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P.O. Box 285 Bugiri,Bugiri Town council Plot 108B Grant Street,

Multi Community-Based Development Initiative (MUCOBADI) was founded by a group of HIV positive teachers. They formed the community development organization to engage in socio- economic productive activities, enhance longer and healthier life and contribute to the development of the area. MUCOBADI envisions

Contact PersonMutumba Moses (Program Manager)
Telephone0434 250 913 / 0712 311 783 / 0711 373 707

P.o Box 1160,Mbale,Buwabwala Sub-county Head quaters, ,

Namisindwa Rural development Initiative

Contact PersonKhisa Sam Khabusi (Secretary)
Telephone0782 800 685 / 0785 170 415

P.O. Box 81 Busembatia,Plot 18, Kaiti Road, Namutumba, ,

Namutumba District NGO Forum is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political, inter-denominational, charitable organisation, established in 2006 by a group of volunteers as a response to a crisis caused by poverty in rural and urban communities in Uganda and in Namutumba in particular. It works with poor and marginalized rural and urban people in groups such as NGOs, community-based and faith-based organisations.The Forum works to improve the lives of its members and also promote self reliance. It operates in different fields of capacity building, advocacy, lobbying to explore different opportunities for the member organisations since they are the implementers in Namutumba.Our development program focuses mainly on ensuring that the member organisations are able to stand on their own even ...

Contact PersonKisame Umaru (Coordinator)
Telephone0712 965 382 / 0784 259 211 / 0434 660 341

P. O Box 8567, Kampala,Plot no. 530, Kisasi Road-Bukoto,

The National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda (NUDIPU) is an indigenous umbrella Non Governmental organization of Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) that brings together all disability categories including sensory, physically and mentally impaired people. NUDIPU was formed in 1987 when the then existing associations of PWDs came together to break the tradition that tended to treat them as objects of charity and medical care. Before NUDIPU was formed, the voice of PWDs was scattered, a scenario that left the disability issues isolated from the society's main development priorities. NUDIPU derives its mandate from the membership of district based disability associations and National Disabled Peoples

Contact PersonSebuliba Michael (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 540 179 / 531 952 / 0772 480 913

P.O.Box 177 Hoima,Hoima Town, Main Street Plot 21(B)-Behind Agabagaya Restaurant,

The Navigators of Development Association (NAVODA) was started by seven members with a concern to complement Government and other stakeholders

Contact PersonTusingwire Benon (Executive Director)
Telephone0775 704 014 / 0774 055 126

P.O Box 24011 Kampala,Plot 4A, Kimera Ntinda, ,

Representatives of 25 member organisations established NURRU in 1994 to spearhead demand

Contact PersonMr. Obot David (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 288 781

P.O Box 219, Ntungamo,Peoples, ,

The Forum is a legal entity that was started in 1997. It registered with the NGO Board in 2002 (under the Non Governmental Registration Statute of 1989) and, in the same year, under the Companies Act as a company limited by guarantee.Mission To ensure one, coherent voice for the development of Ntungamo district through good governanceVision To have a vibrant, self sustaining civil society Objectives

Contact PersonRutagonya Vincent (Chairperson)
Telephone0772 669 780 / 0702 700 304

Karundo,Nyabuswa Parish, Muhusu sub-county, Kabarole,

The organisation was started by Bagonza George William. He wanted to sensitise the youth against HIV/ AIDS and to fight poverty and transform their behaviour. He wanted them to be aware of HIV /AIDS and help them prepare for their future. The first activity was to help the youth to understand group dynamics and participate in activities like gardening, music, dance and drama.We now know how to share our issues that can take our organisation to another step of development. We have an office and a piggery project and music, dance and drama.We are currently sensitising the community through churches and schools on water sanitation, HIV /AIDS, human rights and environment protection. We have increased our networking in the district and other NGOs. Our members

Contact PersonBagonza George William
Telephone0773 352 401
Date Founded

P.O Box 92, Paidhah,Holly Family Nyapea Hospital,

The organisation was started by a group of mothers who were working at Holy Family Nyapea Hospital. The purpose was to increase the importance of mothers and children; nutrition and maternal health services; promote girl and boy child education; prevent HIV/AIDS among the people of Zombo district. The organisation was hoping to achieve a healthy and educated community of Zombo district which was formerly Okuro community.We began by working on health that included the sensitisation of mothers on nutrition and maternal health services, HIV /AIDS prevention done and being taken through community mobilisation and sensitisation, voluntary counselling and testing for the sick people.We worked on water and sanitation which included training, mobilisation and use of clean water through constructio ...

Contact PersonOcanda Wilfred Jatho
Telephone0774 243 671
Date Founded

P.O Box 3518, Kampala,1st floor Mabanja Building; Kyebando-Gayaza Road, Kampala,

Oasis Uganda Charitable Trust is a Christian faith-based organisation, which seeks to support and empower vulnerable people living in poverty in Uganda. In 2010, we worked with 150 families; supported approximately 400 youths out of school; helped 150 children with informal and formal education; and trained over 1,200 people in sexual health. Indirect beneficiaries included community members who accessed training activities and family members numbering approximately 1,000. Our Vision A place where everyone is included, making a contribution and reaching their God-given potentialOur Mission StatementWe are committed to working in an inclusive, integrated, empowering and comprehensive way so that all people experience wholeness and fullness of life Outcomes

Contact PersonIrene Muwanguzi (Country Director)
Telephone0718 807 445 / 0718 807 440

P.O Box 1037, Lira,Plot 4 Nubi Road, Junior Quarters, Adyel Divison, Lira,

OCA was formed by the community members to implement various development projects to transform the community and raise their standards of living. The key areas of intervention are in healthcare, education, information and agribusiness support services. OCA members contributed money, local materials, skilled and unskilled labor to implement community development activities.The organization was established in 2001 but all its members were displaced when the LRA intensified its attack on the population of Lira in 2002 and every activity was stalled. However, fresh registration of members occurred in 2008 since most people originating from the district had left the displacement camps and returned to their original communities.The community members implement the projects under the inspiring mot ...

Contact PersonRichard Adupa (Chief Executive Officer)
Telephone0392 944 554
Date Founded

P.O Box 404, Arua,

The organisation which was started by concerned youths was aimed at improving the socio-economic welfare of the community for sustainable development i.e. PWDs, women, elderly and vulnerable children. It was also meant to achieve unity, peace and reduce poverty through campaigns, lobbying and advocacy. They started by addressing issues around sexually gender based violence (SGBV); Child rights and protection; Environmental protection awareness and Water and sanitation. Through the work of our organisation reduced cases of domestic violence at household levels and divorce cases have been observed. Child abuse has also reduced in the community and there is increased awareness in the community on the environment and the number of protected water sources. To date we are continuing to plant ...

Contact PersonBuzu Fred Bayo
Telephone0774 186 655
Date Founded

P.O Box 630, Arua, Ocebu Alibu village, C/O Giligili Trading Centre,Arua,

The organization was formed by a group of five Persons Living with HIV/AIDS (PHAs) to reduce stigma and discrimination. They started by carrying out outreaches for HIV/AIDS awareness; home visiting; Music, Dance and Drama for sensitization; referrals and counselling; and palliative care. People who were initially shying away from the community because they were PHAs have now started sharing openly with community members about their situation. The turn up for VCT services has also increased which has helped most of them to know their HIV status. We are currently engaged in agriculture that includes goat rearing. We are also implementing programmes in education and health. The organization has provided children living with HIV/AIDS with scholastic materials and school uniforms. We still n ...

Contact PersonOnziga Francis (Director)
Telephone0774 407 090
Date Founded

P.O Box 1, Gulu,Pabo Catholic Church, Pabo Sub county, Amuru,

PASTORA was established to make an impact on the growing problem of orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC), child mothers, school dropped out youths and women in order to realize a sustainable development. It was founded based on the teaching of Catholic Church, dedicated to promoting and protecting the rights of children, youth and women as articulated in UN convention on the rights of the child and gender issues which is of paramount important. VisionTo improve quality of life of children, youth, women and the community Mission To promote human values through advocacy, community outreach programme, Girl Child Education PROGRAMME (GCEP) basic non formal education / formal education and vocational skills training initiative for child mothers, school dropped out youth with a view of ...

Contact PersonOmony John Bosco (Coordinator)
Telephone0782 511 857/ 0711 511 855
Date Founded

P .O Box 71, Pakwach ,Pakwach Town Council,

PRUDEPMA is an umbrella membership organization which was founded by 10 reformed poachers associations, 15 beach management units, Women fuel wood and thatch grass resource user groups and farmers groups with crops affected by park problem animals. It was formed to reduce conflicts between Murchison Falls National Park Authority and poachers, fishermen, Women Park Resource users and farmers with fields bordering the park.Our organization has good networks with local community, government conservation agencies and national and international biodiversity conservation agencies and local authorities. This enables the organization to involve the above stakeholders in information and experience sharing, advocacy for conservation justice and poverty reduction for park-edge people. This has brough ...

Contact PersonOkwong Silvius
Telephone0782 698 007
Date Founded

P.O. Box 18, Pallisa,Plot 05, Katukei Road, Pallisa Town, ,

Pallisa Civil Society Organisations

Contact PersonMakeri Wilberforce (Coordinator)
Telephone0774 696 100 / 0704 883 437

P.O Box 335, Fort Portal,Kitumba, Nyakagongo Road, Opposite Kataraka Health Centre, Fort Portal, ,

Parents Concern for Young People (PCYP) was founded as a result of increased number of orphans and other vulnerable children, worrying levels of poverty, high prevalence rates of HIV/AIDS, and other sexual reproductive health problems in the Rwenzori region.VisionAn educated, healthy, economically empowered and HIV/AIDS free societyMission To provide support, education and skills to address HIV/AIDS and improve the general welfare of all people through multi-strategic approachValuesIntegrity, volunteerism, loyalty, credibility, commitmentTarget groups1. Children & youth; Orphans and other Vulnerable Children (OVC), child headed families, the needy, parenting teens and the abandoned 2. Vulnerable groups ; the very poor, the homeless, People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWAs), widows, widowe ...

Contact PersonHenry Mehangye (Executive Director), Sabiiti Fenekansi (Coordinator)
Telephone0772 481 481 /0772 888 149 / 0752 888 149 / 0483 425 142

P.O. Box 865, Arua,Plot 62/64, Avenue Road, Arua Town, ,

Participatory Initiative for Real Development (PIRD-U) is a local organization initiated by retired and working professionals of various areas of discipline who had vast working experiences with the communities, NGOs, CBOs, private institutions, government and Individuals.PIRD-U was instituted in 2004 to provide consultancy services and conduct research as a basis to positively influence societal activities focused at the welfare of the communities in the district, region and the country.The scope of the institution

Contact PersonAndama Martin
Telephone0772 863 305

P.O. Box 4 , Lyantonde,1/2 km from Lyantonde town along Mbarara road, ,

Rakai Community Based AIDS Organization (RACOBAO) from one of the projects of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) known as Rakai Community Based AIDS Project (RACOBAP). Its major goal was to reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS transmission and mitigate the social economic impact of AIDS. The capacity building process of transiting RACOBAP into a local NGO was started in 2006 and ended in 2007. In 2008, RACOBAO started operations with a goal of having HIV/AIDS affected households in Rakai and Lyantonde districts realize their right to access the Uganda Minimum health care package and living in dignity. VisionA Ugandan community where people are free from HIV/AIDS and are living an improved quality of lifeMissionWe exist to empower communities affected by HIV/AIDS and those at risk to respond ...

Contact PersonSsenkima Stephen (Director)
Telephone0392 721 324

Endiinzi Town Board, Bukanga Isingiro, , P.O Box 09, Isingiro

Real Agency For Community Development is a nonprofit making organisation which started as a community based organisation in 2007 then later alone developed into an NGO as it course of work extended to cover the whole district of Isngiro and beyond. And it attained its registration status as an NGO in 2002 from NGO board under NGO Act. Its major activities are; socio-economic development, land management and natural resources conservation. Currently we are implementing the project of tree planting in Endiinzi Sub-County. We are also in preparations to extend the project to Sub-Counties of Kabingo, Kashumba, Rugaaga and Ngarama. In implementing this project we faced a number of challenges like little funds to finance the project to its maximum capacity, limited support from partners in the d ...

Contact PersonAsiimwe Benfred (Director)
Telephone0772 357 580 / 0774 864 501
Date Founded