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Country: Uganda

Rock Crescent West R/d, Western Division, , , P.O.Box 376, Tororo

A group of youths in Tororo district Western Division realized the need to alleviate poverty that was affecting them because they were facing a threat of unemployment, health issues among others. It

Contact PersonWanyama Cyrus (Executive Chairman)
Telephone0702 123 556
Date Founded

Bwanagweno Road, Opposite II Ford Photo Studio, Kitgum, ,

Live Again (LAG) is a registered community-based organisation that was started in 2006. It was formed as a result of the civil war in northern Uganda which was characterised by destruction of properties, loss of lives as well as forceful displacement of people in the Internally Displaced People

Contact PersonGladys.A. Oyat (Executive Director)
Telephone0471 440 143 / 0772 695 155

Plot 54 Persee Street, , , P.O Box 368 Masindi,

Masindi Community Foundation, MCF, is a nonprofit organization created by the communities of Masindi district in the year 2011 to nurture and strengthen community philanthropy so as to build social capital for promoting and facilitating asset based development as an approach that enables local citizens establish and manage sustainable social enterprises capable of improving their livelihoods and helping them achieve poverty relief. Vision  Making Masindi a better place to live for everyone. Mission To mobilize and endow resources for the promotion and facilitation of asset based development so as to enable local citizens establish and manage sustainable social enterprises capable of improving their livelihoods and helping them achieve poverty relief. Objectives •Promote asset based d ...

Contact PersonMicheal Kirungi (Chief Executive Officer)
Telephone0465 420090
Date Founded

Nansana West, , , P.O. Box 89 Wakiso

Suubi Community Development initiatives-Uganda (SUCODI) is a non-Profit Community based organization reg. WCBO/017/12 working for the promotion of children’s welfare, education and health needs of children targeting the orphaned and the vulnerable Children(OVC’s). It was started in 2011 to help Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) due to the over growing number of OVCs mainly those who are orphaned by HIV/AIDS.Suubi Community Development initiatives-Uganda (SUCODI) is a non-Profit Community based organization reg. WCBO/017/12 working for the promotion of children’s welfare, education and health needs of children targeting the orphaned and the vulnerable Children(OVC’s).    

Contact PersonRev Konde David
Date Founded
African Youth Peace Initiatives

Bunyoro Region, , , 256

African Youth Peace Initiatives (AYPI) is a independent, equal opportunities, duly registered Non-Governmental Organization founded by young people for young people in 2007 with the aim of promoting a culture of non-violence, peaceful co-existence and stimulating social-economic development among marginalized communities of Uganda. It arose out of the desire to change the prevalent culture of violence embraced by the youth to one of non-violence in addressing challenges that are faced by young people today.   Over the years, APYI has broadened her scope from just conflict management to addressing broader political, social and economic issues that affect the youth within Uganda.   AYPI was established upon realizing that when peaceful and constructive approaches to resolving or transfor ...

Contact PersonFredrick Baguma. K

Driver's Corner Building, Maracha Town Council, , , 652, Arua

Amani Initiative is a Ugandan NGO that was established in 2011 by a group of Ugandan youths who were directly or indirectly affected by the pertinent issue of teenage pregnancy & early marriage. The organization is registered with the NGO Board under registration number 9539. Amani Initiative has been awarded by six child based organizations (ANPPCAN-Uganda, Child Fund Uganda, Compassion International, Save the Children in Uganda, UCRNN, World Vision Uganda and UNICEF for its efforts in the fight against teenage pregnancy & early marriage under the 2013 Tumaini Awards. Vision A community whereby each child has an equal opportunity to quality education and develops to full potential without the impact of teenage pregnancy & early marriage.  Mission To create sustainable s ...

Contact PersonOchatre Nixon
Telephone+256 703 154 084

P.O Box 71223, , , 256

Welthungerhilfe is one of the largest private aid organizations in Germany with no political or religious affiliations. It was founded in 1962 under the umbrella of the UN Food and Agriculture organization (FAO). Since her inception, Welthungerhilfe has implemented over 7,733 overseas projects in 41 countries. In Uganda, Welthungerhilfe started operations since 1980 making financial contributions and supporting the building of capacities of local partners. In 2002, Welthungerhilfe established the Great Lakes Regional Office in Kampala as a service and coordination unit for projects in Burundi, Rwanda and Congo (Bunia/DRC). Later in 2014, Welthungerhilfe re-structured and an independent Uganda Program was established to co-ordinate the implementation of Welthungerhilfe activities in Uga ...

Physical Address440 Wavamunno Road
Telephone+256 414 266 828

P.O Box 916, Fort Portal, , , +256

Rwenzori Information Centres Network (RIC-NET) is a community owned information, knowledge and skills sharing network established in 2005 by the Civil Society Organizations in Rwenzori region, western Uganda. The genesis of RIC-NET was at an open space forums for CSOs in 2002/2003, where the need to establish a network to boost effective and reliable information sharing was higly pronouced. RIC-NET was established to harnesses the available resources and opportunities in order to strengthen information, knowledge and skills sharing within the region. The genesis of RIC-NET was the result of an open space forum for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in 2002/2003, whereby participants expressed a need to establish a network for effective information and knowledge sharing throughout the regi ...

Contact PersonMurugahara John

PO BOX 22281, , , 256

Established in 1996, Voluntary Action for Development (VAD) is a non-profit making indigenous, Non-governmental Organization registered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs Reg: NO: S.1594/1709. VAD is focused exclusively on improving livelihoods of the rural poor and disadvantaged communities through water, hygiene and sanitation improvement, Sustainable Agriculture promotion, Agri-business, Child protection and development initiatives, peace building and reconciliation and the family economic empowerment in the districts of Wakiso and Amuria in Central and North-Eastern regions respectively. Our VISION is to be a result oriented organization with a self-reliant community. Our MISSION is to empower the rural poor communities to effectively participate in their social economic dev ...

Contact PersonBenedict Male (Executive Director)

Kiranga Ivukula Sub-County,

Kiranga Community members wanted to uplift their standard of living and started the journey to achieve this by taking on brick laying activities, and growing of groundnuts and Maize. Currently, members are engaged in local chicken and turkey keeping.Since our inception, the standards of living for members have transformed. There is also a wide market for our produce.However, the group is affected by limited funding and partnerships thus affecting construction of modern poultry shed for the birds.We appreciate the support from Namutumba District NGO forum. We call upon any partners out there who can help us with capacity building trainings especially in handling our produce.

Contact PersonNangobi Mariam
Telephone0782 499 860
Date Founded

Po Box 182 Mpigi, , , 256

Mountains of Hope Childrens Ministries is a non-profit NGO working with children, marginalized rural families, and their communities in Uganda to reach their full potential. Our focus is on Child protection, Promoting access to quality Education, Reproductive Health, Food security and Nutrition, Income generation, Rights awareness and Environmental protection. Mountains of Hope currently works in Mpigi District but will extend its services to 07 other Districts in Uganda in the near future which include: Mityana, Gomba, Butambala, Bukedea, Kyankwanzi, Mubende, and Sembabule Districts. Mountains of Hope (MoH) is dedicated to addressing the basic needs of orphans in Uganda - regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or faith. MoH provides sponsorship, shelter, community Based Development P ...

Contact PersonJames Malinga

Endiinzi Town Board, Bukanga Isingiro, , P.O Box 09, Isingiro

Real Agency For Community Development is a nonprofit making organisation which started as a community based organisation in 2007 then later alone developed into an NGO as it course of work extended to cover the whole district of Isngiro and beyond. And it attained its registration status as an NGO in 2002 from NGO board under NGO Act. Its major activities are; socio-economic development, land management and natural resources conservation. Currently we are implementing the project of tree planting in Endiinzi Sub-County. We are also in preparations to extend the project to Sub-Counties of Kabingo, Kashumba, Rugaaga and Ngarama. In implementing this project we faced a number of challenges like little funds to finance the project to its maximum capacity, limited support from partners in the d ...

Contact PersonAsiimwe Benfred (Director)
Telephone0772 357 580 / 0774 864 501
Date Founded

Robert Mugabe Road, Kireka, ,

Contact PersonAinebyona Ronald
Date Founded

P.o Box 282 ,Kitgum,Samsoni Lukono Road, East Ward , ,

KICWA was founded by six mothers who were concerned about the plight of children formerly associated (abducted) by the Lord

Contact PersonChristopher Arwai (Program Manager)
Telephone0471 439 534/0772 857 153/0792 695 636

P.O. Box 865, Arua,Plot 62/64, Avenue Road, Arua Town, ,

Participatory Initiative for Real Development (PIRD-U) is a local organization initiated by retired and working professionals of various areas of discipline who had vast working experiences with the communities, NGOs, CBOs, private institutions, government and Individuals.PIRD-U was instituted in 2004 to provide consultancy services and conduct research as a basis to positively influence societal activities focused at the welfare of the communities in the district, region and the country.The scope of the institution

Contact PersonAndama Martin
Telephone0772 863 305

Adol Polino Road, , , 70

International Lifeline Fund is a registered nongovernmental organization in Uganda, with project offices in Lira and Apac. Lifeline has been doing humanitarian and development work in Uganda since 2006 through its Environment and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) activities. Our staff in Lira construct and distribute fuel-efficient stoves (FES). Our WASH program in the North and East of Uganda improves clean water supplies, sanitation and public health for low-income, rural families by drilling new boreholes, rehabilitating existing boreholes and promoting behavioral change to improve sanitation. International Lifeline Fund is a registered US non-profit charitable foundation established in 2003, and incorporated in the State of Delaware, USA. Headquartered in Washington D.C.

Telephone00256 778 82 86 34

Nkokonjeru Cell, Plot 51-60 DC Block Suite 27 Republic Street, Mbale, , , P.O. Box 1786 Mbale

Babuka Development Trust Uganda (BUDETU) is a voluntary charitable Non-profit making, grassroots Development oriented and duly registered Non Governmental Organisation operational in the Republic of Uganda. Historical Background: BUDETU was initiated in Bumusayi Village, Bubutu Sub County in Manafwa District by a group of local youth mainly of OVC origin to improve on their status and livelihood using the local resources. The organization was initiated with guidance from elders and guardians in 2008 but got a statutory recognition early in 2011.The organisation begun with a simple membership of 16 youths and 2 elders but currently has about 24 membership and 112 men and women beneficiaries.   BUDETU activities are consolidated by management pillars of the General Assembly, The Registere ...

Contact PersonWakimwai Benedictus Anthony (Chairperson)
Telephone0788 580 332
Fax+256 454 434 461
Date Founded

C/O Imelda Kihangirwe P.o Box 43,Ibanda,Kibubura Road, ,

Women Initiative to Support Orphans (WISO) is an NGO based in Ibanda Town Council, Ibanda District. It operates in Ibanda, Kamwenge and Kiruhura district. It was formed by a few women who were touched by the misery of orphans and denial of their rights. Some of the issues they were concerned with included;

Contact PersonBaingana Robert
Telephone0752 846 485 / 0702 846 485

P.o Box 27,Kazo, Kiruhura,Rwamanuma/Kazo Town Council, Kiruhura District, ,

Hope Multipurpose Incorporated (HMI) is a non-profit organisation started in 2004 by the late Beatrice Garubanda. She founded HMI to bring together friends in both Uganda and Minnesota to address the needs of Ugandan orphans and vulnerable children. She began by adapting an abandoned store in Kazo into a shelter such that a group of homeless girls could go to primary school. Girls have lived there since July 2004 and some will complete Senior Four this year.HMI works to provide this home, nourishing food, clothing, basic health care, guidance and consistent access to education. Fondly called the BLUE HOUSE, this shelter seeks to foster a sense of self worth, purpose and community in its residents.HMI

Contact PersonTuhairwe Sere (Founder/Board Member)
Telephone0782 460 528

Kyenjojo Town Council, , P.O Box 1076 Kyenjojo

The organisation was started by Pastor Victor Sande who aimed at implementing godly attitudes in the community of Kyenjojo. The first projects involved establishing a church through evangelism and establishing a sponsorship program to help the needy children from their homes.We have noted significant achievements such as buying land equivalent to 20 hectares, building a medical centre and an increase in the numbers of the church congregation to about 200 members.We are currently involved in a sports project that helps youths steer clear of bad influence and we also offer several counselling programs through the church.Our greatest challenges include limited financing, unfaithful staff (being a Christian organisation) and the biting inflation which causes price changes all the time.

Category:Elderly People
Contact PersonPr. Victor Sande (Director)
Telephone0782 940 823
Date Founded