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Human Rights and GovernanceRSS

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P.O Box 16729,Kampala,ACFODE House Plot 623/624 Bukoto,

Action for Development (ACFODE) is an indigenous, voluntary, non-governmental women

Contact PersonRegina Bafaki (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 531 812

P.O Box 277, Masindi,Plot 22, Ssebagala Road, Masindi Municipality,

The organization was stated by community Kiryandongo District members who wanted to improve on service delivery in the region as well as improve on their welfare.They hoped to lobby and establish viable small scale community projects to increase on their incomes, the quality of their lives, and fight the root causes of poverty. They hoped to achieve this through advocating for good governance and observation human rights, increase literacy level, fight climatic change with its negative impact on the community, improve on sanitation and reduce on the challenges of health in the communities. In the end it would promote long lasting peace and they would attain a lasting socio-economic development. We do not only carry out advocacy for proper service delivery but also strive to empower the vul ...

Contact PersonOgenyi K Morris (Executive Director)
Telephone0782 232 564

P.O Box 24667, Kampala,Plot No.13 Factory Road and 40 Hancock Road,

Action Group for Health Human Rights and HIV/AIDS Uganda (AGHA-U) is an indigenous Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in July 2003 to mobilize health professionals and health consumers to address issues of human rights as they relate to health, with a specific focus on HIV/AIDS. AGHA brings together doctors, nurses and other professionals with NGOs interested in promoting human rights in the health sector to create local and national networks dedicated to health advocacy.Achievements

Contact PersonOdwe Dennis (Programme Officer)
Telephone0414 348 491

P.O.Box 340, Kampala. Plot 81, Bukoto Street, Kamwokya.,

ADD is a rights-based international development agency. It was started in the UK in 1985 to support people with disabilities in their effort for equalization of opportunities.The ADD programme has grown in size and scope. ADD aims to maintain low administrative overheads yet deliver quality services to Disabled People

Contact PersonJoseph Walugembe ( Programme Director)
Telephone0414 531 446

P.O. Box 42, Kitgum,Ayul,Palabek Rd., next to St. Phillips Clinic,Kitgum, ,

Active Vision Youth Foundation was established in April 2006. It aims to help youth and transform them into a God-feared young generation with good moral values and free from an HIV/AIDS pandemic. The organisation hopes to create a conducive environment for the future by educating, networking, lobbying and advocacy, inculcating in young people the spirit of entrepreneurship, patriotism, voluntarism and strong moral values. It has established a vocational training centre for this purpose. AchievementsActive Vision has given scholarships to 60 students from Kitgum and Lamwo district (to attend the Lira Christian Institute of Professional Development).We have also trained youngsters from different secondary schools both in Kitgum and Lamwo on HIV/AIDS prevention.In addition, we have trained ...

Contact PersonArop Denis (Executive Director)
Telephone0792 582 006 / 0777 322 256 / 0712 582 006 / 0779 004 683

C/o ACORD compound offices Adjumani,

As a group of civil society organizations in the district, we specifically wanted to create networking coalition with the all the other civil society organizations.This would help in bringing advocacy and policy formulation. It was meant to promote capacity building of the entire civil society sector and peaceful co -existence with member organization and local government. We began with anti corruption campaigns where we had public expenditure monitoring in service delivery in the sectors of health and education. Several dialogue meetings with stakeholders in the district on good governance were also held. We have been able to put in place a constitution to govern and direct our work and our member organizations have increased from 7-16 members.We have had several changes in the institut ...

Contact PersonLimio Roselily (Coordinator)
Telephone0773 331 349 / 0791 919 549 / 0782 382 051

Po Box 15351, , , 256

Africa Centre for Minority and Indigenous Peoples is a pan-African human rights organisation working to promote and protect the rights of ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities and indigenous peoples. Africa Centre for Minority and Indigenous Peoples is an advocacy and development based organization devoted to strengthening the capacities of minority and indigenous communities in Africa to secure the respect, promotion and protection of their rights. VisionA society where the dignity of ethnic minorities and indigenous peoples is understood, promoted, respected and all people participate in the protection and promotion of human rights irrespective of their gender, age, ethnic, race, economic and social status. MissionDevoted to eliminating discrimination and racism, forging solidar ...

Contact PersonMulindwa Paul ( Regional Director)
Telephone0392 908 293 / 0704 933 866 / 0712 649 647

Plot 59/61 Nagongera R/d, , , P.O Box 662, Tororo

A students

Contact PersonMugabi Nathan ( Director)
Telephone0782 479 025
Date Founded

P.O.BOX 223, Adjumani,Kelvin Road, Adjumani,

After the LRA insurgency in the Northern region, a team of five people formed this organisation. Their main aim was to assist the victims of from the war. Most of the people had bomb fragments or serious bullet wounds while others where suffering from malnutrition and marginalisation while some required plastic surgery.As we began the set up, the organisation provided opportunities to extremely vulnerable people of Adjumani. Our staff members were also involved in Juba peace agreements. We conducted awareness creation amongst members of the community.Since the organisation was founded, we have acquired office space which has provided a friendly working environment. We have been able to work in five sub-counties as compared with one at the start. We have human resource and financial polici ...

Contact PersonMamawi Ujjeo Josephine( Programme Coordinator)
Telephone0772 375 185 / 0754 375 185
Date Founded

P.O Box 27193 Kampala,Kakiri Town Wakiso,

Agency for Integrated Rural Development (AFIRD) was founded in 1997 by a group of professionals who realized the need for an integrated approach to rural development given their experience. VisionA society free from hunger and diseases living in a peaceful and green environmentMissionWe aim at improving the livelihood of vulnerable communities through capacity building in sustainable natural resources management to increase income.Strategic Objectives

Contact PersonEustace Sajjabi (Director)
Telephone0772 550 387 / 0414 374 851

P.O Box 1, Lamwo,Central Ward, Pobar Parish, Agoro sub county, Lamwo,

AYENET was started by three youth to unite the youth, mitigate land conflicts and domestic violence as a result of unemployment, idleness and drug addiction (alcoholism), poverty and build peace among the community. This was after the effects of the civil unrest by the Lord

Contact PersonRev. Obwola Charles (Secretary)
Telephone0714 435 558 /0773 435 558

P.O Box 1, Lamwo,Central ward, Pobar Parish, Agoro sub county, Lamwo,

AYENET was started by a group of three youth to unite the youths, mitigate land conflicts and domestic violence as a result of unemployment, idleness and drug addiction (alcoholism), poverty and build peace among the community. This was after the effects of the civil unrest by the Lord

Contact PersonRev. Obwola Charles (Secretary)
Telephone0714 435 558 / 0773 435 558

P.O Box 170, Kamuli,Kamuli Town Council, Jinja Rd, ,

AIDS Education Group for Youth (AEGY) was started in 1993 by a group of young people who came together to share about the myths of HIV/AIDS. The membership increased and they decided to form AEGY in order to respond to the increasing number of people who were being infected by HIV/AIDS and facing the social economic effects. Later in 1997 Action Aid International Uganda provided us with capacity building in project planning and management. They funded training of community volunteers with basic facts about HIV/AIDS and STDs. The training was conducted by ACET-Uganda. Action Aid also trained HIV/AIDS counsellors and trainers. Our mission is to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS/STDs and the social economic effects to the people of the great Kamuli District. Our Vision is to see a healthy HIV/AI ...

Contact PersonMmerewoma Leo ( Executice Director)
Telephone0772 614 540

P.O Box 36, Soroti,Plot 48B, Asamuk Road Amuria Town Council,

We started this organization as members of the retired civil service and development in the Amuria district. We realized that there was a need to come up with a community based organization that could respond to needs of the communities faced with problems of war, diseases, poverty, cultural beliefs, that left them in deprivation and vulnerability situation.We began with strengthening the institutional capacity of the organization, resource mobilization, strengthening collaboration with district stake holders, community mobilization to join the organization and we have had a total of 360 registered members to join.Since we found ACDO, households have been trained in modern agric practices and support. A total of 29 Heifers have been distributed to the communities affected by war and diseas ...

Contact PersonOkope Alex (Programme Coordinator)
Telephone0778 069 343

P.O Box 153, Koboko,Koboko Town Council, Plot 5 Apa Road,

Seven community members were concerned about the poor service delivery in the district. We used to receive several complaints from citizens in health, education and water corruption, poor mothers were charged for accessing immunisation services, misuse of Universal Primary Education and shoddy work in building classrooms. We aimed at improving service delivery by mobilising the public to get involved in the local government planning proceeedures and to monitor projects and funds that benefit themOur initial activities included;

Contact PersonTodoko Stephen(Coordinator)
Telephone0782 449 010/ 0779 203 098
Date Founded

P.O Box 153, Koboko,Koboko Town Council,

Seven community members were concerned about the poor service delivery in the district. We used to receive several complaints from service beneficiaries in health, education, and water about the rampant corruption, poor mothers were charged for accessing immunisation services, misuse of UPE and shoddy work in building classrooms. We aimed at improving service delivery by mobilising the public to get involved in the local government planning procedures and to monitor projects and funds that benefited them.We started by creating awareness of the community on their rights, responsibilities and effects of corruption. We then recruited and trained community monitors to inform the community about projects and funds meant for the community sensitisation of the community on how to defect corrupti ...

Contact PersonTodoko Stephen (Coordinator)
Telephone0782 449 010 / 0779 203 098
Date Founded

P.O. Box 1315, Arua,Plot 57 Avenue Road, Uganda Red Cross Society Building,

Approaches to Rural Community Development (ARCOD) formerly

Contact PersonManasseh Acidri (Program Coordinator)
Telephone0476 460 222 / 0772 912 124

P.O Box 66, Lira, Plot 8-10 Market Street, Junior Quarters, Adyel Division, Lira Municipality Council,

Art for Children Uganda (ACU) was started by two motivated artists as a community based organization with the aim of transforming visual ART to create awareness, influence historical events, allow creative participation, promote psychosocial healing and develop talents for development among children and youth. The duo were being inspired by the children's talents and further encouraged by their teachers to set up ACU to teach arts education to children not to produce more artists, though that is a by-product but to create a complete human beings capable of leading successful and productive lives. Why ART?ACU believes that ART is a basic to foster brain and skills development. Children in quality art programs benefit from a wide range of positive effects especially those that provide exper ...

Contact PersonAdicho Bernard Isaac (Chief Executive Officer)
Telephone0392 854 233/0392 963 509
Date Founded

P.O Box 616,Arua,Plot 15, Okuti Lane,Arua Municipality,

The civil society organisations were caring out activities in an uncoordinated manner. ADINGON was formed to coordinate activities of members to strengthen their effectiveness in policy advocacy and lobbing; networking and capacity enhancement.We exist to provide a collective voice for civil society to promote good governance in the district.We began with capacity building to the member organisations and working on policy research and advocacy. The active membership has grown up to 68. There is effective collaboration with MAYANK, Anti Corruption Coalition and DENIVA. Current programmes

Contact PersonAcadribo Henry (Coordinator)
Telephone0783 310 866/ 0772 863 305
Date Founded

Plot 10 Njara Road, , , P.O Box 514

AHURIO was started to coordinate human rights organisations in the Ruwenzori region. Some of the first members include Kabarole Research and Resource centre, Development foundation for Rural Areas, Ruwenzori Forum for Peace and Justice, Integrated Women Development, Ride Africa, Parents concern for Young People, and Youth and Women Empowerment (YAWE). We have noticed and increase in our membership and we have groomed a number of local and international human rights defenders.We started out with Paralegal Advisory Services, Probono access to justice, child support and protection programs, peace and conflict resolution and management.Today, we run four major programmes namely Institutional capacity building, Community extension programs, Human rights advocacy, and Dispute resolution.We have ...

Contact PersonFred Kaahwa (Coordinator)
Telephone0772 400 284 / 0702 196 8891
Date Founded