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The African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN) is a Pan-African organization with country chapters in 24 African countries and a regional office based in Nairobi Kenya. It is a pan African network that promotes child rights and child protection in Africa founded in 1986 in Enugu Nigeria, at the first Child Labour Conference. The Ugandan Chapter was launched in 1992 and registered as a national membership, child protection NGO to address the problem of child abuse and neglect, and promote the protection and promotion of the rights of children in Uganda.In pursuit of her vision of a Ugandan society that upholds the rights of children and is free of child abuse and neglect, it has over the last 18 years become one of the leading child rights a ...

Contact PersonDeogratias Yiga (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 254 550 / 0392 754 550/2

P.O Box 24808 Kampala,Millennium Chambers Building, 3rd Floor, Plot 960/961, Entebbe Rd, Kampala, ,

In 2004 Rural Health Promotion and Poverty Alleviation Initiative (RUHEPAI) founders formalised a dream to work with poor rural women and youth in creating a difference in their lives. Six years later, a visible transformation has been made in the lives of people in Birere sub-county of Isingiro District and Ndejje Parish of Wakiso District. There are 939 beneficiaries who are farmers from 64 farmer groups.MissionTo advocate for health and poverty alleviation initiatives that better people

Contact PersonFredica Baguma (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 501 013 / 0772 516 931 / 0703 962 866 / 0775 417 801

P.O Box 12590, Kampala,Teachers House, Plot No. 28/30, Bombo Road, First Floor Rm. 107B,

Uganda National Association of Community and Occupational Health (UNACOH) was formed in 1987 and registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation in 1991. It brings together health professionals and any other individuals and organizations interested or active in the improvement of health in Uganda. UNACOH enjoys a membership of about 1,000 from 80 Districts in the country and has 21 established District Branches. UNACOH targets to establish branches in all the districts of Uganda.VisionAn informed healthy economically productive Ugandan populationMissionTo promote a positive health culture among the Ugandan population and to influence healthy public policies; in particular through research, advocacy, information, education, communication and project implementationStrategies to promote the pri ...

Contact PersonDr. D.K. Sekimpi (Ag. Executive Director)
Telephone0414 252 068

P.O Box 28190, Kampala,Plot 10/12 Kampala Road, Uganda House, 2nd Floor, Room 5.11,

U-CAN is a non-government, non-partisan and non-profit making organisation founded to work towards ensuring that consumers everywhere in Uganda (especially the most vulnerable

Contact PersonDan Marlone Nabutsabi (Chief Executive Officer / Coordinator)
Telephone0414 595 978/ 0772 883 434/ 0703 113 311
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P.O Box 1611 Wandegeya,Metal Health Uganda Office ,

The National Association of the Deafblind in Uganda (NADBU) was formed by the deafblind persons themselves. The association only deals with the deafblind adults. Deafblindness is a unique category whereby a person has a combination of severe degrees of hearing and sight loss.NADBU started with 40 deafblind members and has increased to 500 deafblind registered in 8 districts. NADBU has 3 staff at the moment with 5 volunteers who are deafblind.NADBU

Contact PersonLussagi Anthony (National Co-ordinator)
Telephone0312 276 646 / 0772 856 605 / 0787 545 819

P.O. Box 35041, Kampala,Plot 283 Willis Road, Namirembe,

Interfaith Action for Ethics and Integrity (INFOC) is an interfaith based Civil Society Organization which works to empower grass roots people and vulnerable groups on value-based governance and accountability.Our Vision is

Contact PersonCharlotte B. Mwesigye Bagorogoza (National Coordinator)
Telephone0312 265 611

P.O Box 35563, Kampala,Plot 25 Plot 50, Bunamwaya Nyanama-Zzana road,

Our mission is to promote social, economic, and environmental empowerment of women and young people through capacity building, research, advocacy and service provision. National Association for Women

Contact PersonPatience Nyangoma Muramuzi (Executive Director)
Telephone0772 820 199 / 0777 108 535

P.o Box 72611 Kampala,Plot 99 Ntinda ,

Sense International has been supporting programmes for the Deafblind in East Africa since 2003. In 2005, it started operations in Uganda with a purpose of working in partnership to provide services, raise awareness on the needs of Deafblind/Multi-Sensory Impaired people and their families. This was to help them so connect, participate and contribute to the development of their communities. Sense International

Contact PersonDevelopment Manager
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Uganda Parents with Deaf-Blind Association was started by 3 parents with deaf-blind children at Uganda school for Ntinda-Kampala. This was after exposure on their visit in a workshop in Nairobi-Kenya and on their return to Kampala; they resolved to mobilize other parents to form the above mentioned association. The membership has now grown from three parents to 1,476 parents covering the whole Uganda with eight branches. The vision

Contact PersonAnika Grace (National coordinator)
Telephone0782 491 877 / 0700 852 505

Kisugu, , , 31042

Mwana wa gwanga is a Uganda based foundation registered under the umbrella of non-governmental organization with mandate to carry out specific duties based on the young children   Ways to Help a Needy Child Assist young children by setting up schools, tertiary institutions, orphanage, quality health care units, sensitize on family planning and medical care that finance. Its my ambition and God’s call that we focused on the definiteness and vulnerable children....    Our specific objective is to identify these needy children in most vulnerable areas such as war areas and compile suitable and relevant teaching for different levels of training in sports and other skills of training and provide trained personnel to support with the upbringing of these children in order t ...

Contact PersonBobson B
Telephone0414692487, 0704575328
Date Founded

P.O Box 8567 Kampala,Plot 99 Ntinda ,

Spinal injuries Association Uganda (SIA-U) was formed by people with spinal injuries in 2001. This was carried out after the research and sensitization by Motivation (UK) that found out that in Eastern Africa majority of persons die within two years of sustaining spinal injuries. This information coupled with traumatic experiences of persons with spinal injuries led to their conviction to work for quality and independent life for spinal injuries people in Uganda.Spinal injuries Association therefore exists to lobby and advocate for improved services and recognition of the type of people spinal injuries and their unique needs.Aims and objectives

Contact PersonAngela Balaba (Executive Director)
Telephone0312 284 713 / 0772 480 007

P.O Box 38, Aduku, ,

Awe Iwot Reflect Circle (AIRC)envisions an empowered community with people who are self reliant and out of poverty. AIRC has worked in partnership with Action Aid and local Government since 2002 through capacity building of staff, community, and provision of materials and financial and other development agencies, which has changed lives of many people positively. Vision and mission AIRC exist to promote good governance and participatory actions to alleviate poverty through every stakeholder and this is hoped to be achieved through empowering the vulnerable women, girls, boys and men in Lango sub-region by 2015 by use of reflect methodologies. Currently the organisation is engaged in the following programme areas; Formal and Informal education programme; HIV/AIDS Prevention and sanitati ...

Contact PersonOlam Geofrey ( Lead Facilitator )
Telephone0392 912 088 / 0774 106 499

P.O. Box 3430 Kampala,Plot 56 Bwaise-Nabweru road,

Environmental Management for Livelihood Improvement Bwaise Facility [EMLI Bwaise Facility] is an environmental non

Contact PersonSydah Naigaga
Telephone0312 111 249 / 0202 648 080

P.O Box 2071 Kampala,Kireka ,

This is a community based organization formed by the youth in Wakiso district who decided to combine skills and expertise in a bid to draw a long term strategy after discrimination and marginalization because of their physical disability. It was formed to engineer a development for their fellow young disabled youths in Wakiso district.The organization is set on focusing to set up a strong organization that can address the vast needs and challenges of the young disabled between the ages of 30 years in order to realize a change in their development.VisionTo develop a dignified young with physical disabilities in Wakiso DistrictMissionEmpowerment, full social integration and development of a good youth with physical disability citizen Objectives

Contact PersonNyombi Henry
Telephone0772 484 260 / 0312 281 425

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Representatives of 25 member organisations established NURRU in 1994 to spearhead demand

Contact PersonMr. Obot David (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 288 781

P.O Box 11279, Kampala,Plot 105,Nitnda-Nakawa Road,

It was started by the communities living around Budongo forest reserve ten years ago to assist the communities improve their livelihoods through tree planting and environmental conservation activities. It was also meant to address environmental degradation.The organisation is considered as a national NGO and one of the activists of environment conservation in Uganda. It is spear heading the campaign to eliminate child labour in tobacco growing areas in Uganda. It

Contact PersonMadira Davidson (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 268 286
Date Founded

P.O. Box 276,Nateete,Obbuntu Close,Buddo Masaka rd,

Mission After Custody (MAC) is a charitable organization with an aim of helping, particularly prisoners/inmates, ex-offenders and returnees by offering them a window of kindness and love, while enhancing advocacy and awareness of their inalienable rights. Resettling and re-integrating ex-prisoners, returnees into the mainstream society to control re-offending, minimizing the crime rate is at the heart of our core activities. Vision statement A harmonious and responsive society that appreciates the law Mission statement Promoting observance of the rights and welfare of in-mates and ex-offenders. Goal Ensuring that the rights of inmates and ex-prisoners are upheld and protected and further guarantee ex-prisoners

Contact PersonMorris Kizito Mukasa ( Executive Director)
Telephone0782 811 538

P.O Box 4704, Nakawa;Kitintale Zone 10, Port Bell Road,

Happy street association (HASA) is an association started by youths joined together with a common goal dedicated to linking other youths in development activities within the community. HASA runs several activities through targeting the youths, children and women. These activities include; 1) Accessing volunteers from Uganda and other countries with help in supporting the needy and vulnerable people. 2) HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns most especially emphasizing prevention among the youth and stopping cross generational sex between the young group and old married people. 3) Emphasis is put on environment protection and conservation through trainings, planting of trees awareness creation as a process of preventing global warming. 4) Vocational skills training as part of Income Generating Activ ...

Contact PersonShafi Abasi (Chair/Person)
Telephone0774 522 556 / 0712 997 083

P.O Box 35309, Kampala,Plot 169 Bombo Road, Wandegeya,

We are a membership organisation founded that provides requisite health care, formal education, food services and vocational training services to the youth, children, families and those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. VisionA Society where all orphans and other vulnerable children live to their full prospective, aspiration and their rights are fulfilled Mission To enhance a framework for the enjoyment of rights and execution of responsibilities of orphans and other vulnerable children Programme Objectives

Contact PersonPeter Kikomeko (Executive Director)
Telephone0782 320 201 / 0414 571 713
Date Founded

P.O Box 12360, Kyebando,13 Kmtrs North of Kampala, behind Nangabo Sub-county Headquarters off Kasangati, Gayaza Road,

CALM Africa deals with the plight of children more so those living in difficult circumstances. The organization started as a Community Based Organization in Rakai district, by James Kimera Ssekiwanuka (PhD) as the vision bearer who was later joined by others. Its establishment was majorly premised on the prevailing HIV/AIDS rates in Rakai then. Many child headed households had come up due to HIV/AIDS and there was urgent need to intervene. The CALM Africa pillars are premised on the UN conversion on the rights of the child and the World Millennium Development Goals. By using the Rights Based Approach and Equity Based Approach, CALM Africa seeks to ensure that Children live up their full potential through; Advocacy for children

Contact PersonJoseph Luganda (Programme Manager)
Telephone0712 873 910 / 0772 784 497
Date Founded