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Kiranga Ivukula Sub-County,

Kiranga Community members wanted to uplift their standard of living and started the journey to achieve this by taking on brick laying activities, and growing of groundnuts and Maize. Currently, members are engaged in local chicken and turkey keeping.Since our inception, the standards of living for members have transformed. There is also a wide market for our produce.However, the group is affected by limited funding and partnerships thus affecting construction of modern poultry shed for the birds.We appreciate the support from Namutumba District NGO forum. We call upon any partners out there who can help us with capacity building trainings especially in handling our produce.

Contact PersonNangobi Mariam
Telephone0782 499 860
Date Founded

P.O Box 227, Adjumani, Former LWF Compound; Moyo-Adjumani Road, Rassia Village, Pachara Sub County, Adjumani,

The Organization was started by former seminarians to promote development works in the communities so as to improve qualities of lives of the people in Uganda especially Adjumani and Moyo Districts in particular. The first activity of the Organization was capacity building of the members on governance and management. The organisation implemented peace building projects in the communities of Adjumani so as to resolve domestic violence in families among others. The members later came up with a constitution for the organization and that helped in registration of the organization with National NGO Board. FOSID later came up with internal governance policy documents and Board of Governors.Our vision is to have a self-reliant, health and prosperous community where there are equal opportunities f ...

Contact PersonAnyama John Kennedy (Team Leader)
Telephone0772 304 287/0772 578 5311
Date Founded

P.O. Box 1378 Mbarara,Kasese, Fort Portal Road, opposite Lake View, ,

The Foundation for Aids Orphaned Children (FAOC) is a registered NGO founded in 1994 by Ugandans. It was formed to address the problems that HIV/AIDS orphaned children face in society, by promoting and supporting income generating activities that help in strengthening their economic self sustainability and keeping them as integral members of society.FAOC operates in eight parishes (Kikokwa, Kigyendwa, Nyamuyanja, Kasaana, Kishuro, Kahenda and Kitooha) in Birere Sub County of Isingiro District. FAOC has also extended its services to Masha and Kaberebere Town Council and has supported over 400 households. FAOC implements a goat and pig project supported by the McKnight Foundation.FAOC aims to promoting the lives and situation of aids orphaned children, vulnerable children and youth by helpin ...

Contact PersonBuyinza Boaz (Executive Director)
Telephone0772 922 323

P.O. Box 11027, Kampala,Human Rights House, Plot 1853, Lulume Road, Nsambya,

Foundation for Human Rights Initiative (FHRI) is an independent, non-governmental, non-partisan and not-for profit human rights organization. Established in 1991, FHRI is legally registered as a non-governmental human rights organization under the Non-governmental Organization Registration Statute 1989 and, is duly incorporated under the Companies Act, Cap. 110 as a body corporate. The organization seeks to enhance the knowledge, respect and observance of human rights, promote exchange of information and best practices. The organization has Observer Status with the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights, is a member of the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty and is affiliated to the International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH).FHRI is implementing the sixth strategic plan ...

Contact PersonLivingstone Sewanyana (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 510 263 / 510 276/ 256 752 / 791 963

P.O Box 4935, Kampala,Nanfukambi Rd, Makerere West (Kikoni),

GHF is dedicated to working with poor communities to improve standards of living; we target vulnerable children, poor women and unemployed youths in communities that have been affected by poverty, abuse, violence, disease and other natural calamities. The organization which has 69 registered members started as a CBO and gained NGO status in June 2011. Our Vision: Communities where children and their caregivers are empowered to improve their own livelihood through appropriate and affordable alternatives. Our Mission: To restore hope among vulnerable children and communities that have been affected by poverty, abuse, violence, disease and other natural calamities. Our core Objectives:

Contact PersonNolbert Muhumuza (CEO)
Telephone0414 499 728 /0776 346 724
Date Founded

P.O Box 49, Rakai, Rakai Town Council next to Kooki Hotel,

God Cares Health Programme is a community-based organization in Uganda. The organization was founded in 2002 by a team of health professionals and religious partners in order to increase access to health services by fighting the HIV/AIDS epidemic and its negative effects. Today, we work with communities in hard-to-reach areas to bring them vital health education and services. Our activities are done in close partnership with the communities. This participatory approach extends to our commitment to working within existing structures

Contact PersonScovia Bashagire (Program Coordinator)
Telephone0752 415 223
Date Founded

Kajjere Parish, Kiboga, , P,O Box 80, Kiboga

It was started by 15 members that wanted to cordially advocate for better service delivery from government. In addition, they desired to share experiences and find solutions to problems affecting individual group members and also initiate income generating activities. In order for us to realise these goals, the group started with chicken rearing, extending Counselling to PHAs and offering training activities in crop farming. Today, we engage in crop farming for crops like cassava, maize, and beans, we train people in income generating activities such as group saving schemes and we also provide psycho-social support/ counselling to people both infected and affected with HIV/AIDS through home visits.From the time of inception, we have established community based small scale credit facility ...

Contact PersonBarugahare Jackson
Telephone0756 034 856
Date Founded

P.O Box 249, Gulu,Pawel Road, Opposite SOS children,

The organization was founded by a group of disabled women. Initially, the group was called Makmatic. It was established to prevent discrimination, violence or abuse of women and girls with disabilities and empower them economically, socially and politically to have a dignified life. Vision Women and girls with disabilities able to unite, organize, manage and empowered to affirm their human rights and freedoms in a dignified mannerObjectives

Contact PersonNume Allan Ogwang (Programme Officer)
Telephone0779 250 635 / 0782 998 709

P.O.Box 1074 Gulu,Kal parish along Gulu-Juba rd. 40km from Gulu town, Amuru district, ,

Gwokke Ber Two Pe Yero is a beneficiary oriented grass root organization that was started by internally displaced persons. With the help of a dedicated board, currently the organization is undergoing a fundamental process, geared towards registering with the National NGO Board, National NGO forum and consolidating its resource mobilization so as to more effectively and efficiently reach a larger marginalized community. The formation of Gwokke Ber Two Pe Yero was based on the following philosophy;

Contact PersonOtara Stephen White (Program Director)
Telephone047 135 735 / 0772 552 379

Plot 21,Dabani Road, Busia Municipal council,P.O Box 510 Busia,

Happy Childhood Foundation is community based organization that was established by a group of volunteers in response to a crisis caused by HIV/AIDS and poverty in rural and semi urban communities in Uganda.The purpose is to work with poor and marginalized groups by improving their livelihood while promoting self-reliance through education support, health services, environment protection, advocacy, food security and net working.MissionTo mobilize and improve on the conditions of vulnerable groups in Uganda especially children, youth, women and PLHA`sVisionAn empowered and health community capable of developing interest in improving their own situationProgramme/Activities

Contact PersonOkonera Vincent (Executive Director)
Telephone0772 625 711

P.O Box 08 Bwongera,Plot 16, Ntungamo Rd. to Nyamunuka, Rukungiri Rd, ,

Was started by women & widows affected with HIV/AIDS in both districts

Contact PersonTwinamatsiko Aidah (Chairperson)
Telephone0782 482 683/0759 482 683

P.O Box 457, Hoima, Plot 21, Hoima Main street,

The organisation started as a result of some community members who were concerned about eliminating poverty and improving incomes within the communities. They were looking for a way of haring information. These people formed the HEP board members. They started with a few projects like agriculture, tree planting, building schools, and creating awareness on policies. The organisation has so far developed skills in different fields and developed global partnerships. Currently, we are engaged in agriculture, environment/climate change, advocacy, monitoring and evaluation of the implemented programmes. We have made tremendous achievements in information sharing; advocacy and service delivery e.g. tree seedlings. Though we have had these achievements, we are still challenged by inadequate fund ...

Contact PersonHussein Birigenda (Coordinator)
Telephone0772 957 703 / 0775 134 146
Date Founded

Mugurusi Road, Fort Portal Town, , P.O Box 870, Fort Portal

Ride Africa was formed in 1996 by a group of women social workers with the purpose of advocating for promotion of women and children rights. Our first activities entailed promoting accountability and transparency among local leaders in service delivery, civic competence, supporting children

Contact PersonRukidi Sam (Director)
Telephone0772 463 522
Date Founded

P. o. Box 31067 Kampala,Plot 73, Queen,

Hunger Free World (HFW) is an International NGO working to build a world free of hunger. The organisation, whose headquarters are established in Japan, has affiliates in Burkina Faso, Benin and Uganda for the African region and Bangladesh for the Asian region. Our goal is to create a world free of hunger. The ability to access adequate food to sustain a healthy body and mind is the most fundamental human right. Regardless of where we are born or live, each one of us belongs to a world where hunger is a problem which must be addressed. HFW aims to make this

Contact PersonFred Batte (Country Director)
Telephone0414 255 106 / 0772 409 664 /0414 342 686

P.o Box 43, Ibanda,Opposite Taxi Park, Rubare Cell, Ibanda Town Council, ,

Ibanda Women

Contact PersonKamugisha Mollen (Secretary)
Telephone0782 316 555 / 0772 513 045

P.O Box 368, Iganga,Plot 02, Liberation road, Nakavule B, Central Division Iganga Municipal Council,

The organization was founded by 23 civil society organizations operating in Iganga District after the realizing that the district had several challenges that included;

Contact PersonBaliraine Christopher (Programme Coordinator)
Telephone0332 280 052 / 0772-306 691/0712-983 448

Kisaalizi Trading centre, Kyebando Sub County, Kibaale, , P.O Box 31, Karuguuza

We started as a local community by mobilising ourselves to spearhead development in the community in terms of environment management, rights, equity, justice, health, food security and literacy for sustainable development. In order to achieve this, we implemented some projects such as piggery, SACCO, handcraft, tree planting, community sensitisation meetings, supporting OVC households and guidance and counselling services.Today, we handle

Contact PersonBusobozi Denis
Telephone0772 862 050 / 0775 738 824
Date Founded

P.O Box 737, Kampala,Plot 1102, Block 8, Kabaka-Anjagala Road,

InterAid (U) Limited is a humanitarian national organization involved in projects geared towards the improvement of livelihoods of the disadvantaged persons both in rural and urban areas. It has consequently a wide experience in the field of developmental assistance, implementing, monitoring and evaluation of health, environment, microfinance, human rights programmes in addition to working with displaced persons particularly refugees.VisionAn empowered society with equitable and sustainable developmentMissionTo advocate, promote, protect and sustain rights of disadvantaged personsPolicy Organ and ManagementInterAid Uganda Ltd has at the policy making level a governing Board of Directors whose members

Contact PersonScholastica Nasinyama ( Executive Director)
Telephone0414 347 022

Mulinira Zone, Bukoto, , P.O Box 15383, Clock Tower Kampala

The organisation was started by a group of young professionals with the desire to improve the situation of children through welfare services and child rights advocacy and awareness creation. The organisation was hoping to uphold the four pillars of UNCRC of participation, on discrimination, best interests of child and growth survival and development. We started with Child rights promotion campaigns and community based response in preventing violence against children. With time, we adopted

Contact PersonNtenga Moses (Executive Director)
Date Founded

P.O. Box 1216, Gulu,Plot 50 Lower Churchill Drive, Gulu Municipality,

The Justice and Reconciliation Project (JRP) empowers conflict-affected communities to participate in processes of justice, healing and reconciliation. JRP has played a key role in Transitional Justice (TJ) in Uganda through seeking to understand and explain the interests, needs, concerns and views of communities affected by conflict. Based in Gulu, we aim at promoting sustainable peace through the active involvement of war-affected communities in research and advocacy.Our work is guided by the following objectives;

Contact PersonLindsay McClain (Communications Officer)
Telephone0471 433 008/ 0783 300 103