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Country: Uganda

Robert Mugabe Road, Kireka, ,

Contact PersonAinebyona Ronald
Date Founded

P.o Box 27,Kazo, Kiruhura,Rwamanuma/Kazo Town Council, Kiruhura District, ,

Hope Multipurpose Incorporated (HMI) is a non-profit organisation started in 2004 by the late Beatrice Garubanda. She founded HMI to bring together friends in both Uganda and Minnesota to address the needs of Ugandan orphans and vulnerable children. She began by adapting an abandoned store in Kazo into a shelter such that a group of homeless girls could go to primary school. Girls have lived there since July 2004 and some will complete Senior Four this year.HMI works to provide this home, nourishing food, clothing, basic health care, guidance and consistent access to education. Fondly called the BLUE HOUSE, this shelter seeks to foster a sense of self worth, purpose and community in its residents.HMI

Contact PersonTuhairwe Sere (Founder/Board Member)
Telephone0782 460 528

Bwanagweno Road, Opposite II Ford Photo Studio, Kitgum, ,

Live Again (LAG) is a registered community-based organisation that was started in 2006. It was formed as a result of the civil war in northern Uganda which was characterised by destruction of properties, loss of lives as well as forceful displacement of people in the Internally Displaced People

Contact PersonGladys.A. Oyat (Executive Director)
Telephone0471 440 143 / 0772 695 155

P.O. Box 865, Arua,Plot 62/64, Avenue Road, Arua Town, ,

Participatory Initiative for Real Development (PIRD-U) is a local organization initiated by retired and working professionals of various areas of discipline who had vast working experiences with the communities, NGOs, CBOs, private institutions, government and Individuals.PIRD-U was instituted in 2004 to provide consultancy services and conduct research as a basis to positively influence societal activities focused at the welfare of the communities in the district, region and the country.The scope of the institution

Contact PersonAndama Martin
Telephone0772 863 305

Muguru , , P.O Box 583 Fort Portal

KIWED was formed in 1999 by women in Kabarole district. They were committed to developing timely programs that serve the needs of individual activists and organizations in the field of poverty reduction.The women started with skills and capacity building, handling gender issues, HIV/AIDS, marketing agriculture component i.e. mushroom growing, vanilla growing, water and sanitation, nutrition and information and communication technology (ICT).As of today, we engage in rice growing, mushroom growing, and HIV/AIDS sensitization.We noticed that farmers are applying skills acquired such as mushroom growing in the Ruwenzori region. In addition, farmers in Rwimi Sub-County have been trained and supported with best practices for upland rice growing.Over the years, we have achieved in various aspec ...

Contact PersonGrace Rukuba (Director)
Telephone0775 590 183 / 0778 858 406
Date Founded

P.O Box 1244, , , 256

Volunteer Efforts for Development Concerns (VEDCO) is a legally registered non-governmental organization founded in 1986 in response to challenges of poverty, which was a result of the social and economic disruptions caused by military conflicts of 1980-86. VEDCO’s vision is an improved Quality Of Life of small and medium holder farmers and mission is to equitably empower small and medium holder farmers for food security and nutrition security, agricultural trade and organizational development.

Physical AddressPlot 504 Kibuga Block 8,WagabaZone,Rubaga
Telephone256-414-270 598

P O Box 1 Nakapiripirit,Nakapiripirit Town Council C/O Nakapiripirit District Local Government Department Of Community Based Services, ,

Nakapiripirit Civil Society Forum (NACSOF) is an umbrella Organization of all Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) operating in Nakapiripirit District. So far NACSOF has membership of twelve NGOs and fifteen CBOs with full support of Nakapiripirit District Local Government. The Vision of NACSOF is to have a collective voice to effectively influence policies, programs and practices of central and local governments and other development partners through harmonizing, networking, research, advocacy and lobbying.NACSOF complements government

Contact PersonRev.Fr. Henry Drajeru (Chairperson), James B. Bisheko (Vice Chairperson)
Telephone0773 965 611 / 0772 916 044 / 0772 705 866

P.O.BOX 2335, , 256

BUCINET is a consortium of NGOs, CBOs, FBOs, Women groups, Youth and private sector that subscribes to the objectives of the Network and are legal entities or processing of being legalized and are opening in the districts of Mbale, Manafwa,and Bududa. The Network was formed out of the need to create a platform through which CSOs operating in Mbale, Manafwa and Bududa district can contribute to public dialogue, advocacy, Networking, partnership development and information exchange. BUCINET stands to promote networking, collective actions on human rights and good governance based on development among the civil society organizations operating in the districts of Mbale, Manafwa, Bulambuli and Bududa.

Physical AddressPlot 7 Koche Road Namakwekwe, Northern Division Mbale M...
Telephone75614133 /01702228

P. O BOX 972, , , 256

In the year Sept. 2008, Corruption Brakes Crusade (COBRA) was formed by five former LCV councillors of what was then Lira District from which five districts have been carved out. It was registered with the National NGO Board, registration number is S.5916/7974. Vision: A vibrant, Patriotic, Developed and Prosperous society Mission: Promotion of accountability, transparency, integrity, participation and development through equitable, honest, and open service delivery The motivation behind the creation was to decelerate corruption which had been observed and fought within the council with limited success. It was felt a crusade appealing to the general populace, without the limiting vices within the council, would not only widen the effort but would expose the spread and danger of ...

Physical AddressPlot 48 Juba Road,(Opposite Lira Primary School)

Kayunga Rd, Plot 95, Mukono, , , 05

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Contact PersonPatrick ABEDI MAPASA

L7, C12 Zainabu Emporium Entebbe Road, , , 3346

Committed Children's Foundation is a Non Profit Organisation Registered in uganda under the Non-Governmental Organisations Registration Act, Cap 113 with registration number S.5914/9749. CCFUGANDA focuses on child rights and freedoms plus the responsibility of the parent, government and community in the proper care for children both male and female.

Contact PersonMohammed Abdurahaman

PO BOX 5604, , , 256

Bethsaida Community Church (BCC) was formed in 2003 by a small group of people from the refugee community living in Kampala, Uganda. BCC is a member of Uganda National NGO Forum, registered under the Uganda NGO Act 9456. BCC is involved in the Urban Refugee Development Program-URDP) The BCC was registered as an NGO in Uganda in 2011 and enjoys full recognition by the Uganda Government through the Ministry of Disaster Preparedness. Today, BCC through the Urban Refugee Development Programme-(URDP), is a Uganda Government Partner through a signed Memorandum of Understanding-MoU to support the urban refugee program in the country under the Office of the Prime Minister-OPM. BCC Mission is guided by REFUGEES TO REFUGEES Support and seeks to partner with a multiplicity of partners to enhance ...

Physical AddressButikiro RD/ Namirembe
Telephone256 712 254932/ 256 757 254930/ 256 757 333595/

P.O Box 635, Mbarara,Kaberebere Centre, Kikagate Road, Isingiro, ,

Isingiro Family promotion and Improvement Organisation (IFAPIO) is an indigenous; grass-roots NGO founded in 1999 through the merger of 13 women

Contact PersonClare Kabakyenga (Programme Coordinator)
Telephone0702 109 213 / 0772 675 624 / 0772 578 169

Kisaalizi Trading centre, Kyebando Sub County, Kibaale, , P.O Box 31, Karuguuza

We started as a local community by mobilising ourselves to spearhead development in the community in terms of environment management, rights, equity, justice, health, food security and literacy for sustainable development. In order to achieve this, we implemented some projects such as piggery, SACCO, handcraft, tree planting, community sensitisation meetings, supporting OVC households and guidance and counselling services.Today, we handle

Contact PersonBusobozi Denis
Telephone0772 862 050 / 0775 738 824
Date Founded

luzira, ,

Foundation for Community Development is a non profit, non political organisation. FOCOD was founded in 2012 by three young energetic and dynamic men and two retired female teachers who had carried out a study of Ugandan societies and realised that there was a need to intervene and reverse some bad society traits. it is in this context that they agreed to form this organisation to champion this cause in order to have a better society for everyone to live.

Contact PersonMarungi Justus

P.O Box 114, , , 256

Uganda Muslim Rural Development Association (UMURDA) is a local, NGO that was founded in 1992 in Namakoko village, Nankoma Sub-county, Bugiri District in Eastern Uganda. UMURDA is a Muslim Faith Based Organization carrying out developmental activities impacting on all, irrespective of any affiliations. UMURDA is registered with the Ministry of Internal Affairs –NGO-Board, Registration Number S 5914/2217 and mandated to operate in the whole country but currently operating in the districts of Bugiri, Namayingo, Iganga, Kamuli, Busia, Tororo, Bududa, Mbale, Palisa, Butaleja, Manafwa, Kibuku, Mayuge Kapchorwa, Bukwo and Namutumba. Vision: The Vision of UMURDA is to have; “A healthy, skilled and informed self-reliant rural community”. Mission: The Mission of UMURDA is to; “Bui ...

Physical AddressBugiri Town council, Kimombasa Cell, Ndifakulya Zone.

P.O Box 2922, , , 256

Uganda Change Agent Association (UCAA) was formally registered by the National NGO’s Board in 1993, Registration Number S5914/646; and is also incorporated by the Registrar of Companies as a non–profit limited liability company under the Companies Act. UCAA was founded in 1992 as a member – based voluntary association of trained rural development workers by Quaker Service Norway (QSN). Currently, it has over 3,000 members organised in 230 branches in districts throughout Uganda. Initially, the founding of UCAA was based on the desire of the Change Agents to keep in touch in an oldboys/girls sort of association. Over the years, Uganda Change Agent Association, has grown and transformed itself not only from a nationwide membership organization but also into a specialized training organ ...

Physical AddressOld Kampala, Rashid Khamis Road
Watoto Wasoka


WATOTO WASOKA - FOOTBALL MADE IN SLUMS - is a non-profit organization, which utilizes the tremendous value football has to children in this country. We believe that by promoting children into our organization, wenot only obtain tangible outcomes like secondary education and health benefits for them, but also teach them core values, which football encompasses. Team spirit, cooperation, mutual respect, fairness, value and reward for work are not only important for a functional team on the pitch, but also for the further stages of their lives. As Watoto Wasoka, we acknowledge that soccer is more than just a game and are aware of its potential as a vehicle to create tangible change to the life of our kids. As an organization, we strive to expand our network of partnerships – with both in ...

Contact PersonFrancis Mugoya
Physical AddressNamirembe - Bakuli

P.O. Box 93, Sironko,Plot 5, Kalitusi Road, Sironko Town Council, ,

Sironko Civil Society Network is a consortium of Civil Society Organizations in Sironko. These include organisations in the private sector, farmers

Contact PersonMagomu Mubarak (Coordinator)
Telephone0352 277 335 / 0772 474 777

P.O. Box 843, Lira, Lira District Local Government Headquarters, Natural Resources Compound (Next to Production Offices and Opposite Community Services Offices), Lira Municipality, ,

BackgroundThe Lira NGO Forum (LNF) is an umbrella body of Civil Society Organizations (CSO) operating in Lira District; it was the first forum to be established in northern Uganda, in 1998. The Forum is a membership organization registered with the National NGO Board. The Forum was formed to coordinate activities of CSOs, mobilize resources, advocate for the rights of the voiceless and build capacity of CSOs, Promote networking and information sharing among organizations, Governed by the Annual General Meeting (AGM) as it oversees program implementation through a nine member Executive Committee (EC) democratically elected by member organizations at the Annual General Assembly. EC is the policy making body of the Forum. VisionA vibrant, democratic, gender balanced and prosperous society M ...

Contact PersonDaniel Okello (Programmes Coordinator)
Telephone0392 701 23 / 0779 511 800