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Country: Uganda

P. O. Box 15, , , 256

Water Mission Uganda (WMU) is a Non-Profit Christian Engineering Ministry working to improve access to sustainable safe water and sanitation solutions. WMU is affiliated to Water Mission, headquartered in Charleston, USA, with a vision to be recognized globally as a Best in Class Christian Engineering Ministry in the area of water and sanitation by 2017. WMU has implemented 91 Safe Water Projects, serving over 300,000 people in Uganda since 2007 in remote villages, rural growth centers, schools, health centers and fishing communities as well as refugee settlements. Our Technology; Water Mission utilizes cutting edge technology in the areas of water treatment, energy, remote monitoring and human interaction in water and sanitation projects across the globe. We carefully evaluate each c ...

Physical AddressPlot 49 Wilson Road, Jinja, Uganda

Muguru , , P.O Box 583 Fort Portal

KIWED was formed in 1999 by women in Kabarole district. They were committed to developing timely programs that serve the needs of individual activists and organizations in the field of poverty reduction.The women started with skills and capacity building, handling gender issues, HIV/AIDS, marketing agriculture component i.e. mushroom growing, vanilla growing, water and sanitation, nutrition and information and communication technology (ICT).As of today, we engage in rice growing, mushroom growing, and HIV/AIDS sensitization.We noticed that farmers are applying skills acquired such as mushroom growing in the Ruwenzori region. In addition, farmers in Rwimi Sub-County have been trained and supported with best practices for upland rice growing.Over the years, we have achieved in various aspec ...

Contact PersonGrace Rukuba (Director)
Telephone0775 590 183 / 0778 858 406
Date Founded

Kajjere Parish, Kiboga, , P,O Box 80, Kiboga

It was started by 15 members that wanted to cordially advocate for better service delivery from government. In addition, they desired to share experiences and find solutions to problems affecting individual group members and also initiate income generating activities. In order for us to realise these goals, the group started with chicken rearing, extending Counselling to PHAs and offering training activities in crop farming. Today, we engage in crop farming for crops like cassava, maize, and beans, we train people in income generating activities such as group saving schemes and we also provide psycho-social support/ counselling to people both infected and affected with HIV/AIDS through home visits.From the time of inception, we have established community based small scale credit facility ...

Contact PersonBarugahare Jackson
Telephone0756 034 856
Date Founded

nansana kabumbi, , , +256

HOPE CARE UGANDA is a non –profit organization providing education and other basic needs to orphans and other vulnerable children and their families in Uganda East Africa. The organization was originally founded as a youth group in 2012 and progressively registered 2014 under the government of Uganda as a non-profit community based organization (CBO). HOPE CARE UGANDA is located nansana town council,kabumbi village nabweru sub county in wakiso district of hoima road 8km from kampala. HOPE CARE UGANDA is fully registered under the government of Uganda under WCBO /1677/14 The common goal of the project is to provide formal primary and secondary education with the intention of eliminating poverty and rescue vulnerable children in need of care and to trace and reunify childr ...

Contact PersonBusinge Emmanuel Carlos

Bikhado Road, Iganga District, , P.O Box 33131, Kampala

Community Restoration Initiative Project was started by various professionals from Busoga Sub-region districts. Our initial work was promotion of human rights and good governance at the grass root and hard to reach areas. We also encouraged equal participation for all communities and sharing of best practices in the administration of justices and the effective use of the law.Today, we offer civil education on accountability, human rights and deepening democracy, water and sanitation, environmental and climate change, elder programmes, sensitization on malaria and HIV/AIDS, land use management and protection of pastoralists.Over the years, the communities have developed and can now choose leaders of their choice, and monitor government programs. We also carry out capacity building amongst t ...

Contact PersonGeorge Kibiike (Organisational Director)
Telephone0392 882 410 / 0714 775 058
Date Founded

Mugurusi Road Fort Portal,

The organisation was started by Kabarole Research and Resource Centre to improve house hold incomes and standards for people living in rural areas /communities in the Ruwenzori region. FORMA is a financial institution that aims at providing and developing a sustainable microfinance federation that will provide financial services to rural communities.We first established cooperative organisations and empowered people to sustain them and remain committed.FORMA now serves over 20, 000 households in the region and has a goal of forming at least one microfinance association per Sub County and our loans have grown to over 140,000/= per disbursement.Today, we offer financial services, technical support trainings to member associations and also share our experience with member financial associatio ...

Contact PersonMaureen Namusisi
Telephone0776 453 875
Date Founded

Kayunga Rd, Plot 95, Mukono, , , 05

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Contact PersonPatrick ABEDI MAPASA

P.O Box 916, Fort Portal, , , +256

Rwenzori Information Centres Network (RIC-NET) is a community owned information, knowledge and skills sharing network established in 2005 by the Civil Society Organizations in Rwenzori region, western Uganda. The genesis of RIC-NET was at an open space forums for CSOs in 2002/2003, where the need to establish a network to boost effective and reliable information sharing was higly pronouced. RIC-NET was established to harnesses the available resources and opportunities in order to strengthen information, knowledge and skills sharing within the region. The genesis of RIC-NET was the result of an open space forum for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in 2002/2003, whereby participants expressed a need to establish a network for effective information and knowledge sharing throughout the regi ...

Contact PersonMurugahara John

P.O. Box 802, Gulu, ,

Unyama Youth Group is a civil society organisation formed in 2001. VisionTo promote environmental awareness to eradicate poverty among the rural poor community by tree planting and keeping of livestock by 2020 in every homestead.The youth group currently has 30 to 50 active volunteers who are totally engaged in environmental protection and natural resources management, agriculture and rural livelihood.The youth group is supported by Gulu NGO Forum under a youth leadership project.There is limited funding to support the youth to carry out training on environmental natural resources management agriculture and rural livelihood.

Contact PersonJohn Opio (Chairperson)
Telephone0783 759 967

luzira, ,

Foundation for Community Development is a non profit, non political organisation. FOCOD was founded in 2012 by three young energetic and dynamic men and two retired female teachers who had carried out a study of Ugandan societies and realised that there was a need to intervene and reverse some bad society traits. it is in this context that they agreed to form this organisation to champion this cause in order to have a better society for everyone to live.

Contact PersonMarungi Justus

P.O. Box 7785, , , 256

Care and Assistance for Forced Migrants (CAFOMI) is a not-for-profit and Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) legally registered to operate nationally in Uganda. CAFOMI is a member of the Uganda National NGO Forum; a member of the Humanitarian Social Services Cluster of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR); and of a Global Network of Southern NGOs of locally based humanitarian actors. CAFOMI is harnessing resources and national experts, through strategic partnerships nationally and internationally, to volunteer expertise, skills and experience in support of the forced migration challenge in Uganda and or in their local communities as their individual contribution to addressing a global challenge. Vision: Forced Migrants and their hosts live in dignity a ...

Physical AddressPlot 1011 Ntinda-­‐Bukoto Road

P.O Box 111, Moyo,Okudi Road, Moyo Town Council, ,

Moyo District NGO Forum (MODINGFO) was formed in June, 2002 as an umbrella organization for CSOs working in Moyo district. The aim of the organization was to engage the district Local Government (LG) and member organizations in ensuring that they deliver quality services, participate jointly in planning, training, and research for effective service utilization of the existing resources so as to meet the needs of the vulnerable members of the community.Vision Empowered and vibrant CSO

Contact PersonVuziga William Mundu (Coordinator)
Telephone0773 871 877 / 0772 374 561

P.O Box 692, , , 256

Community Integrated Development Initiatives (CIDI) is a national NGO which has been in existence for the last 20 years since its formation in 1996 by a group of professionals. CIDI visions to be the leading NGO offering quality sustainable services to communities through provision of equitable and integrated development initiatives. This is to be achieved through CIDI’s mission of improving people‘s livelihood and creating self sustaining communities. To attain her mission, CIDI bases on four thematic areas which are integrated to correlate with some of the basic needs of life: Water and sanitation (WASH) within which communities and institutions are provided with both soft and hardware materials linked to improving Water, sanitation and hygiene depending on the components of the ...

Physical AddressPlot 692 Tank Hill road, Muyenga

Karamaga South Division,

Ochaki George started the organisation in 2000 with an aim of reducing poverty among unemployed women and men within Karamaga village, south division of Fort Portal MunicipalityWe first engaged in offering financial services (credit and savings) and poultry keeping and animal rearing like hens, pigs and goats.The organisation has saved enough money to keep the group moving on but due to failure to pay by some members, the group

Contact PersonOchaki George
Telephone0712 034 293
Date Founded

P. O. Box 403, Kitgum, , 256

The Agoro Community Development Association (ACDA) is a Non-governmental organization (NGO) that assists the rural Agoro community in northern Uganda’s Lamwo and Kitgum districts. These districts have a religiously and culturally diverse population of over 600,000, most of whom are Acholi. Post Ugandan Independence in 1962 the area has suffered almost continual conflict, persecution & neglect, much of it based on ethnic tensions. Socio-culturally, there has traditionally been deep gender inequality and power imbalance between men and women. Sexual violence, child marriage and lack of respect for property rights against girls and women remain a prevalent, but silent, crime. The Agoro region has endured years of civil and tribal violence from the time of Ugandan Independence, which has deva ...

Contact PersonOtim Stephen

P.O Box 71223, , , 256

Welthungerhilfe is one of the largest private aid organizations in Germany with no political or religious affiliations. It was founded in 1962 under the umbrella of the UN Food and Agriculture organization (FAO). Since her inception, Welthungerhilfe has implemented over 7,733 overseas projects in 41 countries. In Uganda, Welthungerhilfe started operations since 1980 making financial contributions and supporting the building of capacities of local partners. In 2002, Welthungerhilfe established the Great Lakes Regional Office in Kampala as a service and coordination unit for projects in Burundi, Rwanda and Congo (Bunia/DRC). Later in 2014, Welthungerhilfe re-structured and an independent Uganda Program was established to co-ordinate the implementation of Welthungerhilfe activities in Uga ...

Physical Address440 Wavamunno Road
Telephone+256 414 266 828

C/O P.O BOX 31744, ,

Uganda green charcoal is concerned with the global environment that has drawn attention on different platforms, highlighting the devastating effects as unfriendly actions continue to exert pressure on the green nature. In Uganda, only 10% of the populations have access to electricity while the rest use firewood for cooking and other power requiring activities (NEMA 2013). As a result, deforestation is occurring at an alarming rate of 1% approximately 90,000 acres of forest cover annually at the center of deforestation is the lucrative trade, commonly known as "black gold". This problem is compounded by the high population growth rate of more than seven live birth per adult female. As a result, the country has been plighted with deforestation at a magnitude beyond comprehension. To t ...

Contact PersonOkech McAdam John
Telephone+256 772 677 294

Kisaasi Kyanja road, Busia close, , , 2387

Technology Aid International (TAI) - Uganda, believes in Technology Enhanced Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation for local people.Goal: To stimulate communities to realize their potential, to work towards poverty alleviation, and sustainable development utilizing appropriate technologies.Overall Objective: To research (Study and Test), market, and propagate appropriate technologies that sustainably improve lives, production, and environmental protection.Main objectives are:Legislation: To advocate for legislation that favors adoption of technologies that sustainably improve lives, production and environmental protection. Such legislation would effect efficient use of renewable energy (smart houses), good water governance practices, refuse recycling, pollution control, hazardous chem ...

Contact PersonMugabi Ivan Mulindwaa

Bugiri Town Council, , , P.O Box 37, Bugiri

BUPOMO-NET is a community based organization in Bugiri Town Council. It started as a group of community monitors established by Uganda Debt Network but later on transformed into a community based organization. BUPOMO-NET’S GOAL was to have an informed, mobilized civil society participating in formation, monitoring and evaluation in the implementing of development programmes. BUPOMO-NET also wanted to have an open, Transparent, accountable and prosperous Ugandan society. This was to be achieved through lobbying and advocating for prudent management and effective use of national resources for the benefit of all Ugandans through community Monitoring, Mobilization, information sharing, skills and knowledge formation, learning, public education campaigns in collaboration with Civil Society Orga ...

Contact PersonHyuha Chrispus Jarmen (Coordinator)
Date Founded

P.O Box 1254, , , 256

Christian Childcare Programme (CCP) started in 1984, is a Christian, Child focused organisation offering the available support not only to Christian children but to any deserving and accessible vulnerable child in Uganda. We focus on Youths for Vocational skills training, general community development and farming. We are inter-denominational, not working under any one particular denomination. Independent, and non-cultic. It is a policy of CCP not to establish an orphanage, but rather benefit from the rich Uganda culture of relatives and extended family, and have each sponsored child attached to a guardian (normally next of kin) to work with the organisation as co-parents to nurture and develop the child. This policy ensures among other things that the child helped by CCP grows in thei ...

Physical AddressPLOT M2 & 37, PALLISA ROAD, MBALE TOWN
Telephone0712 618 995 / 0787 266 373 / 0704 712 488