soroti,Atiira Sub-county, Apokor Village, Serere,

The project was started by a team of five people having realized the alarming situation among the Teso people affected by cattle rustling and war. People were displaced and had poor standards of living, lacked food and shelter, the number of widows and orphans increased and there were no rights to safety. Thus so CSHP was born to restore the standards of living in a holistic approach.The major reasons for starting the project were;

Contact PersonPastor Okurut George William (Director)
Telephone0774 029 216
Date Founded

Kamdini Corner, Lira Municipality, , P.O Box 569

In a region raided by war, cattle rustling and HIV/AIDS, a group of people formed Agam Development Foundation to help the community deal with the daily plight they were facing. These challenges lead us to our first activities to support orphans education, support people living with HIV/AIDS, correction of poor vision in 10 primary schools, conducting blood tests for diabetes and monitoring heart condition patients as well as blood pressure.Since the time of the organisation

Contact PersonOngom Rufino
Telephone0755 847 167
Date Founded

P.o Box 256, Ntungamo,: Plot 73,Old Kabale-Mbarara Rd., ,

Appropriate Revival Initiative for Strategic Empowerment (ARISE) started in 2001 and currently operates in 18 sub-counties of Ntungamo district.ARISE envisions a healthy, educated and economically empowered community for men, women, youth and the children.ARISE has made tremendous achievements in the fields of health, education and income generation, including supporting more than 1,250 orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) with education and hygiene materials. We support more than 250 caregivers in forming income generating activities and village savings & loans associations. We have established a vocational training centre for training orphans and helping the disabled.We have also encountered challenges in our operations such as limited funding to cope with ever increasing OVC numbers, ...

Contact PersonHon. Beatrice Rwakimari (Executive Director)
Telephone0772 481 211/0704 481 211

P.O Box 2831, Kampala,Plot 2727, Muyenga Road,Kampala,

VSO is an international development agency that works through volunteer professionals to fight poverty and disadvantage. VSO sees development as a complex and continuous process that empowers people and communities to fight disadvantage, take control of their future and fulfill their potential.VSO has been working in Uganda since 1962. Initially, VSO supported the education sector; this has evolved over time due dynamism in the development arena and today, VSO works in 3 programme areas, including health, disability and participation and governance. So far, more than 6,000 international volunteers have been placed to work with different partner organisations. While Uganda enjoys a high growth rate averaging 8% per annum, this is currently not proportionately being translated into better li ...

Contact PersonPeter Barnard (Country Director)
Telephone0414 269 655 /267 008 /268 984 / 0312 264 595

P.O Box 737, Kampala,Plot 1102, Block 8, Kabaka-Anjagala Road,

InterAid (U) Limited is a humanitarian national organization involved in projects geared towards the improvement of livelihoods of the disadvantaged persons both in rural and urban areas. It has consequently a wide experience in the field of developmental assistance, implementing, monitoring and evaluation of health, environment, microfinance, human rights programmes in addition to working with displaced persons particularly refugees.VisionAn empowered society with equitable and sustainable developmentMissionTo advocate, promote, protect and sustain rights of disadvantaged personsPolicy Organ and ManagementInterAid Uganda Ltd has at the policy making level a governing Board of Directors whose members

Contact PersonScholastica Nasinyama ( Executive Director)
Telephone0414 347 022

P.O Box 27193 Kampala,Kakiri Town Wakiso,

Agency for Integrated Rural Development (AFIRD) was founded in 1997 by a group of professionals who realized the need for an integrated approach to rural development given their experience. VisionA society free from hunger and diseases living in a peaceful and green environmentMissionWe aim at improving the livelihood of vulnerable communities through capacity building in sustainable natural resources management to increase income.Strategic Objectives

Contact PersonEustace Sajjabi (Director)
Telephone0772 550 387 / 0414 374 851

P. o. Box 31067 Kampala,Plot 73, Queen,

Hunger Free World (HFW) is an International NGO working to build a world free of hunger. The organisation, whose headquarters are established in Japan, has affiliates in Burkina Faso, Benin and Uganda for the African region and Bangladesh for the Asian region. Our goal is to create a world free of hunger. The ability to access adequate food to sustain a healthy body and mind is the most fundamental human right. Regardless of where we are born or live, each one of us belongs to a world where hunger is a problem which must be addressed. HFW aims to make this

Contact PersonFred Batte (Country Director)
Telephone0414 255 106 / 0772 409 664 /0414 342 686

P.O Box 1022,Kyenjojo,Kyenjojo Town Council, Kasiina ward,

The NGO was started by a nine member board of directors with an objective of harnessing and meeting people

Contact PersonMuzoora Kenneth (C.E.O)
Telephone0774 116 133/0772 902 906
Date Founded

P.O Box 692 Kampala ,Plot No. 2809, Muyenga Tank Hill Road, ,

Community Integrated Development Initiatives (CIDI) was founded with mandates focused on mobilizing and empowering communities to carry out activities in areas of; enhancing food security, backing efforts in primary health care among urban dwellers, supporting income generating activities in agriculture, environment protection, water and sanitation.Over years, CIDI

Contact PersonLukanga Musisi Samuel (Senior Program Officer
Telephone0701 314 075

P.O Box 36, Soroti,Plot 48B, Asamuk Road Amuria Town Council,

We started this organization as members of the retired civil service and development in the Amuria district. We realized that there was a need to come up with a community based organization that could respond to needs of the communities faced with problems of war, diseases, poverty, cultural beliefs, that left them in deprivation and vulnerability situation.We began with strengthening the institutional capacity of the organization, resource mobilization, strengthening collaboration with district stake holders, community mobilization to join the organization and we have had a total of 360 registered members to join.Since we found ACDO, households have been trained in modern agric practices and support. A total of 29 Heifers have been distributed to the communities affected by war and diseas ...

Contact PersonOkope Alex (Programme Coordinator)
Telephone0778 069 343