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P.O Box 5018, Kampala,Bukoto-Ntinda Road (off Froebel Stage), Kampala, ,

Action for Youth with Disabilities Uganda (AYDU) is a registered nongovernmental, non-profit organization founded by and for youth with disabilities in Uganda. It is a national umbrella for young people with all forms of disabilities aimed at creating a unified voice for them and ensuring their full integration not only within the mainstream disability movement, but also in national inclusive programmes. AYDU envisions youth with disabilities living dignified and productive lives. Its mission is to empower youth with disabilities to advocate for their rights and engage meaningfully in social, economic, political and other activities. AYDU

Contact PersonOlweny Aggrey (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 288 495 / 0712 041 963

P.O.Box 340, Kampala. Plot 81, Bukoto Street, Kamwokya.,

ADD is a rights-based international development agency. It was started in the UK in 1985 to support people with disabilities in their effort for equalization of opportunities.The ADD programme has grown in size and scope. ADD aims to maintain low administrative overheads yet deliver quality services to Disabled People

Contact PersonJoseph Walugembe ( Programme Director)
Telephone0414 531 446

P.O Box 5342, Jinja,21 A Lubas Road, Jinja,

Agapewo Ministry Uganda is a community based charity ministry founded by a group of concerned citizens. They had a strong desire to empower communities, strengthen capacities of member organizations/ministries in support to their development investments, provision of entrepreneurship skills, promotion of literacy programmes in improving health care diseases and poverty and to advocate for gender equality.In 2006, a program aimed at fighting HIV/AIDS was developed by the members of the ministry to add on the initiatives of the government and other organizations/ministries in the fight against the killer disease. Agapewo Ministry Uganda has put its efforts in the fight against HIV/AIDS using a behavioural change methodology amidst merger resources and a lot of success has been achieved.We in ...

Contact PersonMusobya Moses
Telephone0752 105 307

P.O Box 29582 ,Kampala,Plot 22/24 Semawata Rd. Ntinda,

Formerly Basic Needs U.K In Uganda, BNFU is building on seven years of experience in the vast field of mental health. BNFU vision is to see the quality of life of people with lived experience of mental ill health improved. The vision wishes to capture a much broader group of people having realized that care givers (family members) bear the burden alongside people with mentally ill health. Our mission on the other hand is to ensure that Ugandans with lived experience of mental ill health are engaged in the governance and management of economic, political, social development programs. We have found that once people receive treatment, they often need help getting integrated back into society. This integration can be achieved by closer collaboration with communities and better coordination wit ...

Contact PersonTina Angela Ntulo (CEO)
Telephone0312 024 01/2

Kansanga, Kiwuliriza Zone P.O. Box 7224 KAMPALA, , , 256

Build Africa Uganda (BAU) is affiliated to Build Africa (BA), an international development organization with 30 years experience working in some of the poorest regions of the world. BA works through partner organizations, sharing a jointly developed mission, vision, values, objectives and operating procedures. BA started its operation in Uganda in 1996 and during the last 14 years has focused on youth education and enterprise development. The scope of programmes in recent years has included support to universal primary education, vocational training, agricultural enterprise, village savings and loans associations and HIV prevention amongst youth. BAU currently operates in eastern Uganda in the districts of: Kumi, Ngora, and Bukedea whilst in south western Uganda it operates in Masindi, K ...

Contact PersonApollo B. Gabazira (Country Director)
Telephone0414 267 828/9

P.O Box 124 Busia,District headquarters (District union office),

Busia District Union of People with Disabilities was founded by a group of disabled people in Busia District in 1996 and registered as an affiliate organization with National Union of Disabled persona of Uganda.MISSIONTo build a strong union of people with disabilities in the district through empowerment and income generationVISION To have improved live hoods and increased household incomes in the people with disability householdOBJECTIVES

Contact PersonNajula Beatrice (Development worker)
Telephone0782 661 547 / 0772 771 424

P.O. Box 689, Kabale,Plot 12 Katuna Road,

The organisation was started by the Diocesan secretariat, through bishops

Contact PersonTumwesigye Elias (Program Coordinator)
Telephone0712 844 221 /0486 435 264
Date Founded

Agururu A2 Delhi R/d, , , P.O.Box, 686, Tororo

Five youths in the community of Agola village yearned to help orphans and vulnerable children in their education and also wanted to see them become better responsible adults. In order to achieve their dream, the youths started this organisation. They hoped that the children will complete their education, and with the relevant skills acquired through vocational training, be innovative and create their own jobs for self sufficiency, thus breaking the cycle of poverty and dependency amongst themselves and families.They did not stop at dreaming and hoping, they started by supporting orphans and vulnerable children who receive formal education, emotional and psycho-social support. The first group of children who were supported is now settled and lives a happy life.Since the inception of their d ...

Contact PersonOsinde John Paul (Coordinator)
Telephone0772 435 377
Date Founded

P.O Box 46, Kisubi,Plot 125 Kisubi, Entebbe,

CoRSU Rehabilitation Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre has grown out of work initiated in by a Canadian Orthopaedic Surgeon who came to Uganda and travelled to various hospitals to undertake reconstructive surgery. In 1999, CORU

Contact PersonIrene Nabalamba (Public Relations and Program Development Officer)
Telephone0794 900 104 / 0794 900 111

Ibonde 1 Ward, ,

Esther Mugisa started this organization with the hope of helping elderly women, widows, and orphans, with the general aim of improving their standards of living through savings and credit groups, and handcraft making.In order to attain her goals, Mrs Mugisa

Contact PersonEsther .J. Rutabalengeya (Director)
Telephone0701 495 385
Date Founded

P.O Box 249, Gulu,Pawel Road, Opposite SOS children,

The organization was founded by a group of disabled women. Initially, the group was called Makmatic. It was established to prevent discrimination, violence or abuse of women and girls with disabilities and empower them economically, socially and politically to have a dignified life. Vision Women and girls with disabilities able to unite, organize, manage and empowered to affirm their human rights and freedoms in a dignified mannerObjectives

Contact PersonNume Allan Ogwang (Programme Officer)
Telephone0779 250 635 / 0782 998 709

P .O Box 269, Gulu,Plot 25/27 Okidi Dakamoi Road,

Gulu Youth Development Association was formed in 1992 as a very small group of youth from Gulu district. The organisation came into existence after realizing the impact of the Northern War had had on the community members most especially the youth. The organisation started mainly to train the youth in gainful skills for their development, mainly in the field of metal work and fabrication. Other courses were introduced which include; tailoring, hair dressing, motor vehicle mechanics, carpentry and joinery, salon and hair dressing.Due to high demand of services of the organisation by the community, the services of the organisation have been extended to serve the whole Northern Region of Uganda. The organisation aims at addressing high level of poverty among the youth due to unemployment due ...

Contact PersonKilama Robert (Director)
Telephone0471 435 242 / 0772 571 678

P.O Box 379 Jinja ,JDAB offices, Mufubria subconty-Kumuli Road,

Jinja District Association of the Blind (JDAB) was initially called Victoria Association and Workshop of the Blind. It was formed by six blind people with an aim of uniting the blind and empowering them through vocational training. It initially operated in whole of Busoga region with the workshop located in Jinja District, in a building belonging to the custodian board for departed Asians. Its aim activity then was art and craft work. When the Asians returned to Uganda the building was repossessed.The initiators then lacked a workshop place and started to operate in the compound of Spere road primary school. With funding from Netherlands embassy, the association contracted a building in the compound of the school as unit for blind children vacation training. Government took over the unit ...

Contact PersonKawuma Fazaria (co-ordinator)
Telephone0782 242 352 / 0702 755 212

P.O Box 774 Kabale,District Headquarters near Education Department,

Kabale Association of People with Disabilities (KAPD) is a district umbrella organization that was formed by persons with disabilities to lobby and advocate for their rights. It is a community based organization.The association was formed to empower persons with disabilities for recognition and sustainable development hence creating a common voice for people with disabilities to advocate for their own rights and implementation of disability programmes.We participate in the following activities;

Contact PersonKiconco Hope (Development Worker)
Telephone0774 151 435 / 0772 898 799

P.O Box 16548, Kampala,8 Km Gayaza Road, Mpererwe off Buwambo Road,

Katalemwa Cheshire Home for Rehabilitation Services (KCH) was initially set up to provide a family home environment to people who were incurable, sick and physically disabled. Over the years the home has expanded and the emphasis changed from long-term residential care for adults to short-term rehabilitation for children with physical disabilities. In 2000, the National Council of Cheshire Homes was formed to coordinate activities of all the Cheshire Homes in Uganda. Katalemwa therefore ceased to have responsibility for the other homes and started increasing rehabilitation services both at the centre and in the communities through collaborations and partnerships. KCH focuses on providing medical and social rehabilitation to children with disabilities and their families, provision of mobili ...

Contact PersonKibanga Samuel James (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 590 739 / 0752 494 529

P.O Box 78 Kalungu,Kawule Village, Kitamba Parish-Kalungu S/C Kalungu District,

Kawule Disabled Persons and Their Families Association envisions people with disabilities leading rewarding and dignified livelihoods. The organisation

Contact PersonDavid Busagwa (Executive Director)
Telephone0772 601 138 / 0776 505 008

C/O Masindi District Local Government P.O Box 67 ,Kijura market, Central Division, Masindi Municipality (Katama village),

Kijura Disabled Women Association (KIDWA) is a group of women with disabilities formed in 2004 by five members. It currently has 20 members who include the physically disabled, deaf, mental and visual impairment. KIDWA is affiliated to Masindi District Disabled Persons Union (MADDIPU).It is a community based organization with a small individual member projects. Objectives

Contact PersonNyamaizi Margret (secretary)
Telephone0782 147 373 / 0773 468 345

P.O Box 14095 Mengo,Busega on Kampala ,


Contact PersonMonica Angeyo (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 270 234 / 0414 270 579 / 0782 517 557

P.O Box 240, Wobulenzi,Wobulenzi Town Council on Kampala ,

Luweero District NGO Forum (LUNGOF) is a network all civil society organisations operating in Luweero District. The Forum was established in response to the challenges faced in and caused by civil society organisations in the district such as lack of coordination, limited capacities, weak advocacy voice among others.VisionEmpowered people sustainably and effectively participating in development and enjoying their human rightsMissionTo empower the communities to demand for human rights and needs through partnership development, networking and lobbying and advocacy for policies that benefit all.From 2007

Contact PersonClaudius Rutaraka ( Coordinator)
Telephone0414 620 022 /0773 736 365

P.O Box 1232,Labour Building Masaka- Mbarara Road (Masaka municipality),

Masaka Disabled People Living with HIV/AIDS Association (MADIPHA) was formed in 2009 and managed by people with disabilities living with HIV/AIDS in Masaka. The founder member (Bugembe Dick) aimed at including PWDS living with HIV/AIDS in the main stream of care, support and treatment. This would be through encouragement and peerage formation, mobilization and sensitization of people with disabilities facing the challenges of discrimination, isolation and they were at risk of HIV/AIDS infection. This would help them to be aware of the available HIV/AIDS services.He developed the idea in 2008 when he was studying a training course in HIV/AIDS guidance and counseling supported by MUDIPU HIV/AIDS project started in 2007. During the training, he was the first person to disclose his status and ...

Contact PersonMusisi Richard (Coordinator)
Telephone0783 818 294 / 0773 151 358