City: Kampala

P.O Box 844, Kampala,Block 1049, Church Rd, Kasujja Close, Ntinda,

CEWIGO was started by women and men with a vision of good governance, gender equality and human frights. VisionCEWIGO

Contact PersonRobinah Rubimbwa (Executive Director)
Telephone0712 555 499/ 0414 533 837/ 0414 532 382
Date Founded

P.O Box 26990,Block 29, Plot 1521 Mawanda Road,,

The Uganda Land Alliance (ULA) is a membership consortium of national, regional and international civil society organizations and individuals, lobbying and advocating for fair land laws and policies that address the land rights of the poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable groups and individuals in Uganda.VisionUgandan society where there is equitable access and control over land, and where the poor women, men and children are actively participating to eradicate poverty.MissionTo enhance access, control, and ownership of land by the poor and marginalized women, men, and children through the promotion of fair laws and policies aimed at protecting their land rights.Objectives

Contact PersonEsther Obaikol (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 540 048

P.O Box 30725, Kampala,Plot 33, Murtara Courts, Lumumba Avenue,

Child support Africa (CSA) is a Community Based Organization (CBO) in Lwengo-Masaka district in the central region of Uganda.The principal objective and major thrust of CSA is to come out and bridge the gap of luck of young well trained manpower within Luwengo-Masaka rural setting. This remarkable absence of young, well trained in recent years was caused by the HIV/AIDS pandemic that swept away literacy and entire generation of citizens. These left behind many orphans who have not had a chance to attain a good education later alone professional training due to lack of school fees.Dr. Vincent Nsereko, the Executive Director of CSA, hails from Lwengo-Masaka district and has witnessed the HIV/AIDS pandemic racking havoc on the local citizenry within Lwengo-Masaka district. He himself is a ben ...

Contact PersonDr.Vincent Nsereko ( Executive Director)
Telephone0776 433 775/ 0704 519 443

P.O.Box 22459 Kampala,Mutesasira Zone Plot 40, Block 254 Kansanga, ,

Development Research and Training (DRT) is a local Ugandan-based NGO, established to undertake policy research and analysis that informs pro-poor policies and programmes. The organization

Contact PersonBeatrice Mugambe(Executive Director)
Telephone0312 636 29/30 / 0414 269 495

Nakulabye Muteesa1 RD, , , 256

Amity child-Uganda offers study bursaries to children in primary, Secondary through University levels. Bursaries normally cover 50% of school/Tuition fees which makes it easier for the beneficiaries to afford education. The Half Bursary programme operates primarily in slums & rural areas in Uganda where the poor make up a bigger percentage of the population and where children have little access to education due to poverty and a lack of value for education. It runs from Pre-primary through University levels. Since December 2011, 1250 students have benefited from this scheme. 40% of these students are orphans and from poor families, who could not afford their education Other programs include; -Child sponsorship -Self sustainability skills training -Leadership training ...

Contact PersonDanson N Tushabe

P.O Box 27445, KampalaPlot 2140, Old Kiira Road, Bukoto, Flat D,

Shelter and Settlements Alternatives: Uganda Human Settlements Network (SSA:UHSNET) is a network that brings together all stakeholders in the human settlements sector to more effectively address constraints to adequate housing, especially for urban slum dwellers.The idea to form a network in Uganda was born out of the recognition that there are several stakeholders in the sector contributing to access to one or several aspects of adequate housing such as access to water and sanitation or access to security of tenure. However the stakeholders lacked an organised voice as well as opportunities for joint initiatives. All of this, coupled with the inadequate capacity of slum dwelling communities and stakeholders working in the sector to influence policies, programmes and practices towards imp ...

Contact PersonGloria K. Kabwama (Coordinator)
Telephone0312 290 270

P.O Box 24464,Kampala,Kansanga ,

East African Institute of Governance and Conflict Management (EAIGCM) is founded to enhance democratic governance and rule of law in the East African Region. It embraces the challenge to identity root causes of conflict and poverty in the region; to develop clear strategies for breaking the cycle of conflict and poverty, to contribute towards social-political and economic transformation and stability in the region.Target East African Institute of Governance and Conflict Management is meant to be a catalyst of change and development by providing ground breaking research, foresight and qualitative training to senior and young leaders in the region. These include politicians, policy makers, military and police officers, legal practitioners, leaders/ officials /staff of NGOs and civil society ...

Contact PersonDr. Deusdedit R.K. Nkurunziza( Director)
Telephone0414 670 088

P.O Box 14095 Mengo,Busega on Kampala ,


Contact PersonMonica Angeyo (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 270 234 / 0414 270 579 / 0782 517 557
Acc-Plus Foundation

Nsambya, ,

Acc-Plus Foundation is a social enterprise that provides the business support to women and youth led start-ups in order to enable them not only survive through their first year of business but also create competitive and sustainable companies. Our first project was offering free business training to groups of business women of Kawempe Division in Kampala, Uganda. This project ran from July 2013 to June 2014 and had very positive but limited results on the business women due to the limited resources at the foundation’s disposal. We currently have a project of providing free business management training to members of traders’ associations in Kampala, Uganda.

Contact PersonBrian Mangeni

P.O Box 70223, Kampala,Kipamba Zone,Salaama Rd., Makindye Division, Kampala,

The network was started by a number of organisations with the same mandate that included Luzira Vocational Training Project; FALM; Uganda Youth Aid Society and Bukoggolwa Widows and Orphans

Contact PersonGumila Mbuga
Telephone0751 434 743
Date Founded

P.O Box 5211,Kampala,6th Floor, National Insurance Building Pilkington Rd, Kampala,

Centre for Conflict Resolution (CECORE) is a non- profit making organization implementing programmes in Uganda, the Great Lakes Region and Horn of Africa. CECORE

Contact PersonRose Othieno (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 255 033 / 0414 234 405 / 0312 262 265

P.O Box 3807 Kampala,Plot 1117 Church Road ,Old Mulago,

Prevention of Alcohol Drug Abuse and HIV/AIDS Among Youth in Uganda (PADA-Uganda) was formed out of the need to create awareness about the dangers of alcohol, drug abuse and their link to HIV/AIDS; a combination that is fatal.It was formed by community psychologists and psychiatrists as a result of increased mental health and social disorders due to substance abuse. Substance abuse accounts for over 20% admissions in Butabika Hospital, a figure that can be reduced through prevention. PADA-Uganda contributes through advocacy, networking, partnership and information exchange for policy strengthening and change. Currently, PADA-Uganda is offering free counselling to youth who are battling with drugs and alcohol abuse problems. We also offer short-course treatment as an out -patient centre, t ...

Contact PersonAkellot Josephine (Program Director)
Telephone0772 619 334

P.O. Box 3138, Kampala,Plot 101, Kira Road, Kamwokya,

The Southern and Eastern African Trade, Information and Negotiations Institute (SEATINI) is a regional Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)founded in 1996 soon after the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Singapore Ministerial Conference, upon realizing that Africa in particular and Third World countries in general were marginalized in the WTO negotiations and other global processes.SEATINI has its head offices in Harare-Zimbabwe, regional offices in Kampala-Uganda, Nairobi-Kenya and is represented in Johannesburg-South Africa and Geneva-Switzerland.SEATINI objectivesSEATINI seeks to;

Contact PersonJane Nalunga (Country Director)
Telephone0414 540 856

P.O Box 4935, Kampala,Nanfukambi Rd, Makerere West (Kikoni),

GHF is dedicated to working with poor communities to improve standards of living; we target vulnerable children, poor women and unemployed youths in communities that have been affected by poverty, abuse, violence, disease and other natural calamities. The organization which has 69 registered members started as a CBO and gained NGO status in June 2011. Our Vision: Communities where children and their caregivers are empowered to improve their own livelihood through appropriate and affordable alternatives. Our Mission: To restore hope among vulnerable children and communities that have been affected by poverty, abuse, violence, disease and other natural calamities. Our core Objectives:

Contact PersonNolbert Muhumuza (CEO)
Telephone0414 499 728 /0776 346 724
Date Founded

P.O Box 36563, Kampala,Plot 99, Ntinda-Nakawa Road, Kampala, ,

SignHealth Uganda (SU) was formed in 2009 to promote equitable access to social services and opportunities for deaf children and their families. It advocates and supports the development of cost effective and sustainable services. The primary target group are young deaf people and their families. The secondary target groups are partner institutions, especially those working in areas of deafness, to share emerging issues, best practices and research.In 2009 SU carried out a research study on the state of services for the deaf in Uganda. The findings showed the grim reality of limited access to services for the deaf, especially for young people. To bridge the gap, SignHealth Uganda is currently contributing to:

Contact PersonSsenteza Paul (Development Manager)
Telephone0414 597 952 / 0772 438 793

P.O Box 29833, Kampala,Plot 609, block 216, Kalinabiri zone 1 behind Kalinabiri Primary School, Ntida,

United Deaf Women Organisation (UDEWO) was established in 2002 by a group of 21 young deaf women in Uganda. Its vision is a community without barriers to the enjoyment of deaf women

Contact PersonNamarome Rehema (Executive Director)
Telephone0782 703 628 / 0785 894 617

P.O Box 3518, Kampala,1st floor Mabanja Building; Kyebando-Gayaza Road, Kampala,

Oasis Uganda Charitable Trust is a Christian faith-based organisation, which seeks to support and empower vulnerable people living in poverty in Uganda. In 2010, we worked with 150 families; supported approximately 400 youths out of school; helped 150 children with informal and formal education; and trained over 1,200 people in sexual health. Indirect beneficiaries included community members who accessed training activities and family members numbering approximately 1,000. Our Vision A place where everyone is included, making a contribution and reaching their God-given potentialOur Mission StatementWe are committed to working in an inclusive, integrated, empowering and comprehensive way so that all people experience wholeness and fullness of life Outcomes

Contact PersonIrene Muwanguzi (Country Director)
Telephone0718 807 445 / 0718 807 440

P.O. Box 71327, Kampala,Plot No. 794, Kalungu Village, Kulwazi Drive-Bunga; Gaba Parish,

Centre for Integrated Development (CIDev), is a Ugandan NGO engaged in the promotion of sustainable natural resource management and food security for improved livelihoods. It envisages sustainable natural resource management for improved community livelihoods.The organisation was founded by various professionals who came together to combine efforts and experiences for the good of sustainable natural resource management in the country.Our mission is to support natural resource-dependent poor communities with skills development and inputs for improved productivity and quality of life.Our main intervention strategies include;

Contact PersonJudith Mugerwa (Programme Coordinator)
Telephone0312 270 604

P.O. Box 11259,Kampala,Plot 475/523 Sonko Lane, Kabalagala,

Environmental Alert (EA) emerged from addressing needs orientation to contributing towards an enabling natural resources management policy and practice environmental sustainability, with increased and active participation and self representation of poor and vulnerable natural resources dependant men, women and youth. Within the context of its vision,

Contact PersonDr. Charles Walaga (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 510 215 / 510 547

P.O. Box 9063, Kampala,Plot 4384,Block 244,Kiwafu-rd, Kansanga,

The Council for Economic Empowerment for Women of Africa-Uganda Chapter (CEEWA-Uganda) is a registered Non-Governmental, Non-Partisan and not-for-profit organization working to promote the economic empowerment of women in Uganda. CEEWA-Uganda was started in 1995; and traces its origin to the preparatory meetings for the UN Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China.Vision A Uganda in which women

Contact PersonMary Nannono (The Coordinator)
Telephone0414 269 507 / 0414 269 477 / 0312 287 133