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P.O. Box 3430 Kampala,Plot 56 Bwaise-Nabweru road,

Environmental Management for Livelihood Improvement Bwaise Facility [EMLI Bwaise Facility] is an environmental non

Contact PersonSydah Naigaga
Telephone0312 111 249 / 0202 648 080

Kiranga Ivukula Sub-County,

Kiranga Community members wanted to uplift their standard of living and started the journey to achieve this by taking on brick laying activities, and growing of groundnuts and Maize. Currently, members are engaged in local chicken and turkey keeping.Since our inception, the standards of living for members have transformed. There is also a wide market for our produce.However, the group is affected by limited funding and partnerships thus affecting construction of modern poultry shed for the birds.We appreciate the support from Namutumba District NGO forum. We call upon any partners out there who can help us with capacity building trainings especially in handling our produce.

Contact PersonNangobi Mariam
Telephone0782 499 860
Date Founded

P.O Box 73, Lira,Plot 2, Kyoga Road, Lira Municipality, Adjacent to Lira Post office, Lira Town,

We started as a group of five members in 2004. There was extreme human rights violation and abuses including land wrangles and grabbing, child abuse, trafficking and neglect, sexual gender based violence in northern Uganda. Despite all these violations, there were almost non existing avenues for redress in the region.Our vision therefore was of a peaceful and healthy society in which people respect each other

Contact PersonApio Eunice Otuku(Executive Director)
Telephone0473 427 304 / 0392 858 676

P.O Box 967, Lira,Soroti Road, Opposite FAPAD Offices, 1st Floor on Nyeko-Balikare Business Premise,Lira, ,

The organization started after the 23- year- post war conflict in Northern Uganda that left hundreds of thousands of innocent people massacred, thousands of people displaced in refugee camps, properties looted, destroyed and vandalized, innocent lives and houses set ablaze by the rebels. Many youth and children were abducted, raped and defiled resulting in to HIV/AIDS infection and other diseases, dropped out of school, others left parent-less, homeless and not accessing basic education, to mention but a few.In a bid to address the outlined catastrophes, FONU was founded to alleviate the sufferings of these innocent people and restore hope in their lives. It started with distribution of food and non-food items, supporting school-going children through scholastic materials and tuition fees ...

Contact PersonOwani Ken Allan (Executive Director)
Telephone0782 346 922 / 0753 346 922
Date Founded

P.O Box 313 Rukungiri,Republic Road, Plot 16, Rukungiri,

Having realized that there was an ever increasing population, degraded natural resources, inelastic land, land degradation, loss of biodiversity, erratic climatic conditions, poverty, and hunger coupled with rural community dependency on forestry and other natural resources for their livelihoods, Forestry and Environmental Development Network (FEDN) was formed.The organisation was formed with a vision;

Contact PersonBiryomumaisho Dickson (Executive Director)
Telephone0782 891 933

P.O. Box 1378 Mbarara,Kasese, Fort Portal Road, opposite Lake View, ,

The Foundation for Aids Orphaned Children (FAOC) is a registered NGO founded in 1994 by Ugandans. It was formed to address the problems that HIV/AIDS orphaned children face in society, by promoting and supporting income generating activities that help in strengthening their economic self sustainability and keeping them as integral members of society.FAOC operates in eight parishes (Kikokwa, Kigyendwa, Nyamuyanja, Kasaana, Kishuro, Kahenda and Kitooha) in Birere Sub County of Isingiro District. FAOC has also extended its services to Masha and Kaberebere Town Council and has supported over 400 households. FAOC implements a goat and pig project supported by the McKnight Foundation.FAOC aims to promoting the lives and situation of aids orphaned children, vulnerable children and youth by helpin ...

Contact PersonBuyinza Boaz (Executive Director)
Telephone0772 922 323

Kalbum House Harukoto , , P.O Box 389, Fort Portal

After receiving our first certificate in 1991, the concerned Ugandans living in the old Kabarole District were motivated by the zeal to improve the welfare of majority rural peasants from the Ruwenzori region. They worked towards creating an environment for men and women to undertake income generating activities.In this regard, the first activities involved supporting preventive health activities to guarantee healthy living, advocating for an environment for men and women to undertake income generating activities as well as supporting activities in areas of sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry.Moving forward, we are working for better ? soil fertility? Soil and water conservation ? Crop and animal husbandry? Nutrition and early childhood development? Adolescent repro ...

Contact PersonMugisa R.C. Ronald (Coordinator)
Telephone0772 603 669
Date Founded

Ntwetwe Subcounty, Kyankwanzi District, , , P.O Box 56, Kiboga

FOSEDE was started by a group of community members with the aim of promoting sustainable community development through improving standards of living for the rural people in the district.We first engaged in HIV / AIDS awareness, sensitisation and counselling, nutrition and early childhood development services, Child Growth Monitoring and Promotion, and Water and Sanitation.Our current programmes include

Contact PersonSsonko James ( CBO Facilitator )
Telephone0414 235 790
Date Founded

P.o Box 60, Pader Pader Town Council Along Pader-Lira Road (small Road), ,

Friends of Orphans was founded in 1999 by a former child soldier, Mr. Anywar Ricky Richard. This was after going through the war in Northern Uganda and seeing how it affected youth and women. He came up with an idea which later developed into a proposal to support the vulnerable community (children, youth and women)VisionA society in which the vulnerable are empowered to achieve their full potential and contribute to the development of their communityMissionTo contribute to the rehabilitation, empowerment and reintegration of former child soldiers, abductees, child mothers, orphans and to combat spread of HIV/AIDSGoalReduce the vulnerability of child mothers, orphans, former soldiers, abductees and vulnerable women through education and skills to empower and protect their rightsAll these a ...

Contact PersonAnywar Ricky Richard (Executive Director)
Telephone0772 383 574/0774 157 364

Kyenjojo Town Council, , P.O Box 1076 Kyenjojo

The organisation was started by Pastor Victor Sande who aimed at implementing godly attitudes in the community of Kyenjojo. The first projects involved establishing a church through evangelism and establishing a sponsorship program to help the needy children from their homes.We have noted significant achievements such as buying land equivalent to 20 hectares, building a medical centre and an increase in the numbers of the church congregation to about 200 members.We are currently involved in a sports project that helps youths steer clear of bad influence and we also offer several counselling programs through the church.Our greatest challenges include limited financing, unfaithful staff (being a Christian organisation) and the biting inflation which causes price changes all the time.

Contact PersonPr. Victor Sande (Director)
Telephone0782 940 823
Date Founded

P.O Box 76, Kisoro,Plot No. 34, Chuho Road, Kisoro Town council,

Good Samaritan Community Development programme (GOSAP) was born on 4th June 1996. GOSAP was formed out of the interpretation of the Biblical narrative of the Good Samaritan traveller who fell into the hands of robbers. It was formed as a charitable mission to assist grass root communities as a responsive mechanism to deal with humanitarian disasters. GOSAP works with a few sub counties and in each sub county, we have established an accountability committee responsible for monitoring water and health related facilities.Mission To build capacity of the able poor, promoting sustainable development, bio-diversity conservation and addressing the causes for individual liberty harnessing God

Contact PersonNizeyimana Charles (Outreach Coordinator)
Telephone0772 390 712 /0773 337 848

Kajjere Parish, Kiboga, , P,O Box 80, Kiboga

It was started by 15 members that wanted to cordially advocate for better service delivery from government. In addition, they desired to share experiences and find solutions to problems affecting individual group members and also initiate income generating activities. In order for us to realise these goals, the group started with chicken rearing, extending Counselling to PHAs and offering training activities in crop farming. Today, we engage in crop farming for crops like cassava, maize, and beans, we train people in income generating activities such as group saving schemes and we also provide psycho-social support/ counselling to people both infected and affected with HIV/AIDS through home visits.From the time of inception, we have established community based small scale credit facility ...

Contact PersonBarugahare Jackson
Telephone0756 034 856
Date Founded

P.O Box 364, Gulu,Plot 5, John Labeja Road, Layibi Centre, Pece Division,

Gulu District Farmers Association (GDFA) was formed in l992 with the objective of mobilizing the farming community to have one voice under one independent umbrella organization. GDFA is also a registered member of the Uganda National Farmers Federation, the umbrella body for all farmer organizations in Uganda. The association operates in the whole of Gulu district. Currently, the total membership stands at 8,200 members.GDFA is dedicated to eradicating poverty in the smallholder

Contact PersonDennis Adonga Laloyo (Coordinator)
Telephone0789 555 500 / 0772 826 735

P.O Box 249, Gulu,Pawel Road, Opposite SOS children,

The organization was founded by a group of disabled women. Initially, the group was called Makmatic. It was established to prevent discrimination, violence or abuse of women and girls with disabilities and empower them economically, socially and politically to have a dignified life. Vision Women and girls with disabilities able to unite, organize, manage and empowered to affirm their human rights and freedoms in a dignified mannerObjectives

Contact PersonNume Allan Ogwang (Programme Officer)
Telephone0779 250 635 / 0782 998 709

P .O Box 269, Gulu,Plot 25/27 Okidi Dakamoi Road,

Gulu Youth Development Association was formed in 1992 as a very small group of youth from Gulu district. The organisation came into existence after realizing the impact of the Northern War had had on the community members most especially the youth. The organisation started mainly to train the youth in gainful skills for their development, mainly in the field of metal work and fabrication. Other courses were introduced which include; tailoring, hair dressing, motor vehicle mechanics, carpentry and joinery, salon and hair dressing.Due to high demand of services of the organisation by the community, the services of the organisation have been extended to serve the whole Northern Region of Uganda. The organisation aims at addressing high level of poverty among the youth due to unemployment due ...

Contact PersonKilama Robert (Director)
Telephone0471 435 242 / 0772 571 678

P.O.Box 1074 Gulu,Kal parish along Gulu-Juba rd. 40km from Gulu town, Amuru district, ,

Gwokke Ber Two Pe Yero is a beneficiary oriented grass root organization that was started by internally displaced persons. With the help of a dedicated board, currently the organization is undergoing a fundamental process, geared towards registering with the National NGO Board, National NGO forum and consolidating its resource mobilization so as to more effectively and efficiently reach a larger marginalized community. The formation of Gwokke Ber Two Pe Yero was based on the following philosophy;

Contact PersonOtara Stephen White (Program Director)
Telephone047 135 735 / 0772 552 379

P.O Box 1 , Pader;Patongo Town Council , Agago District,

The organisation originated from a group of 10 Persons Having AIDS (PHA) some of them going through long illness. They decided to come out and declare their HIV/AIDS status. By that time there were many people registering suspected people with HIV/ AIDS for their personal gain.Why we formed the group

Contact PersonOkech John Latworo
Telephone0777 647 192 /0713 647 192 / 0774 139 629 /0713 139 629

P.O Box 4704, Nakawa;Kitintale Zone 10, Port Bell Road,

Happy street association (HASA) is an association started by youths joined together with a common goal dedicated to linking other youths in development activities within the community. HASA runs several activities through targeting the youths, children and women. These activities include; 1) Accessing volunteers from Uganda and other countries with help in supporting the needy and vulnerable people. 2) HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns most especially emphasizing prevention among the youth and stopping cross generational sex between the young group and old married people. 3) Emphasis is put on environment protection and conservation through trainings, planting of trees awareness creation as a process of preventing global warming. 4) Vocational skills training as part of Income Generating Activ ...

Contact PersonShafi Abasi (Chair/Person)
Telephone0774 522 556 / 0712 997 083

P.O Box 08 Bwongera,Plot 16, Ntungamo Rd. to Nyamunuka, Rukungiri Rd, ,

Was started by women & widows affected with HIV/AIDS in both districts

Contact PersonTwinamatsiko Aidah (Chairperson)
Telephone0782 482 683/0759 482 683

P.O Box 457, Hoima, Plot 21, Hoima Main street,

The organisation started as a result of some community members who were concerned about eliminating poverty and improving incomes within the communities. They were looking for a way of haring information. These people formed the HEP board members. They started with a few projects like agriculture, tree planting, building schools, and creating awareness on policies. The organisation has so far developed skills in different fields and developed global partnerships. Currently, we are engaged in agriculture, environment/climate change, advocacy, monitoring and evaluation of the implemented programmes. We have made tremendous achievements in information sharing; advocacy and service delivery e.g. tree seedlings. Though we have had these achievements, we are still challenged by inadequate fund ...

Contact PersonHussein Birigenda (Coordinator)
Telephone0772 957 703 / 0775 134 146
Date Founded