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City: Kabarole

Fort Portal, , , P.O Box 460,Fort Portal

CABCS is a company limited by guarantee without share capital and not for profit. It was formed by seven founder organisations SATNET, KRC, JESE, KIIMA FOODS, MMU and RUCIDIn order to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers, CABCS facilitates the building of their capacity in agribusiness management in order for farmers to operate professionally and establish competitive agribusiness enterprises.We make information accessible on exchange, credit or technical assistance and encourage use of better in-puts, equipment, or production processes that can increase their efficiency and returns. We offer counselling through business advice, or mentoring Information, we also offer consultancies according to clients

Contact PersonRwekamba Patrick (Chief Executive Director)
Telephone0772 605 753 / 0483 422 118
Date Founded

Kyanyawara Village, Kiko Town Council, , , P.O. Box 872 Fort Portal

The organisation was started by a teacher, Kemigisa Margret, with the purpose of creating income generating projects for communities bordering Kibaale National Park. Communities were trained to think of environment friendly activities that can sustain their lives.In the first period after establishment, the organisation offered activities in handcraft making, music dance and drama, crop and animal farming, environment conservation and education.A number of people picked interest in our work and joined the organisation. We increasingly gained support, including the government which started funding to some of our projects and also participated in training and supervision.Today, CAP has activities in handcraft making, training and marketing, music dance and drama, animal husbandry, environmen ...

Contact PersonKemigisa Margret (Director)
Date Founded

Karundo,Nyabuswa Parish, Muhusu sub-county, Kabarole,

The organisation was started by Bagonza George William. He wanted to sensitise the youth against HIV/ AIDS and to fight poverty and transform their behaviour. He wanted them to be aware of HIV /AIDS and help them prepare for their future. The first activity was to help the youth to understand group dynamics and participate in activities like gardening, music, dance and drama.We now know how to share our issues that can take our organisation to another step of development. We have an office and a piggery project and music, dance and drama.We are currently sensitising the community through churches and schools on water sanitation, HIV /AIDS, human rights and environment protection. We have increased our networking in the district and other NGOs. Our members

Contact PersonBagonza George William
Telephone0773 352 401
Date Founded