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Country: Uganda

Mulinira Zone, Bukoto, , P.O Box 15383, Clock Tower Kampala

The organisation was started by a group of young professionals with the desire to improve the situation of children through welfare services and child rights advocacy and awareness creation. The organisation was hoping to uphold the four pillars of UNCRC of participation, on discrimination, best interests of child and growth survival and development. We started with Child rights promotion campaigns and community based response in preventing violence against children. With time, we adopted

Contact PersonNtenga Moses (Executive Director)
Date Founded

PO BOX 22281, , , 256

Established in 1996, Voluntary Action for Development (VAD) is a non-profit making indigenous, Non-governmental Organization registered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs Reg: NO: S.1594/1709. VAD is focused exclusively on improving livelihoods of the rural poor and disadvantaged communities through water, hygiene and sanitation improvement, Sustainable Agriculture promotion, Agri-business, Child protection and development initiatives, peace building and reconciliation and the family economic empowerment in the districts of Wakiso and Amuria in Central and North-Eastern regions respectively. Our VISION is to be a result oriented organization with a self-reliant community. Our MISSION is to empower the rural poor communities to effectively participate in their social economic dev ...

Contact PersonBenedict Male (Executive Director)

Nakawunzo village, Nsinze Sub County,, , , P. o. Box 103

When Evangelist Christopher Besweri Kaswabuli started this organisation, his vision was to have a strong, healthy, productive, motivated and self sustaining community.He hoped to sustainably improve the well being of vulnerable people (adults and children) through provision of supportive services in health, education, HIV- AIDS awareness / prevention.Some of the first activities engaged in included health, education, vocational education and sustainable agriculture. Through the years, BIDA secretariat capacity has grown and our services have expanded to greater parts of the community. We currently operate various programmes that include PMTCT, T.B screening and treatment, maternity care, immunization, HIV/AIDS related infections treatment, family planning, laboratory services, nutrition, ...

Contact PersonTenywa Edward (Director)
Telephone0772 853 323 / 0704 569 275
Date Founded

Agururu A2 Delhi R/d, , , P.O.Box, 686, Tororo

Five youths in the community of Agola village yearned to help orphans and vulnerable children in their education and also wanted to see them become better responsible adults. In order to achieve their dream, the youths started this organisation. They hoped that the children will complete their education, and with the relevant skills acquired through vocational training, be innovative and create their own jobs for self sufficiency, thus breaking the cycle of poverty and dependency amongst themselves and families.They did not stop at dreaming and hoping, they started by supporting orphans and vulnerable children who receive formal education, emotional and psycho-social support. The first group of children who were supported is now settled and lives a happy life.Since the inception of their d ...

Contact PersonOsinde John Paul (Coordinator)
Telephone0772 435 377
Date Founded

P.O. Box 4, Kaberamaido,Kangai Road (opposite township playground), Kaberamaido Town Council, ,

Kaberamaido District NGO Forum (KADINGOF) is a civil society organization (CSO) registered with the National NGO Board in 2006 and the Registrar of Companies in 2007. The Forum was established in 2001 to co-ordinate and support the activities of CSOs in the District through capacity building, networking and advocacy.VisionA well governed and sustainably transformed community in Kaberamaido District where men and women determine their own destiny. MissionTo promote CSOs

Contact PersonRoselinda Oyuu
Telephone0454 448 609 / 0772 438 266

Bamusuuta Parish, Kiboga Town Council, , , P.O.Box 67

Back in the late

Contact PersonNanvubya Esther ( Chairperson )
Telephone0772 393 760 / 0779 396 484
Date Founded

P.O Box 967, Lira,Soroti Road, Opposite FAPAD Offices, 1st Floor on Nyeko-Balikare Business Premise,Lira, ,

The organization started after the 23- year- post war conflict in Northern Uganda that left hundreds of thousands of innocent people massacred, thousands of people displaced in refugee camps, properties looted, destroyed and vandalized, innocent lives and houses set ablaze by the rebels. Many youth and children were abducted, raped and defiled resulting in to HIV/AIDS infection and other diseases, dropped out of school, others left parent-less, homeless and not accessing basic education, to mention but a few.In a bid to address the outlined catastrophes, FONU was founded to alleviate the sufferings of these innocent people and restore hope in their lives. It started with distribution of food and non-food items, supporting school-going children through scholastic materials and tuition fees ...

Contact PersonOwani Ken Allan (Executive Director)
Telephone0782 346 922 / 0753 346 922
Date Founded

Kigimbi, nyanga ward, K.I.T.C, , , P.O BOX 17

With the initial objectives to create unity for development, add value to farm products, get market for bi-products and instigate a saving culture coupled with credit facilities, Bamanya.A.Moses and Muhwezi Ben started the organisation for development purposes. The main focus areas included value addition, marketing plus piggery training.The very first activities we carried out included saving and credit facilities, piggery farming, apiary farming and tree/fruit and vegetable farming.We set out with about 5 million shillings but as of now we have approximately 8 million shillings in cash and about 3 million shillings in kind which totals to about 13 million shillings. Our customer base has also enlarged.The registered changes have enabled us start a hotel and bar for pork at Kabwohe town ...

Contact PersonBamanya Al- cortez Moses (Director)
Telephone0700 683 582 / 0782 446 456 / 0772 634 123
Date Founded

P. O. Box 27107, , , P. O. Box 27107

The Intellectual Property Rights Initiative IPRI-Africa, is a training institution for intellectual property related rights based in Kampala, Uganda. Among the courses we offer; 1. Negotiation, Drafting and Management of Contracts Course 2. Intellectual Property Rights Law and Practice 3. Legislative drafting We upon request, customize and develop courses based on individual organization needs.

Contact PersonNchume Musheshe
Telephone+ 256 772 959 585

P.o Box 160,Mbale,Manafwa District headquarters,C.D.O's Office, ,

Manafwa Civil Society Network (MACINET) is located in the Eastern Uganda bordering the Republic of Kenya on the East, Bududa District in the North, Mbale to the West and Tororo in the Southwest. Population/DemographyAbout 98% of the population lives in the rural areas. There are a few trading centers where the remaining 2% tend to live while practicing small scale trade. Females are the majority up to 51%. The social/economic status of the population is steadily developing. Agriculture is the major economic activity which includes livestock and subsistence farming. Education has been a priority for mainly boys i.e. 60% boys and 40% girls. Water and sanitation is generally poor where safe water covers only 40% of the area.Our only source of funding is through membership contributions. Vis ...

Contact PersonWalera John Wasyu (Cordinator)
Telephone0782 800 685

Bweyogerere, , , 256

Grace Works Initiative is a health development organization working in remote rural communities in Uganda to promote access to sustainable life-saving healthcare.   We carryout community health interventions, and health promotion services through establishment and operation of village health clinics, focusing more on women and children.   Our aim is to foster best practices for maintaining access to appropriate medical care which will result in reduced infant/ child/ maternal mortality and make primary health services available to these rural inhabitants. Our activities include provision of appropriate treatment, disease testing, vaccination, medication dispensing, disabilities & rehabilitation, community health awareness & education. We work with community leaders, Village ...

Contact PersonJoseph Mukisa

P.O. Box 195, , , 256

CEDO, Child Rights Empowerment and Development Organization, was recognised by the National NGO Board in year 2005, and is registered as a Non-profit child focused National Development Organization; Reg. No. s.5914/7353. The organization aims at promoting the rights of children to a healthy, secure and value adding child-hood. CEDO Uganda’s vocation is to support vulnerable populations affected by poverty, poor health and social insecurity, and to support them to build a better future. Our interventions seek to cover multiple aspects of development and human rights crises through a multi-disciplinary approach adapted to each context. Since 1992, CEDO has been mobilizing resources from government, as well as private and public sectors to support our work, impacting thousands of children ...

Physical Address2KM Hoima Rd, Masindi Municipality
Telephone392857744 / 772687319

P.O. Box 24928, , , 256

Reach The Youth-Uganda (RTY) was founded to respond to the health, social, economic and humanitarian challenges faced by children (5-18 years) and the youth (18-30 years). Vision: A world where youths have the opportunity to maximize their potential and to influence decisions that affect their lives. Mission: To contribute to the process of supporting the youth to have access to opportunities and choices for self-improvement and sustainable livelihoods. The values of RTY are honesty, integrity, continuous learning, investing in staff and volunteers, teamwork, creativity, innovativeness and mutual respect. Its overall is to enable the youth live healthier and more productive lives. RTY is mandated to operate in all district in Uganda and has implemented programmes in Greater ...

Physical AddressPlot 1676 Bukoto-Kisasi Road

Kalbum House Harukoto , , P.O Box 389, Fort Portal

After receiving our first certificate in 1991, the concerned Ugandans living in the old Kabarole District were motivated by the zeal to improve the welfare of majority rural peasants from the Ruwenzori region. They worked towards creating an environment for men and women to undertake income generating activities.In this regard, the first activities involved supporting preventive health activities to guarantee healthy living, advocating for an environment for men and women to undertake income generating activities as well as supporting activities in areas of sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry.Moving forward, we are working for better ? soil fertility? Soil and water conservation ? Crop and animal husbandry? Nutrition and early childhood development? Adolescent repro ...

Contact PersonMugisa R.C. Ronald (Coordinator)
Telephone0772 603 669
Date Founded

Fort Portal, , , P.O Box 460,Fort Portal

CABCS is a company limited by guarantee without share capital and not for profit. It was formed by seven founder organisations SATNET, KRC, JESE, KIIMA FOODS, MMU and RUCIDIn order to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers, CABCS facilitates the building of their capacity in agribusiness management in order for farmers to operate professionally and establish competitive agribusiness enterprises.We make information accessible on exchange, credit or technical assistance and encourage use of better in-puts, equipment, or production processes that can increase their efficiency and returns. We offer counselling through business advice, or mentoring Information, we also offer consultancies according to clients

Contact PersonRwekamba Patrick (Chief Executive Director)
Telephone0772 605 753 / 0483 422 118
Date Founded

P.O. Box 7785, , , 256

Care and Assistance for Forced Migrants (CAFOMI) is a not-for-profit and Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) legally registered to operate nationally in Uganda. CAFOMI is a member of the Uganda National NGO Forum; a member of the Humanitarian Social Services Cluster of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR); and of a Global Network of Southern NGOs of locally based humanitarian actors. CAFOMI is harnessing resources and national experts, through strategic partnerships nationally and internationally, to volunteer expertise, skills and experience in support of the forced migration challenge in Uganda and or in their local communities as their individual contribution to addressing a global challenge. Vision: Forced Migrants and their hosts live in dignity a ...

Physical AddressPlot 1011 Ntinda-­‐Bukoto Road

Kagadi Town Council, near kagadi hospital, Kibaale District, , , P.O Box 166 kagadi

The founders had a mission of transforming the rural poor Ugandans from peasantry society to modern and self sustainable, in pursuit of peace, democracy, patriotism as well as unity in diversity. They hoped to achieve a society where people live in dignity and decent life.They therefore set out with HIV prevention campaigns through drama, radio talk shows, live testimonies, voluntary counselling and testing as well as supporting income generating activities such as bee keeping for people living with HIV.As an organisation, we grew from a CBO to and NGO in 2009 and opened up opportunity for local, national and international members from individual membership, and started establishing model gardens at local levels.We currently offer Health development programmes, economic community programm ...

Category:HIV / AIDS
Contact PersonAkweteireho Amiri (Executive Director)
Date Founded

P.O Box 1521,Mbarara,Plot 21 Mackhansigh Street, Mbarara, ,

Mbarara Women Development Organisation is a non-profit women

Contact PersonJolly. K. Mugisha (Director)
Telephone0702 465 134/0772 347 276

Bulange Sub County, Namutumba District, , , P. o. Box 53

It was started by the coordinator with the aim of uplifting the youth Growing of maize, Groundnut, tomatoes, poultry keeping and brick laying were the first activities we took up.Our members have acquired different skills such as lobby and advocacy, plus proposal writing skills which helped in acquiring the CDD Funds. There is a significant shift in standard of living and people have the basic needs.Currently, we have planted 700 orange tree seedlings which we are nurturing. We also carry out voluntary counseling and testing.We have grown to attain registration with Namutumba District NGO Forum and affiliation with other NGOs/ networks. We provide Loan schemes where members access loans to run their projects.We sometimes encounter challenges with finances being minimal and the secretariat ...

Contact PersonMwisi Farouk (Coordinator)
Telephone0752 278 896
Date Founded

P.O Box 916, Fort Portal, , , +256

Rwenzori Information Centres Network (RIC-NET) is a community owned information, knowledge and skills sharing network established in 2005 by the Civil Society Organizations in Rwenzori region, western Uganda. The genesis of RIC-NET was at an open space forums for CSOs in 2002/2003, where the need to establish a network to boost effective and reliable information sharing was higly pronouced. RIC-NET was established to harnesses the available resources and opportunities in order to strengthen information, knowledge and skills sharing within the region. The genesis of RIC-NET was the result of an open space forum for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in 2002/2003, whereby participants expressed a need to establish a network for effective information and knowledge sharing throughout the regi ...

Contact PersonMurugahara John