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Action for Youth with Disabilities Uganda (AYDU) is a registered nongovernmental, non-profit organization founded by and for youth with disabilities in Uganda. It is a national umbrella for young people with all forms of disabilities aimed at creating a unified voice for them and ensuring their full integration not only within the mainstream disability movement, but also in national inclusive programmes. AYDU envisions youth with disabilities living dignified and productive lives. Its mission is to empower youth with disabilities to advocate for their rights and engage meaningfully in social, economic, political and other activities. AYDU

Contact PersonOlweny Aggrey (Executive Director)
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Community Integrated Development Initiatives (CIDI) was founded with mandates focused on mobilizing and empowering communities to carry out activities in areas of; enhancing food security, backing efforts in primary health care among urban dwellers, supporting income generating activities in agriculture, environment protection, water and sanitation.Over years, CIDI

Contact PersonLukanga Musisi Samuel (Senior Program Officer
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In a community where people were disadvantaged and faced with food insecurity, disease outbreaks and high dependency levels, Action for Behaviour Change (ABC) was started. Our main purpose of set-up was to transform livelihoods in communities and empower people to control diseases and become self-reliant.In our infancy days, we educated communities on family planning methods, nutrition, child protection and support for OVCs, vocational training, care and support interventions and micro enterprise skills for school drop-outs. We nurtured some of the community needs and skills for the youth.Over the years, there was an increment in the demand for our services in the community, which saw us expand and move on to three other districts. We have had working partnerships with other organisations ...

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Kansanga, Kiwuliriza Zone P.O. Box 7224 KAMPALA, , , 256

Build Africa Uganda (BAU) is affiliated to Build Africa (BA), an international development organization with 30 years experience working in some of the poorest regions of the world. BA works through partner organizations, sharing a jointly developed mission, vision, values, objectives and operating procedures. BA started its operation in Uganda in 1996 and during the last 14 years has focused on youth education and enterprise development. The scope of programmes in recent years has included support to universal primary education, vocational training, agricultural enterprise, village savings and loans associations and HIV prevention amongst youth. BAU currently operates in eastern Uganda in the districts of: Kumi, Ngora, and Bukedea whilst in south western Uganda it operates in Masindi, K ...

Contact PersonApollo B. Gabazira (Country Director)
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P.O Box 5658 Kampala,Mukono Commercial Building, 1st floor , Jinja Highway, Mukono Town,

Founded in 1997 by a group of professional environmentalists, Uganda Environmental Education Foundation (UEEF) has since worked with more than 130,000 beneficiaries, including schools, farmers, local governments, other NGOs and community members throughout Mukono District and other parts of Uganda. A number of research projects undertaken in collaboration with other NGOs have contributed substantially to major national policy decisions regarding environmental protection and conservation. UEEF uses a range of proven methodologies and practical tools, based on indigenous knowledge and participatory approaches. It provides services across a broad range of environmental issues including renewable energy, water & sanitation, agriculture and rural development.UEEF recently undertook a rigorous, ...

Contact PersonNicholas Senyonjo (Executive Director)
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P.O. Box 42, Kitgum,Ayul,Palabek Rd., next to St. Phillips Clinic,Kitgum, ,

Active Vision Youth Foundation was established in April 2006. It aims to help youth and transform them into a God-feared young generation with good moral values and free from an HIV/AIDS pandemic. The organisation hopes to create a conducive environment for the future by educating, networking, lobbying and advocacy, inculcating in young people the spirit of entrepreneurship, patriotism, voluntarism and strong moral values. It has established a vocational training centre for this purpose. AchievementsActive Vision has given scholarships to 60 students from Kitgum and Lamwo district (to attend the Lira Christian Institute of Professional Development).We have also trained youngsters from different secondary schools both in Kitgum and Lamwo on HIV/AIDS prevention.In addition, we have trained ...

Contact PersonArop Denis (Executive Director)
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P.O. Box 1142 Mbale,Nanyere Church of Uganda ,Bushika Road, Bududa District, ,

Bududa Child Development Centre has been in existence since November 1997. It is located in a village setting, in a moderately populated community beneath Mount Elgon. Most houses there are built out of earth and wattle, with poor sanitation. Education standards are low, with high rates of illiteracy, school drop-outs, early pregnancy and motherhood, and high prevalence of malaria and HIV/AIDS amongst caregivers and children. The Centre exists to nurture the children in the community spiritually, physically, economically and socio-emotionally, enabling them to become responsible, Christian adults. It aims at holistic child development in the community. We recognise the holistic nature of children and we seek to naturally integrate this ministry in the same way that it is integrated in a ...

Contact PersonBeatrice Kunikina (Project Director)
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Plot 7 Koche Road, Namakwekwe Estates, Northern Division, Mbale District. P.O.Box 2335 Mbale, , , 256

BUCINET was formed as a result of the need to create a platform through which civil society organisations operating in Bugisu sub-region could contribute to public policy through advocacy, networking, and partnership and information exchange for sustainable development.This was as a result of domestic violence, human rights violation, conflicts and the flow of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) from Teso, Karamoja fugitive of those wars. At that time, many IDPs came to Bugisu to take refugee. As a result, there was too much pressure on resources as everybody fought for a share. This created tension among indigenous people around. Therefore the network was formed to act as a consortium where all CSOs in Bugisu could work together to address this challenge. BUCINET was formed by individuals ...

Contact PersonMugalya Aggrey (Coordinator)
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Kamdini Corner, Lira Municipality, , P.O Box 569

In a region raided by war, cattle rustling and HIV/AIDS, a group of people formed Agam Development Foundation to help the community deal with the daily plight they were facing. These challenges lead us to our first activities to support orphans education, support people living with HIV/AIDS, correction of poor vision in 10 primary schools, conducting blood tests for diabetes and monitoring heart condition patients as well as blood pressure.Since the time of the organisation

Contact PersonOngom Rufino
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P.O Box 518, Dokolo,Ojer Village, Apyen-Nyang Parish, Kwera Sub-County, Dokolo District, ,

Apyen-nyang Child and Family Programme started in August, 1998 with the aim of addressing particular problems affecting our community. These included;

Contact PersonAchar James- Project Manager
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Plot 59/61 Nagongera R/d, , , P.O Box 662, Tororo

A students

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P.O Box 105, Nebbi,Pithuwa Road-Nebbi Town Council. Opposite Nile computers, ,

The need to form a platform for Civil society organisations in Nebbi District started in 1998 where three civil society organisations in the name of Accelerated Regional Development (AFARD), Community empowerment for Rural Development and Pakwach Rural Development for Microfinance Association (PRUDEPMA) came together to form a platform where Civil society organisations can engage, network and share information as well as collectively advocating for the community. However, due to poor Civil Society coordination in the district and Uganda at large, the innovation failed to take up.In 2001 as a result of many government programmes like Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF), 244 civil society organisations comprising of community based organisations (CBOs), NGOs and Faith Based Organisati ...

Contact PersonOgamdhogwa Moses
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P.O Box 170, Kamuli,Kamuli Town Council, Jinja Rd, ,

AIDS Education Group for Youth (AEGY) was started in 1993 by a group of young people who came together to share about the myths of HIV/AIDS. The membership increased and they decided to form AEGY in order to respond to the increasing number of people who were being infected by HIV/AIDS and facing the social economic effects. Later in 1997 Action Aid International Uganda provided us with capacity building in project planning and management. They funded training of community volunteers with basic facts about HIV/AIDS and STDs. The training was conducted by ACET-Uganda. Action Aid also trained HIV/AIDS counsellors and trainers. Our mission is to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS/STDs and the social economic effects to the people of the great Kamuli District. Our Vision is to see a healthy HIV/AI ...

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Contact PersonMmerewoma Leo ( Executice Director)
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Po Box 15351, , , 256

Africa Centre for Minority and Indigenous Peoples is a pan-African human rights organisation working to promote and protect the rights of ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities and indigenous peoples. Africa Centre for Minority and Indigenous Peoples is an advocacy and development based organization devoted to strengthening the capacities of minority and indigenous communities in Africa to secure the respect, promotion and protection of their rights. VisionA society where the dignity of ethnic minorities and indigenous peoples is understood, promoted, respected and all people participate in the protection and promotion of human rights irrespective of their gender, age, ethnic, race, economic and social status. MissionDevoted to eliminating discrimination and racism, forging solidar ...

Contact PersonMulindwa Paul ( Regional Director)
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Plot 10 Njara Road, , , P.O Box 514

AHURIO was started to coordinate human rights organisations in the Ruwenzori region. Some of the first members include Kabarole Research and Resource centre, Development foundation for Rural Areas, Ruwenzori Forum for Peace and Justice, Integrated Women Development, Ride Africa, Parents concern for Young People, and Youth and Women Empowerment (YAWE). We have noticed and increase in our membership and we have groomed a number of local and international human rights defenders.We started out with Paralegal Advisory Services, Probono access to justice, child support and protection programs, peace and conflict resolution and management.Today, we run four major programmes namely Institutional capacity building, Community extension programs, Human rights advocacy, and Dispute resolution.We have ...

Contact PersonFred Kaahwa (Coordinator)
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Date Founded

P.O. Box 156, Kapchorwa,Plot 2/3,Mella Road, (Opposite Kapchorwa Prisons), ,

The programme was founded in 1996 as a project with support from the UN Population Fund, UNFPA. The purpose was to fight the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) which was seen as a human rights violation and a danger to the health of women and girl children.Being a cultural practice, it took a long time for the community to say no to the practice through a culturally sensitive procedure that aims to eliminate the actual cut but promotes the positive aspects of culture.For better results and for a wider coverage, UNFPA conducted a survey and recommended the REACH programme to operate as an NGO. So, in 2007, REACH was granted NGO status to cover all areas in Uganda that practice female genital mutilation: Sabiny region, Karamoja region, Teso region, Busoga region, parts of Bugisu, p ...

Contact PersonBeatrice Chelangat (Director), Martine Cherukut (Programme Officer)
Telephone0772 504 502 / 0782 881 426