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P.O Box 3518, Kampala,1st floor Mabanja Building; Kyebando-Gayaza Road, Kampala,

Oasis Uganda Charitable Trust is a Christian faith-based organisation, which seeks to support and empower vulnerable people living in poverty in Uganda. In 2010, we worked with 150 families; supported approximately 400 youths out of school; helped 150 children with informal and formal education; and trained over 1,200 people in sexual health. Indirect beneficiaries included community members who accessed training activities and family members numbering approximately 1,000. Our Vision A place where everyone is included, making a contribution and reaching their God-given potentialOur Mission StatementWe are committed to working in an inclusive, integrated, empowering and comprehensive way so that all people experience wholeness and fullness of life Outcomes

Contact PersonIrene Muwanguzi (Country Director)
Telephone0718 807 445 / 0718 807 440

P.O Box 404, Arua,

The organisation which was started by concerned youths was aimed at improving the socio-economic welfare of the community for sustainable development i.e. PWDs, women, elderly and vulnerable children. It was also meant to achieve unity, peace and reduce poverty through campaigns, lobbying and advocacy. They started by addressing issues around sexually gender based violence (SGBV); Child rights and protection; Environmental protection awareness and Water and sanitation. Through the work of our organisation reduced cases of domestic violence at household levels and divorce cases have been observed. Child abuse has also reduced in the community and there is increased awareness in the community on the environment and the number of protected water sources. To date we are continuing to plant ...

Contact PersonBuzu Fred Bayo
Telephone0774 186 655
Date Founded

P.O Box 1, Gulu,Pabo Catholic Church, Pabo Sub county, Amuru,

PASTORA was established to make an impact on the growing problem of orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC), child mothers, school dropped out youths and women in order to realize a sustainable development. It was founded based on the teaching of Catholic Church, dedicated to promoting and protecting the rights of children, youth and women as articulated in UN convention on the rights of the child and gender issues which is of paramount important. VisionTo improve quality of life of children, youth, women and the community Mission To promote human values through advocacy, community outreach programme, Girl Child Education PROGRAMME (GCEP) basic non formal education / formal education and vocational skills training initiative for child mothers, school dropped out youth with a view of ...

Contact PersonOmony John Bosco (Coordinator)
Telephone0782 511 857/ 0711 511 855
Date Founded

P.O Box 52, Kalongo,Paimol Road, Kalongo Town Council, Pader District,

We started this organization to provide a platform for learning to women, youth, OVCs and elderly persons through functional adult literacy. We also hoped to provide counseling services to community members who had been traumatized by the long war in Northern Uganda and restore their hope.We started by providing support to elderly persons and orphans in Omiya Pacwa camp. We then mobilized and facilitated formation of women groups in village savings and loans association.We also had tree planting as part of the initial campaigns.Since we started the organisation, several changes have taken place. With a new computer, printer and digital camera we are able to write reports and other documentation within a shorter time compared to when we had a manual type writer. We have acquired a motorcycl ...

Contact PersonOgenga Ayaa Margaret (Coordinator)
Telephone0772 665 354 /0759 665 354

P.O. Box 9714,Kampala,Plot 68 Kanjokya Street Kamwokya,

Platform for Labour Action (PLA) is recognized as a leading civil society actor in the promotion and protection of labour rights and the campaign for social protection and human rights in Uganda both by Government and civil society. PLA works in partnership with national and international organisations and stakeholders

Contact PersonLilian Keene-Mugerwa(Executive Director)/Dorah Caroline Mafabi (Deputy Executive Director)
Telephone0312 260 196 / 0414 253 383

P.O Box 409, Masindi,Plot 34 Henry Mugisa Road, Masindi Municipal Council,

RDP-Uganda was started by community youth groups in Masindi, Apac and Nakasongola. Our aim was to mobilize communities especially youth to participate and influence development processes at local government levels, and enhancing youth voices. Our initial activities included; sports tournaments and cultural festivals, leadership training, exchange programmes advocacy and social mobilization activities to engage the youth.Since we started, we have evolved institutionally and programmatically. Several changes have taken place which include; a clear cut focus on youths, a redesigned strategy to focus on youth advocacy and participation. We are members of CCDEU (Citizens Coalition for Electoral Democracy).We are part of the youth manifesto 2011-2016 campaign. We are spearheading the campaign on ...

Contact PersonNkumiro Kenneth (Executive Director)
Telephone0465 420 440 /0392 942 838

P.O. Box 156, Kapchorwa,Plot 2/3,Mella Road, (Opposite Kapchorwa Prisons), ,

The programme was founded in 1996 as a project with support from the UN Population Fund, UNFPA. The purpose was to fight the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) which was seen as a human rights violation and a danger to the health of women and girl children.Being a cultural practice, it took a long time for the community to say no to the practice through a culturally sensitive procedure that aims to eliminate the actual cut but promotes the positive aspects of culture.For better results and for a wider coverage, UNFPA conducted a survey and recommended the REACH programme to operate as an NGO. So, in 2007, REACH was granted NGO status to cover all areas in Uganda that practice female genital mutilation: Sabiny region, Karamoja region, Teso region, Busoga region, parts of Bugisu, p ...

Contact PersonBeatrice Chelangat (Director), Martine Cherukut (Programme Officer)
Telephone0772 504 502 / 0782 881 426

P.O Box 402, Arua,Drajibu Village, Adraa Parish, Offaka sub county, Arua,

The CBO was started by some community members with the view of changing and modernising our community to accept girl child education to build the future; as the saying goes,

Contact PersonDrabuni Caleb
Telephone0785 214 681
Date Founded

P.O Box 24808 Kampala,Millennium Chambers Building, 3rd Floor, Plot 960/961, Entebbe Rd, Kampala, ,

In 2004 Rural Health Promotion and Poverty Alleviation Initiative (RUHEPAI) founders formalised a dream to work with poor rural women and youth in creating a difference in their lives. Six years later, a visible transformation has been made in the lives of people in Birere sub-county of Isingiro District and Ndejje Parish of Wakiso District. There are 939 beneficiaries who are farmers from 64 farmer groups.MissionTo advocate for health and poverty alleviation initiatives that better people

Contact PersonFredica Baguma (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 501 013 / 0772 516 931 / 0703 962 866 / 0775 417 801

Rwenkarabo, Kiziba, Kagango, Sheema,

Our organisation was started by women of Rwenkarabo and our hope was to achieve wealth as women and a better living for our children and youth. Our First project was coffee planting and pig rearing.At first we as women didn

Contact PersonMulezi Joelia (Chairperson)
Telephone0774 133 154
Date Founded

P.O Box 27445, KampalaPlot 2140, Old Kiira Road, Bukoto, Flat D,

Shelter and Settlements Alternatives: Uganda Human Settlements Network (SSA:UHSNET) is a network that brings together all stakeholders in the human settlements sector to more effectively address constraints to adequate housing, especially for urban slum dwellers.The idea to form a network in Uganda was born out of the recognition that there are several stakeholders in the sector contributing to access to one or several aspects of adequate housing such as access to water and sanitation or access to security of tenure. However the stakeholders lacked an organised voice as well as opportunities for joint initiatives. All of this, coupled with the inadequate capacity of slum dwelling communities and stakeholders working in the sector to influence policies, programmes and practices towards imp ...

Contact PersonGloria K. Kabwama (Coordinator)
Telephone0312 290 270

P.O. Box 27200 , Kampala,Plot 25, Bukoto Street, Kamwokya,

The Str

Contact PersonPriscilla Mirembe Serukka (Regional Director)
Telephone0414 532 840

P. O. Box. 24640, Kampala,Plot 1 Kira Road,

The African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN) is a Pan-African organization with country chapters in 24 African countries and a regional office based in Nairobi Kenya. It is a pan African network that promotes child rights and child protection in Africa founded in 1986 in Enugu Nigeria, at the first Child Labour Conference. The Ugandan Chapter was launched in 1992 and registered as a national membership, child protection NGO to address the problem of child abuse and neglect, and promote the protection and promotion of the rights of children in Uganda.In pursuit of her vision of a Ugandan society that upholds the rights of children and is free of child abuse and neglect, it has over the last 18 years become one of the leading child rights a ...

Contact PersonDeogratias Yiga (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 254 550 / 0392 754 550/2

P. O Box 64, Apac,Plot 11,Republic road , Apac,

TAACC was started by a group of volunteers headed by Hon. David Ebong Abong, to curb down mismanagement of public funds, abuse of office and denial of service delivery to the community. The community members could not access drugs in hospital and health units and there was need for fair justice in courts of law and before the police. The community required governance, transparency, accountability and effective service delivery.Our initial activity was to organize the Anti-corruption week. We started recruitment of community Independent Budget Monitors (IBM) in ten sub counties and built their capacity to do the work effectively.We started as a small organization called Anti-Corruption Coalition of Apac (ACCA) in 22 sub counties and to date we are covering Lango sub region of 8 districts in ...

Contact PersonOpwonya Tom (Coordinator)
Telephone0772 647 107

P.O Box 299, Iganga,Bugadde Trading Centre, Kityerera Sub-county, Mayuge district,

The community members started the organisation to carry out mass senstisat6ion and training programmes at all levels in poverty alleviation activities and trends. They hoped to relate these to the environment and natural resource based problems. We have enhanced public health, education, child nutrition, family planning, HIV/AIDS awareness and cooperative development through education and information programmes with appropriate service delivery. We have also managed to build the capacity of some of our staff in Monitoring and Evaluation. Current programmes

Contact PersonKazungu Vicent ( Programme Officer)
Telephone0782 418 600
Date Founded

P.O. Box 9063, Kampala,Plot 4384,Block 244,Kiwafu-rd, Kansanga,

The Council for Economic Empowerment for Women of Africa-Uganda Chapter (CEEWA-Uganda) is a registered Non-Governmental, Non-Partisan and not-for-profit organization working to promote the economic empowerment of women in Uganda. CEEWA-Uganda was started in 1995; and traces its origin to the preparatory meetings for the UN Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China.Vision A Uganda in which women

Contact PersonMary Nannono (The Coordinator)
Telephone0414 269 507 / 0414 269 477 / 0312 287 133

P.O Box 972, Gulu,Plot 3-11 Olam Sisto Road Layibi Orubu, ,

TEAMS was formed ten years ago to empower the vision of the local churches in Gulu. It was in the period of sever suffering as a result of the civil war which lasted over 20 years. Dr. Liam Chapman from UK initiated the programme after physically experiencing the war in Gulu for some good period of time. He then worked with the local Christian churches in collaboration with donors and international organisations from UK so that the needs of the local people could be addressed.The donations TEAMS gets from UK are used to empower the following sectors:

Contact PersonDr. Liam Chapman (Director)/ Gabriel Lajul
Telephone+447 940 567 931 / 0757 511 059 / 0772 646 256

P.O Box 26990,Block 29, Plot 1521 Mawanda Road,,

The Uganda Land Alliance (ULA) is a membership consortium of national, regional and international civil society organizations and individuals, lobbying and advocating for fair land laws and policies that address the land rights of the poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable groups and individuals in Uganda.VisionUgandan society where there is equitable access and control over land, and where the poor women, men and children are actively participating to eradicate poverty.MissionTo enhance access, control, and ownership of land by the poor and marginalized women, men, and children through the promotion of fair laws and policies aimed at protecting their land rights.Objectives

Contact PersonEsther Obaikol (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 540 048

P.O Box 652, Iganga,Plot 108 ,

We are women

Contact PersonTagoole Margret
Telephone0752 896 159

P.O Box 29833, Kampala,Plot 609, block 216, Kalinabiri zone 1 behind Kalinabiri Primary School, Ntida,

United Deaf Women Organisation (UDEWO) was established in 2002 by a group of 21 young deaf women in Uganda. Its vision is a community without barriers to the enjoyment of deaf women

Contact PersonNamarome Rehema (Executive Director)
Telephone0782 703 628 / 0785 894 617