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P.O. Box 1142 Mbale,Nanyere Church of Uganda ,Bushika Road, Bududa District, ,

Bududa Child Development Centre has been in existence since November 1997. It is located in a village setting, in a moderately populated community beneath Mount Elgon. Most houses there are built out of earth and wattle, with poor sanitation. Education standards are low, with high rates of illiteracy, school drop-outs, early pregnancy and motherhood, and high prevalence of malaria and HIV/AIDS amongst caregivers and children. The Centre exists to nurture the children in the community spiritually, physically, economically and socio-emotionally, enabling them to become responsible, Christian adults. It aims at holistic child development in the community. We recognise the holistic nature of children and we seek to naturally integrate this ministry in the same way that it is integrated in a ...

Contact PersonBeatrice Kunikina (Project Director)
Telephone0717 928 804 / 0772 862 553

Plot 7 Koche Road, Namakwekwe Estates, Northern Division, Mbale District. P.O.Box 2335 Mbale, , , 256

BUCINET was formed as a result of the need to create a platform through which civil society organisations operating in Bugisu sub-region could contribute to public policy through advocacy, networking, and partnership and information exchange for sustainable development.This was as a result of domestic violence, human rights violation, conflicts and the flow of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) from Teso, Karamoja fugitive of those wars. At that time, many IDPs came to Bugisu to take refugee. As a result, there was too much pressure on resources as everybody fought for a share. This created tension among indigenous people around. Therefore the network was formed to act as a consortium where all CSOs in Bugisu could work together to address this challenge. BUCINET was formed by individuals ...

Contact PersonMugalya Aggrey (Coordinator)
Telephone0454 43397 / 0782 156 517

Anai Parish Lira Sub-county, ,

The LRA war that lasted over 21 years left a scourge and enormous needs among the people in Northern Uganda. It

Contact PersonHardson Ongura (Education Director)
Telephone0772 637 971
Date Founded

P.O. Box 33081, Kampala,Plot 65, Semawata Road, Ntinda,

Community Shelters Uganda (CSU) is a Ugandan non-political, non - governmental and non - profit making organization seeking to reach out to the dire homeless needy families. We target HIV/AIDS affected people and infected pregnant mothers and children, elderly persons with children under their care, persons with disability, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), refugees, war, floods and mudslides affected families. CSU provides them with free simple decent houses, Ventilated Improved Pit-Latrines (VIPs), protection of spring wells and provision of water tanks for harvesting clean water. Our major aim is to contribute sustainably to the standards of living of the underprivileged communities in Uganda by providing free decent simple permanent shelters, ventilated improved pit latrines (VIPs), ...

Contact PersonKiisa Barnabas (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 288 617

P.O Box 6599, Kampala,Cape Town Road, Mawanga Zone, Munyonyo,

Concern Worldwide is an international, nongovernmental humanitarian agency founded in 1968 in Dublin, Ireland. Concern Worldwide responds to emergencies and works to advance people in greatest need in 28 countries in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. Concern Worldwide in Uganda started working in 1980, with a famine relief operation in the Karamoja region. The organization returned to Uganda in 1990 to respond to HIV and AIDS pandemic mostly in Western Uganda. Since then, Concern Worldwide has maintained a presence in the country and implemented a range of projects supporting good governance and the decentralization process, enhancing people

Contact PersonMary O
Telephone0414 269 731 / 0414 269 825/ 0414 501 908 / 0392 702 937

Plot 6/7 Tino Close, Lira Municipality, , P.O Box 96, Lira

Rose Ogwal led a group of women to start the organization in 1994 in order to improve the lives of suffering-women after years of wars in northern Uganda.The group started with activities such as tailoring, baking, small scale businesses, home based care for people living with HIV/AIDS and poultry demonstration project. To this day, the group is still function with active projects in tailoring, village savings and small credit facility, home based care for people living with HIV/AIDS, support to young women through training and counseling, and growing crops together with animal husbandry.All these efforts make us proud because we have improved the lives of women through empowerment with knowledge and skills, raised their income and standard of living through entrepreneurship, and helped th ...

Contact PersonTom Ogweng (Coordinator)
Telephone0772 921 459; 0772 962 655
Date Founded

P.O.Box 22459 Kampala,Mutesasira Zone Plot 40, Block 254 Kansanga, ,

Development Research and Training (DRT) is a local Ugandan-based NGO, established to undertake policy research and analysis that informs pro-poor policies and programmes. The organization

Contact PersonBeatrice Mugambe(Executive Director)
Telephone0312 636 29/30 / 0414 269 495

P.O. Box 4, Kaberamaido,Kangai Road (opposite township playground), Kaberamaido Town Council, ,

Kaberamaido District NGO Forum (KADINGOF) is a civil society organization (CSO) registered with the National NGO Board in 2006 and the Registrar of Companies in 2007. The Forum was established in 2001 to co-ordinate and support the activities of CSOs in the District through capacity building, networking and advocacy.VisionA well governed and sustainably transformed community in Kaberamaido District where men and women determine their own destiny. MissionTo promote CSOs

Contact PersonRoselinda Oyuu
Telephone0454 448 609 / 0772 438 266

P.O Box 1113, Bundibugyo,Bugombwa/Harugale Village, Busaru Sub-County, Bundibugyo District,

Self-Care Rural Education Support Association (Self-Care) was started in 1996, in Bundibugyo at the time when the district was facing internal political pressure that yielded into war by ADF rebels against the Government of Uganda. Having been hit by that war, the district had its own internal challenges like the HIV/AIDS scourge which had impact on the youth and orphans. Self-Care focuses on youth and orphans to provide vocational skills training at Self-Care Vocational Skills Training Centre, for increased rural self employment among the out of school youth.In 2002, Self-Care started an institution known as Self-Care Vocational Skills Training Centre, with capacity of 180 skills learners to strengthen the capacity of orphans, out of schools youth, persons with disabilities to initiate an ...

Contact PersonAguma Ignatius
Telephone0774 281 610

P.O Box 2091, Mbale,Mission Road, Mataya Village, Bushunya Parish, Nakatsi ,Bududa,

A group of 13 farmers formed the Shuniya Yetana as a local group after realising that poverty and low crop yields caused were by loss of soil fertility from soil erosion. They hoped to improve land management and get increased crop yield and house hold incomes.Their first activities were to help each other in farming while carrying out a weekly rotation and pooling of funds together as the main source of income.The group then moved on and registered under non government organisation statute 1989 and improved on the name to be Shuniya Yetana community based organisation. This led to collaboration with government, national and international NGOs in legal partnerships.Current programmes undertaken are;

Contact PersonMicheal Wantsusi (Coordinator)
Telephone0782 573 791 / 0774 139 445
Date Founded