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Country: Uganda

P.O Box 111, Moyo,Okudi Road, Moyo Town Council, ,

Moyo District NGO Forum (MODINGFO) was formed in June, 2002 as an umbrella organization for CSOs working in Moyo district. The aim of the organization was to engage the district Local Government (LG) and member organizations in ensuring that they deliver quality services, participate jointly in planning, training, and research for effective service utilization of the existing resources so as to meet the needs of the vulnerable members of the community.Vision Empowered and vibrant CSO

Contact PersonVuziga William Mundu (Coordinator)
Telephone0773 871 877 / 0772 374 561

17-Km Kazo-Ibanda Road P.O.Box 355 IBANDA (Kiruhura), , , 256

Kazo Development Initiative is a local, non-partisan, rural based NGO operating in Kazo County, Kiruhura District. It was founded in 2002 by well focused members of the local community in Kamori sub-county after identifying the following problems that affected them:

Contact PersonBamwine Elly
Telephone0782 372 573

P.O. Box 802, Gulu, ,

Unyama Youth Group is a civil society organisation formed in 2001. VisionTo promote environmental awareness to eradicate poverty among the rural poor community by tree planting and keeping of livestock by 2020 in every homestead.The youth group currently has 30 to 50 active volunteers who are totally engaged in environmental protection and natural resources management, agriculture and rural livelihood.The youth group is supported by Gulu NGO Forum under a youth leadership project.There is limited funding to support the youth to carry out training on environmental natural resources management agriculture and rural livelihood.

Contact PersonJohn Opio (Chairperson)
Telephone0783 759 967

P.O. Box 843, Lira, Lira District Local Government Headquarters, Natural Resources Compound (Next to Production Offices and Opposite Community Services Offices), Lira Municipality, ,

BackgroundThe Lira NGO Forum (LNF) is an umbrella body of Civil Society Organizations (CSO) operating in Lira District; it was the first forum to be established in northern Uganda, in 1998. The Forum is a membership organization registered with the National NGO Board. The Forum was formed to coordinate activities of CSOs, mobilize resources, advocate for the rights of the voiceless and build capacity of CSOs, Promote networking and information sharing among organizations, Governed by the Annual General Meeting (AGM) as it oversees program implementation through a nine member Executive Committee (EC) democratically elected by member organizations at the Annual General Assembly. EC is the policy making body of the Forum. VisionA vibrant, democratic, gender balanced and prosperous society M ...

Contact PersonDaniel Okello (Programmes Coordinator)
Telephone0392 701 23 / 0779 511 800

PO BOX 5604, , , 256

Bethsaida Community Church (BCC) was formed in 2003 by a small group of people from the refugee community living in Kampala, Uganda. BCC is a member of Uganda National NGO Forum, registered under the Uganda NGO Act 9456. BCC is involved in the Urban Refugee Development Program-URDP) The BCC was registered as an NGO in Uganda in 2011 and enjoys full recognition by the Uganda Government through the Ministry of Disaster Preparedness. Today, BCC through the Urban Refugee Development Programme-(URDP), is a Uganda Government Partner through a signed Memorandum of Understanding-MoU to support the urban refugee program in the country under the Office of the Prime Minister-OPM. BCC Mission is guided by REFUGEES TO REFUGEES Support and seeks to partner with a multiplicity of partners to enhance ...

Physical AddressButikiro RD/ Namirembe
Telephone256 712 254932/ 256 757 254930/ 256 757 333595/

Lower Konge , Bruno zone, Makindye, , , 75757 Kampala,Uganda

PEPA/NGO (Pleaders of children and Elderly people at risk) originally a in french Plaideurs des Enfants et des Personnes Agées à risque, is an non profit organisation registered under the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Our Mission is to promote, protect and defend the human dignity of the human person and contribute to the sustainable Development in any sector/area of life. The situation is desperate. Our Intervention/Services Include:     Human rights    Recovery from Sexual Violence    Gender based and Equity    HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria    Protection of children (street children, orphans, abandoned children, malnourished children, conflict children)    Child/Youth Development & Education Adoption of orphans For more information, visit:  

Contact PersonAppolinaire ZAGABE
Telephone0785313808 , +256759867779

P.O BOX 30154, , , 256

Uganda Joint Christian Council (UJCC) is a faith based ecumenical organization that was established in 1963 and registered as a trustee under the Trustees Incorporation Act. Its current membership comprises the Church of Uganda, The Roman Catholic Church and the Uganda Orthodox Church, which together constitute about 78% of Uganda’s population. UJCC was established after Uganda’s independence in 1962 at a time when the country was undergoing a transition politically, economically and socially. The environment in which UJCC was established was characterized by bitter conflicts between and among faith communities during the colonial era, which challenged the three religious leaders who recognized a need for Christians to witness together and live in harmony. Uganda Joint Christian Council ...


Bugiri Town Council, , , P.O Box 37, Bugiri

BUPOMO-NET is a community based organization in Bugiri Town Council. It started as a group of community monitors established by Uganda Debt Network but later on transformed into a community based organization. BUPOMO-NET’S GOAL was to have an informed, mobilized civil society participating in formation, monitoring and evaluation in the implementing of development programmes. BUPOMO-NET also wanted to have an open, Transparent, accountable and prosperous Ugandan society. This was to be achieved through lobbying and advocating for prudent management and effective use of national resources for the benefit of all Ugandans through community Monitoring, Mobilization, information sharing, skills and knowledge formation, learning, public education campaigns in collaboration with Civil Society Orga ...

Contact PersonHyuha Chrispus Jarmen (Coordinator)
Date Founded
Youth For Charity Missions International - YOFOCHM

Kitintale, , , 256

YOFOCHM is a dynamic Christian youth led local NGO founded in 2007 to help young people find their values in society and empowers them to be responsible citizens. YOFOCHM is fully registered by the NGO Board (N. 9531) & based in Kampala, Uganda with its Operations in and outside Africa. For the past years, the ministry has succeeded at mobilising and involving young people in Leadership, Charity, School Moral rehabilitations, Evangelism, HIV/Aids Sensitization, Talent & skills development.

Contact PersonStephen Kapere

P.O Box 38, Aduku Apac, , , 256

AIRC envisions an empowered community with people who are self reliant and out of poverty. AIRC has worked in partnership with Action Aid and local Government since 2002 through capacity building of staff, community, and provision of materials and financial and other development agencies, which has changed lives of many people positively. Vision and mission AIRC exist to promote good governance and participatory actions to alleviate poverty through every stakeholder and this is hoped to be achieved through empowering the vulnerable women, girls, boys and men in Lango sub-region by 2015 by use of reflect methodologies. Currently the organisation is engaged in the following programme areas; Formal and Informal education programme; HIV/AIDS Prevention and sanitation; food security, and pe ...

Contact PersonOlam Geofrey ( Lead Facilitator)
Telephone0392 912 088

P.O. Box 898, , , 256

Rwenzori Center for Research and Advocacy (RCRA) is a non-profit company limited by guarantee, registered under Institutions Act 2012 with charity No. 186835 to operate in Uganda. It was formed in 2010 as a CBO/182 by a group of social workers and scientists with the purpose of fostering innovations to improve lives of women and children. RCRA is also registered with the US federal government under NCAGE code: SWF69. RCRA operates in the 7 districts of Rwenzori Region in Western Uganda. RCRA endeavors to expand coverage in Uganda and extend its technology for development services to Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, Malawi and South Sudan. RCRA presently collaborates with Local Governments, International development organizations, Health Centres, Clinics and Hospitals, Moon University ...

Physical AddressBoma Government Building, Fort Portal

Kamwokya, , , +256

Save the Old Uganda (SOU) is a registered local community organization with registered number S5914/9839/ that was founded by youth in Kampala to address the plight of the old people in Uganda. The youth, many of them having grown up with their grandparents and witnessed the suffering similar older people in their communities were going through, decided to do something to avert this suffering. Older people are a great resource that is knowledgeable, caring, loving, with incalculable collective wisdom. This prompted these youth to use their different skills, knowledge, talents and opportunities to inspire and transform communities to address the plight of old people. SOU has a team of youth committed to support any efforts geared towards advocating for the wellbeing of old people in our soc ...

Contact PersonMukose Moses

Plot 23, Imat Miria Road, Lira Municipality, , P.O Box 972, Lira

William Achol conceived the idea gave it a name, and made contributions to register it with a constitution. He hoped to ensure satisfactory services are rendered and received by the citizen especially the peasants. We started by

Contact PersonWilliam Achol (Executive Director)
Telephone0782 874 778
Date Founded

Karamaga South Division,

Ochaki George started the organisation in 2000 with an aim of reducing poverty among unemployed women and men within Karamaga village, south division of Fort Portal MunicipalityWe first engaged in offering financial services (credit and savings) and poultry keeping and animal rearing like hens, pigs and goats.The organisation has saved enough money to keep the group moving on but due to failure to pay by some members, the group

Contact PersonOchaki George
Telephone0712 034 293
Date Founded

7242 kampala Uganda, , , +256

Reviving Hope Uganda is charitable, indigenous, non-for-profit youth ages from 11-30 and children months – 10 development organization registered with the aim of empowering vulnerable groups particularly the HIV/AIDS victims, youths and orphans with knowledge, skills and support to alleviate poverty within this target group as a strategy to address one of the key factors contributing to the rapid spread of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.Ever since 2012, Reviving Hope Uganda has been joining forces with youth in different areas to prevent, create awareness. Reviving Hope Uganda uses skills development for income generation, information education, community outreach, capacity building to address the given issues and so far we have covered kawuku,namulanda,mpala,bwebajja,kitende,lweza,seguku,lubowa,za ...

Contact PersonJean-Luc Kitsa or Nsubuga Ibrahim Saad .K.
Date Founded

Lungujja - Kitunzi, , , 213 Nateete

Lungujja Community Health Caring Organization (LUCOHECO) is a faith based and indigenous Non-Governmental Organization registered as a not for profit entity by the government of Uganda with registration number (S.5914/10860) under the Non-Governmental Organizations Registration Statute, 1989. LUCOHECO is locally affiliated to Kamwokya Christian Caring Community (KCCC), Uganda Community Based Association for Women and Children Welfare (UCOBAC) and the Catholic Church in Uganda which have been its development partners since it was started. We are a member to global networks i.e. Huairou Commission and GROOTS International, the St Paul’s Foundation for International Reconciliation (SPFIR) and African Empowered Communities all based in the United States of America. All our activities a ...

Contact PersonNakibuuka Maxensia Takirambule


DCVision Int - Educating a child for the current and future growth. Divine Child Vision International is a Child focused Organization, established in 2014 and registered with the NGO Board with the registration number S.5914/11114 on 19th March 201, with a focus on a world where we work to see an empowered young generation with the ability to sustain themselves during adulthood. Divine Child Vision International (DCVision Int) is committed to poverty reduction, the promotion of human rights and equality; this is in line with the International development cooperation which promotes the poorest groups' access to livelihoods through decent work; gender equality; and strengthening civil society at local level, National and international in the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 1 a ...


PO Box 26, ,

The Uganda Restoration Gospel Churches Organization (URGCO) was started in 1960 and formally registered as a corporate entity in 2013 operating in Kabarole and Kyenjojo Districts, Western Uganda. URGCO is a faith based NGO whose main objective is evangelism to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Ruwenzori Region and the rest of Uganda. URGCO through evangelism provides Social economic and humanitarian support to Women, Youth, PWDs, and older persons, Prisoners, Refugees and Children in need. These services are provided through health, education, and livelihood support programmes. The following are first activities of the organisation: Evangelism to the Community Establishment of nursery and primary schools Formation of saving and credit units for Christians Income generating ...

Contact PersonBakambiiha Stephen (Publicity Secretary/ Director, Orphans, Widows and Elderly)
Telephone+256 782 747 033

Namasale Town Council, Amolatar District, ,

Bridge of Hope Organization (BOHO) is a Non-Governmental, founded to create and develop programs for supporting and uplifting orphans, vulnerable children and youth in Uganda. BOHO was founded in 2010 and registered with the government of Uganda to carry its activities under the following thematic areas: Livelihood, Education, Social Protection and Health.The creation of BOHO reflects a great concern by founders about the need to address the lack of opportunities within the vulnerable children and youth in Northern Uganda brought about by over 20 years of Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) war, poverty, HIV/AIDS, high population leading to breakdown of social-economic family structures; weakening good cultural practices; poverty and displacement

Contact PersonBruno S Akejo

P.O Box: 35563, , , 256

National Association for Women Action in Development (NAWAD) is a voluntary non-governmental organisation that was initiated by a group of women in 2009 and legally registered in 2010. NAWAD is focused on the family and the crucial role women play in their families, their communities and the development of Uganda as a nation. Our goal is to promote the fundamental human rights of women and young people especially in relation to sustainable management of the environment and natural resources, health and economic security. We believe that “Putting the woman at the fore front” and encouraging men to work with them is the only way to develop stable families and communities and the best way to ensure that all Ugandans can realise their full potential. NAWAD’S program areas include ...

Physical Address: plot 112;block 267 Lweza, Entebbe Road, after Mogas ...