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P.O BOX 282 Bugiri,Plot 8b, Busoga Avenue-Bugiri Town, ,

History of Bugiri NGO Forum Network and why it was formedBugiri NGO Forum Network is an umbrella organization and collective voice of civil society organizations operating in Bugiri district. It was created as a measure to strengthen civil society, galvanize popular people

Contact PersonKalende Hassan (Chairman), Mwondha Deogratius (Programme coordinator)
Telephone0782 554 883 / 0784 089 284

Nakulabye Muteesa1 RD, , , 256

Amity child-Uganda offers study bursaries to children in primary, Secondary through University levels. Bursaries normally cover 50% of school/Tuition fees which makes it easier for the beneficiaries to afford education. The Half Bursary programme operates primarily in slums & rural areas in Uganda where the poor make up a bigger percentage of the population and where children have little access to education due to poverty and a lack of value for education. It runs from Pre-primary through University levels. Since December 2011, 1250 students have benefited from this scheme. 40% of these students are orphans and from poor families, who could not afford their education Other programs include; -Child sponsorship -Self sustainability skills training -Leadership training ...

Contact PersonDanson N Tushabe

P.O.Box 22459 Kampala,Mutesasira Zone Plot 40, Block 254 Kansanga, ,

Development Research and Training (DRT) is a local Ugandan-based NGO, established to undertake policy research and analysis that informs pro-poor policies and programmes. The organization

Contact PersonBeatrice Mugambe(Executive Director)
Telephone0312 636 29/30 / 0414 269 495

P.O. Box 167, Apac,Plot 19, Biashara street, Apac, ,

Campaign Against Domestic Violence in the community (CADOVIC) was established with the aim of reducing domestic violence against women and children. Since 2001, we have been handling cases of violence against women and children and registered a great impact through the different strategies of handling domestic violence cases. These include guidance and counselling, mediation, networking, dialogues, training, information sharing, provision of financial support to sexually abused victims, case tracking and follow up of cases at different levels like court, clan levels, community among others.The output and out comes were created with the meagre financial support from Action Aid International

Contact PersonArum Felix George Ojok (Coordinator) or Florence Omara (Treasurer)
Telephone0775 445 580 / 0712 63 967 / 0772 308 647

P.O Box 2291, Mbale,Phelan Road Bukedea District, ,

Apoolo Na Angor (

Contact PersonMoses Aisia (Founder, Executive Director)
Telephone0753 261 855 / 0772 663 223
Acc-Plus Foundation

Nsambya, ,

Acc-Plus Foundation is a social enterprise that provides the business support to women and youth led start-ups in order to enable them not only survive through their first year of business but also create competitive and sustainable companies. Our first project was offering free business training to groups of business women of Kawempe Division in Kampala, Uganda. This project ran from July 2013 to June 2014 and had very positive but limited results on the business women due to the limited resources at the foundation’s disposal. We currently have a project of providing free business management training to members of traders’ associations in Kampala, Uganda.

Contact PersonBrian Mangeni

P.O Box 192, Kitgum,Plot 11, Oneka Road, East Ward, , ,

This is a child focused organisation established in 2006 and registered with the NGO Board (Registration No. F 5914/450). Its mission is to enable vulnerable children to meet their expectations of life. The vision is to ensure a world where children develop to their full potential.The NGO aims to address the problems of:

Contact PersonPeter Ogenga Abwola (Coordinator)
Telephone0712 581 308

Anai Parish Lira Sub-county, ,

The LRA war that lasted over 21 years left a scourge and enormous needs among the people in Northern Uganda. It

Contact PersonHardson Ongura (Education Director)
Telephone0772 637 971
Date Founded

Kagadi central ward-kagadi town council, , P.O. Box 96 kagadi

A group of individuals started the organisations in order to keep the older persons active and pass on their knowledge to the young people in a collective voice. They hoped to achieve the continuity of shared knowledge through the young generation, improved income, improved health practices through awareness campaigns.The first activities we engaged in were peace and conflict resolution campaigns, apiary projects-bee keeping for commercial purposes, saving and credit-SACCO and community mobilisation for membership.Over the years we

Category:Elderly People
Contact PersonRev. Apuuli B. Brown Patrick(Executive Director)
Telephone0782 553 995
Date Founded

P.O. Box 158, Kitgum,Plot Samsoni Lukoni Road, Kitgum Town Council, ,

Kitgum District NGO Forum (KINGFO) is a network of all CBOs, NGOs and agencies (local, national, international) based and operating in Kitgum district. Currently it is composed of 124 members mainly CBOs, local NGOs and a few international NGOs. KINGFO was formed to provide a common platform for CSOs operating in Kitgum district so as to contribute to community development through co-ordination, public dialogue, advocacy, networking, and continuous partnership-development and information exchange. VisionAn empowered Society that is enjoying their rights to effective and efficient service delivery for improved quality of life in Kitgum districtMissionTo develop community in Kitgum district in partnership with the district Local Government and development partners through advocacy, lobbying ...

Contact PersonLaker Gladys Susan (Programme Coordinator)
Telephone0471 439 605

Bishoozi opposite Bishoozi P/S, Kazo, Kiruhura District, , , PO Box 303, Ibanda

Bishozi Women Association was formed by Annette Rossati from Sweden in 2004. This project was started by 225 women with 12 goats and it continued to 352 women each having 3 goats. So far we have 756 goats in all. We work in four parishes of Kiruhura District: Mbogo, Bishozi, Nsheshe and Engari. Our projects include:

Contact PersonFlora Barihihi Kyomugisha (Chairperson)
Telephone0779 808 800 / 0772 695 069

P.O Box 235 Bushenyi, ,

Buhweju Real Development Organisation (BUREDO) is a non political and non-profit organisation operating in Buhweju District. Buhweju used to be covered by thick and ever green forests, more especially in the sub-counties of Burere and Bihanga bordering Kaswoha-Kitomi Forest Reserve. Buhweju County used to be rich in both fauna and flora. It was intact with no disruption. The equatorial vegetation covered the area and a variety of animals ranging from big elephants to small insects.Population increase, deforestation, poor land use, lack of knowledge and skills in modern agricultural practices like agro-forestry, lack of capital for alternative investments, cultural beliefs have led to land degradation.The major economic activity of Buhweju is agriculture especially tea growing which has d ...

Contact PersonFred Nkuruho Tumwine (Executive Director)
Telephone0772 409 075 / 0783 386 605

P.O Box 36563, Kampala,Plot 99, Ntinda-Nakawa Road, Kampala, ,

SignHealth Uganda (SU) was formed in 2009 to promote equitable access to social services and opportunities for deaf children and their families. It advocates and supports the development of cost effective and sustainable services. The primary target group are young deaf people and their families. The secondary target groups are partner institutions, especially those working in areas of deafness, to share emerging issues, best practices and research.In 2009 SU carried out a research study on the state of services for the deaf in Uganda. The findings showed the grim reality of limited access to services for the deaf, especially for young people. To bridge the gap, SignHealth Uganda is currently contributing to:

Contact PersonSsenteza Paul (Development Manager)
Telephone0414 597 952 / 0772 438 793

Kyenjojo town council, , , P.O Box 1021,kyenjojo

The organization was started by seven Agro-Business graduates of Makerere with the aim of achieving improved agricultural entrepreneurship and innovation with the objective of commercializing agriculture since it’s the backbone of Uganda’s economy and a major employer of the rural population.   We started out by forming Farmers’ groups, sensitizing farmers in modern commercial agriculture that entails proper record management and educating farmers about agricultural diversification and processing.   We have registered achievements in Farmer groups where they have learnt and accepted the importance of forming groups and production record keeping.    Currently there are no programmes in process apart from few field visits. This is due to financial constraints and limited human resource ...

Contact PersonMukonyezi Francis
Telephone0783 920076 / 0755 904250
Date Founded

P.o Box 1341, GuluPlot 11 Acholi Road,Gulu, ,

VAC-NET was founded by committed people who live and serve in the region. They realized the worsening situation of the rural poor, especially women, who are adversely affected by the social

Contact PersonBukenya Muusa (Program Director)
Telephone0752 328 735 / 0782 858 369

P.o Box 256, Ntungamo,: Plot 73,Old Kabale-Mbarara Rd., ,

Appropriate Revival Initiative for Strategic Empowerment (ARISE) started in 2001 and currently operates in 18 sub-counties of Ntungamo district.ARISE envisions a healthy, educated and economically empowered community for men, women, youth and the children.ARISE has made tremendous achievements in the fields of health, education and income generation, including supporting more than 1,250 orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) with education and hygiene materials. We support more than 250 caregivers in forming income generating activities and village savings & loans associations. We have established a vocational training centre for training orphans and helping the disabled.We have also encountered challenges in our operations such as limited funding to cope with ever increasing OVC numbers, ...

Contact PersonHon. Beatrice Rwakimari (Executive Director)
Telephone0772 481 211/0704 481 211

P.O. Box 18, Pallisa,Plot 05, Katukei Road, Pallisa Town, ,

Pallisa Civil Society Organisations

Contact PersonMakeri Wilberforce (Coordinator)
Telephone0774 696 100 / 0704 883 437

Along Lyantonde - Mbarara Highway, Block 75, Plot 187, Kyabazala, , , P.O BOX 5, Lyantonde

Child Aid Uganda (CHAU) is a registered Non- governmental and not for profit Organisation established in 2004 by a group of Ugandan children rights activists and professionals in response to the ever increasing needs of HIV and AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children. Child Aid Uganda was thus established to protect, and bring care; love and compassion to enable orphans and other vulnerable children enjoy their rights, live their full potential and achieve a purposeful future. Our mission is “To work with and through individuals, families, communities and local governments to contribute to the fundamental freedoms and basic needs of orphans and other vulnerable children. Children are thus assisted to live their full potential, shape their own future and contribute to the development o ...

Contact PersonLauben Tushemereirwe (Executive Director)
Telephone+256772835889 / +256702835889
Date Founded

Plot M2 and 37 Pallisa Road,Mbale P.O.Box 1254 Mbale, , , 256

Christian Childcare Programme (CCP) was founded by some Ugandan and Europeans in response to the adverse effects of the Idi Amin regime, the war and famine that followed. The focus is on orphans, vulnerable children and unskilled youths.CCP envisions a Uganda of confident, responsible self reliant and God fearing citizens. To achieve this it cares for, develops and trains beneficiary children and youth to become confident, compassionate, responsible, committed, self reliant and God-fearing people.Through paying school fees, home and school visits, annual camps, vocational training in various courses, medical treatment , guiding parents and guardians in food security, primary healthcare, environmental care, positive parenting and valuing vocational skills, all the beneficiaries that have go ...

Contact PersonJames Kidulu (Executive Director)
Telephone0454 33299 / 0712 618 995

P.O Box 24808 Kampala,Millennium Chambers Building, 3rd Floor, Plot 960/961, Entebbe Rd, Kampala, ,

In 2004 Rural Health Promotion and Poverty Alleviation Initiative (RUHEPAI) founders formalised a dream to work with poor rural women and youth in creating a difference in their lives. Six years later, a visible transformation has been made in the lives of people in Birere sub-county of Isingiro District and Ndejje Parish of Wakiso District. There are 939 beneficiaries who are farmers from 64 farmer groups.MissionTo advocate for health and poverty alleviation initiatives that better people

Contact PersonFredica Baguma (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 501 013 / 0772 516 931 / 0703 962 866 / 0775 417 801