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Nkokonjeru Cell, Plot 51-60 DC Block Suite 27 Republic Street, Mbale, , , P.O. Box 1786 Mbale

Babuka Development Trust Uganda (BUDETU) is a voluntary charitable Non-profit making, grassroots Development oriented and duly registered Non Governmental Organisation operational in the Republic of Uganda. Historical Background: BUDETU was initiated in Bumusayi Village, Bubutu Sub County in Manafwa District by a group of local youth mainly of OVC origin to improve on their status and livelihood using the local resources. The organization was initiated with guidance from elders and guardians in 2008 but got a statutory recognition early in 2011.The organisation begun with a simple membership of 16 youths and 2 elders but currently has about 24 membership and 112 men and women beneficiaries.   BUDETU activities are consolidated by management pillars of the General Assembly, The Registere ...

Contact PersonWakimwai Benedictus Anthony (Chairperson)
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P.o Box 2841, Kapchorwa,Plot 37, Sironko , ,

KABHURO is constituted by Paralegals trained by Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) Uganda in 1996 and refreshed by Uganda Land Alliance in 2005 to address widespread human rights needs and land conflicts affecting especially among women and children.In 2002, Action Aid International Uganda (AAIU) appreciated the services of the paralegals and engaged them as implementing partners of human rights issues with emphasis on women

Contact PersonKitiyo Patrick (coordinator)
Telephone0782 665 702/0778 864 957

P.O. Box 865, Arua,Plot 62/64, Avenue Road, Arua Town, ,

Participatory Initiative for Real Development (PIRD-U) is a local organization initiated by retired and working professionals of various areas of discipline who had vast working experiences with the communities, NGOs, CBOs, private institutions, government and Individuals.PIRD-U was instituted in 2004 to provide consultancy services and conduct research as a basis to positively influence societal activities focused at the welfare of the communities in the district, region and the country.The scope of the institution

Contact PersonAndama Martin
Telephone0772 863 305
Awakening Smiles Initiative

PO Box 34384, , , 25641

It is a Non- Government Organization to play an active role in the reduction of extreme child suffering. The Main office is at Wilson Road, Twese Plaza, F8-Kampala, Uganda.with branches located in Lusanja Local Council 1, Kiteezi Parish, Mutuba 1, Nangabo Sub county Wakiso District. Vision : Education, Basic Health, Taking action against vulnerable children, Sensitizing Children and communities about HIV/AIDS and vocational Training. Mission: To form a functional Cohesive and committed NGO that will continuously help vulnerable children, fight the wide spread of HIV/AIDS and enable them to have improved standards of living.

Contact PersonRwatangabo Nora Kyarimpa
Telephone+256 787 590 006

C/O Imelda Kihangirwe P.o Box 43,Ibanda,Kibubura Road, ,

Women Initiative to Support Orphans (WISO) is an NGO based in Ibanda Town Council, Ibanda District. It operates in Ibanda, Kamwenge and Kiruhura district. It was formed by a few women who were touched by the misery of orphans and denial of their rights. Some of the issues they were concerned with included;

Contact PersonBaingana Robert
Telephone0752 846 485 / 0702 846 485

Ibonde 1 Ward, ,

Esther Mugisa started this organization with the hope of helping elderly women, widows, and orphans, with the general aim of improving their standards of living through savings and credit groups, and handcraft making.In order to attain her goals, Mrs Mugisa

Category:Elderly People
Contact PersonEsther .J. Rutabalengeya (Director)
Telephone0701 495 385
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Fort Portal, , , P.O Box 460,Fort Portal

CABCS is a company limited by guarantee without share capital and not for profit. It was formed by seven founder organisations SATNET, KRC, JESE, KIIMA FOODS, MMU and RUCIDIn order to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers, CABCS facilitates the building of their capacity in agribusiness management in order for farmers to operate professionally and establish competitive agribusiness enterprises.We make information accessible on exchange, credit or technical assistance and encourage use of better in-puts, equipment, or production processes that can increase their efficiency and returns. We offer counselling through business advice, or mentoring Information, we also offer consultancies according to clients

Contact PersonRwekamba Patrick (Chief Executive Director)
Telephone0772 605 753 / 0483 422 118
Date Founded

Bweyogerere, , , 256

Grace Works Initiative is a health development organization working in remote rural communities in Uganda to promote access to sustainable life-saving healthcare.   We carryout community health interventions, and health promotion services through establishment and operation of village health clinics, focusing more on women and children.   Our aim is to foster best practices for maintaining access to appropriate medical care which will result in reduced infant/ child/ maternal mortality and make primary health services available to these rural inhabitants. Our activities include provision of appropriate treatment, disease testing, vaccination, medication dispensing, disabilities & rehabilitation, community health awareness & education. We work with community leaders, Village ...

Contact PersonJoseph Mukisa

P.O. Box 93, Sironko,Plot 5, Kalitusi Road, Sironko Town Council, ,

Sironko Civil Society Network is a consortium of Civil Society Organizations in Sironko. These include organisations in the private sector, farmers

Contact PersonMagomu Mubarak (Coordinator)
Telephone0352 277 335 / 0772 474 777

Obol Akal Road, Pader Town Council, , , P.O Box 17, Pader

ARiD was started in 2010 by five young professionals who wanted to make positive impacts on the lives of the youth and women in northern Uganda. The development oriented organization aims at transforming the lives of the people emerging from the legacy of the civil war, especially of the vulnerable communities, as a result, we set out; I.To advocate for the promotion, protection and fulfilment of rights and dignity of marginalized groups and individuals II.To contribute to conflict management, peace building, leadership and good governance  III.Provide community based life-skills trainings and educational support to vulnerable communities. IV.To conduct cutting-edge action oriented and policy advocacy research on contemporary issues affecting mankind. V.To offer technical support serv ...

Contact PersonBen Otto Adol (Coordinator)
Telephone0755 104165
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P O Box 1 Nakapiripirit,Nakapiripirit Town Council C/O Nakapiripirit District Local Government Department Of Community Based Services, ,

Nakapiripirit Civil Society Forum (NACSOF) is an umbrella Organization of all Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) operating in Nakapiripirit District. So far NACSOF has membership of twelve NGOs and fifteen CBOs with full support of Nakapiripirit District Local Government. The Vision of NACSOF is to have a collective voice to effectively influence policies, programs and practices of central and local governments and other development partners through harmonizing, networking, research, advocacy and lobbying.NACSOF complements government

Contact PersonRev.Fr. Henry Drajeru (Chairperson), James B. Bisheko (Vice Chairperson)
Telephone0773 965 611 / 0772 916 044 / 0772 705 866
African Youth Peace Initiatives

Bunyoro Region, , , 256

African Youth Peace Initiatives (AYPI) is a independent, equal opportunities, duly registered Non-Governmental Organization founded by young people for young people in 2007 with the aim of promoting a culture of non-violence, peaceful co-existence and stimulating social-economic development among marginalized communities of Uganda. It arose out of the desire to change the prevalent culture of violence embraced by the youth to one of non-violence in addressing challenges that are faced by young people today.   Over the years, APYI has broadened her scope from just conflict management to addressing broader political, social and economic issues that affect the youth within Uganda.   AYPI was established upon realizing that when peaceful and constructive approaches to resolving or transfor ...

Contact PersonFredrick Baguma. K

Kiranga Ivukula Sub-County,

Kiranga Community members wanted to uplift their standard of living and started the journey to achieve this by taking on brick laying activities, and growing of groundnuts and Maize. Currently, members are engaged in local chicken and turkey keeping.Since our inception, the standards of living for members have transformed. There is also a wide market for our produce.However, the group is affected by limited funding and partnerships thus affecting construction of modern poultry shed for the birds.We appreciate the support from Namutumba District NGO forum. We call upon any partners out there who can help us with capacity building trainings especially in handling our produce.

Contact PersonNangobi Mariam
Telephone0782 499 860
Date Founded

P.O Box 635, Mbarara,Kaberebere Centre, Kikagate Road, Isingiro, ,

Isingiro Family promotion and Improvement Organisation (IFAPIO) is an indigenous; grass-roots NGO founded in 1999 through the merger of 13 women

Contact PersonClare Kabakyenga (Programme Coordinator)
Telephone0702 109 213 / 0772 675 624 / 0772 578 169

Kisaalizi Trading centre, Kyebando Sub County, Kibaale, , P.O Box 31, Karuguuza

We started as a local community by mobilising ourselves to spearhead development in the community in terms of environment management, rights, equity, justice, health, food security and literacy for sustainable development. In order to achieve this, we implemented some projects such as piggery, SACCO, handcraft, tree planting, community sensitisation meetings, supporting OVC households and guidance and counselling services.Today, we handle

Contact PersonBusobozi Denis
Telephone0772 862 050 / 0775 738 824
Date Founded

Muguru , , P.O Box 583 Fort Portal

KIWED was formed in 1999 by women in Kabarole district. They were committed to developing timely programs that serve the needs of individual activists and organizations in the field of poverty reduction.The women started with skills and capacity building, handling gender issues, HIV/AIDS, marketing agriculture component i.e. mushroom growing, vanilla growing, water and sanitation, nutrition and information and communication technology (ICT).As of today, we engage in rice growing, mushroom growing, and HIV/AIDS sensitization.We noticed that farmers are applying skills acquired such as mushroom growing in the Ruwenzori region. In addition, farmers in Rwimi Sub-County have been trained and supported with best practices for upland rice growing.Over the years, we have achieved in various aspec ...

Contact PersonGrace Rukuba (Director)
Telephone0775 590 183 / 0778 858 406
Date Founded

Kajjere Parish, Kiboga, , P,O Box 80, Kiboga

It was started by 15 members that wanted to cordially advocate for better service delivery from government. In addition, they desired to share experiences and find solutions to problems affecting individual group members and also initiate income generating activities. In order for us to realise these goals, the group started with chicken rearing, extending Counselling to PHAs and offering training activities in crop farming. Today, we engage in crop farming for crops like cassava, maize, and beans, we train people in income generating activities such as group saving schemes and we also provide psycho-social support/ counselling to people both infected and affected with HIV/AIDS through home visits.From the time of inception, we have established community based small scale credit facility ...

Contact PersonBarugahare Jackson
Telephone0756 034 856
Date Founded

Mugurusi Road Fort Portal,

The organisation was started by Kabarole Research and Resource Centre to improve house hold incomes and standards for people living in rural areas /communities in the Ruwenzori region. FORMA is a financial institution that aims at providing and developing a sustainable microfinance federation that will provide financial services to rural communities.We first established cooperative organisations and empowered people to sustain them and remain committed.FORMA now serves over 20, 000 households in the region and has a goal of forming at least one microfinance association per Sub County and our loans have grown to over 140,000/= per disbursement.Today, we offer financial services, technical support trainings to member associations and also share our experience with member financial associatio ...

Contact PersonMaureen Namusisi
Telephone0776 453 875
Date Founded

Bikhado Road, Iganga District, , P.O Box 33131, Kampala

Community Restoration Initiative Project was started by various professionals from Busoga Sub-region districts. Our initial work was promotion of human rights and good governance at the grass root and hard to reach areas. We also encouraged equal participation for all communities and sharing of best practices in the administration of justices and the effective use of the law.Today, we offer civil education on accountability, human rights and deepening democracy, water and sanitation, environmental and climate change, elder programmes, sensitization on malaria and HIV/AIDS, land use management and protection of pastoralists.Over the years, the communities have developed and can now choose leaders of their choice, and monitor government programs. We also carry out capacity building amongst t ...

Contact PersonGeorge Kibiike (Organisational Director)
Telephone0392 882 410 / 0714 775 058
Date Founded
Concern for the Girl Child (CGC)

P.O. BOX 7462, , , 256

Concern for the Girl Child (CGC) is a child focused NGO that was established in Uganda in January 2001 with the aim of empowering the girl child through the provision of education opportunities, ensuring health, enhancing child protection and advocating for children’s rights. CGC is a non political and has no religious affiliation. Since conception, CGC has sponsored and offered support to over 700 girls to access secondary, vocational, tertiary and university education. CGC envisions a world where all people are contributing to the social, economic and political development of their communities. The organization has reached directly 800 girls with education support to date. CGC has got a national mandate, though currently it operates in 5 districts namely; Luwero, Nakaseke, Wakiso, Na ...

Contact PersonMargaret Kasozi
Physical AddressPLOT 865 Kalinabiri Rd, Ntinda