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P.O Box 774 Kabale,District Headquarters near Education Department,

Kabale Association of People with Disabilities (KAPD) is a district umbrella organization that was formed by persons with disabilities to lobby and advocate for their rights. It is a community based organization.The association was formed to empower persons with disabilities for recognition and sustainable development hence creating a common voice for people with disabilities to advocate for their own rights and implementation of disability programmes.We participate in the following activities;

Contact PersonKiconco Hope (Development Worker)
Telephone0774 151 435 / 0772 898 799

Muguru , , P.O Box 583 Fort Portal

KIWED was formed in 1999 by women in Kabarole district. They were committed to developing timely programs that serve the needs of individual activists and organizations in the field of poverty reduction.The women started with skills and capacity building, handling gender issues, HIV/AIDS, marketing agriculture component i.e. mushroom growing, vanilla growing, water and sanitation, nutrition and information and communication technology (ICT).As of today, we engage in rice growing, mushroom growing, and HIV/AIDS sensitization.We noticed that farmers are applying skills acquired such as mushroom growing in the Ruwenzori region. In addition, farmers in Rwimi Sub-County have been trained and supported with best practices for upland rice growing.Over the years, we have achieved in various aspec ...

Contact PersonGrace Rukuba (Director)
Telephone0775 590 183 / 0778 858 406
Date Founded

P.O Box 958, Fort Portal,Maguru ,

Founded in 2002, Kabarole NGOs/CBOs Association (KANCA) is a district network of NGOs and CBOs both local and international operating in Kabarole District, in western Uganda. It is a platform for collective voice of civil society organisations and has a membership of 100 active CSOs.Before the National District Network Support Program (NDNSP) support, KANCA and her members were weak and could not engage and interface with the leaders and even could not conduct internal activities that included supporting member organizations. In 2007, KANCA got support under the NDNSP in partnership with DANIDA

Contact PersonEdward Itoote (Coordinator)
Telephone0483 425 755 / 0782 398 822

P.O Box 782, Fort Portal,Plot 28, Mugurusi Road, Fort Portal,

Kabarole Research and Resource Center (KRC) is a well-established NGO operating in the Rwenzori Region of Western Uganda. Founded in 1996, with a research mission and a long-term commitment to understanding the measures and drivers of poverty and its solutions, KRC has accumulated substantial experience in research and created numerous development programs based on community analyses of the activities which would be most helpful in achieving sustainable and equitable socio-economic development. Twelve years of experience in community development work has led KRC to identify a new strategic direction currently being adopted, focused on supporting the need for integration and effectiveness of development research & information, decision-making and implementation, reaching to national levels ...

Contact PersonJulius Mwanga (Executive Director )
Telephone0382 274 438

P.O. Box 4, Kaberamaido,Kangai Road (opposite township playground), Kaberamaido Town Council, ,

Kaberamaido District NGO Forum (KADINGOF) is a civil society organization (CSO) registered with the National NGO Board in 2006 and the Registrar of Companies in 2007. The Forum was established in 2001 to co-ordinate and support the activities of CSOs in the District through capacity building, networking and advocacy.VisionA well governed and sustainably transformed community in Kaberamaido District where men and women determine their own destiny. MissionTo promote CSOs

Contact PersonRoselinda Oyuu
Telephone0454 448 609 / 0772 438 266

Kagadi Town Council, near kagadi hospital, Kibaale District, , , P.O Box 166 kagadi

The founders had a mission of transforming the rural poor Ugandans from peasantry society to modern and self sustainable, in pursuit of peace, democracy, patriotism as well as unity in diversity. They hoped to achieve a society where people live in dignity and decent life.They therefore set out with HIV prevention campaigns through drama, radio talk shows, live testimonies, voluntary counselling and testing as well as supporting income generating activities such as bee keeping for people living with HIV.As an organisation, we grew from a CBO to and NGO in 2009 and opened up opportunity for local, national and international members from individual membership, and started establishing model gardens at local levels.We currently offer Health development programmes, economic community programm ...

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Contact PersonAkweteireho Amiri (Executive Director)
Date Founded

P.O Box, 13 Kalangala,Lutoboka road, Kalangala Town council, ,

Kalangala District Education Forum (KADEFO) is a community based organisation formed after the people of Kalangala were concerned with the low levels of quality education and thus required special efforts to overcome hindrances in the education sector. The poor access to quality education was exhibited through low enrolment in primary schools and poor academic performance in national examinations. Therefore it was formed to promote activities geared towards ensuring that all children, youth and adults in Kalangala access education that is relevant for the developmental needs of the district through community mobilization and advocacy and lobbying.Vision A functionary literate society Core Values High integrity, Transparency, Teamwork and ResourcefulnessKey strategyTo build a well informed ...

Contact PersonSsenyanja Peter (Coordinator)
Telephone0782 467 582

P.O Box 23, Kalangala,Kalangala Town Council, Lutoboka Road, Kaka,

Kalangala District NGO Forum (KADINGO) is a non profit making, voluntary and non partisan registered with NGO Board and Registrar of Companies. It was established in 2002 by five member organizations to be a collective and platform of independent voice of civil society organizations operating in Kalangala district. Our vision is to see

Contact PersonMaalo Edward Ssemugenyi (Coordinator)
Telephone0752 812 762

P.O Box 1423, Kamwenge,Kamwenge Cell ,Kamwenge ward ,Kamwenge town council , Kamwenge District,

KADIVDO Network is an umbrella of indigenous NGOs, CBOs, FBOs, and Association based and operating in Kamwenge district which was formed to coordinate and harmonise the organisations as they made their contribution in the development process of the District.There was need to minimize exploitation of the communities by opportunistic persons/organizations in the name of charitable support, and ensure equal distribution of resources. There was also a need to reduce duplication of services by all development actors. The network organized a training workshop on organizational self understanding support by DENIVA, a new name KADIVDO NETWORK was adopted from Kamwenge District NGO,CBO Association. VisionA poverty free society, in which human rights are recognized, protected and upheldMissionTo b ...

Contact PersonMugisha Alex Paul (Coordinator)
Telephone0772 559 923 /0772 331 998/ 0789 933 848

P.o Box 931,Mbale,Kanikwa Village,Nkoma Parish,Namanyonyi Sub-county, ,

Kanika Peasant and Orphanage Project (K.P.O.P) is a community based organisation which was formed in 2001 with only nine founder members and registered in 2002 under community development office in Mbale and NGO Board.The organization is operating in Kanika Village in Nkoma Parish in Namanyonyi sub-county in Bunghokho County in Mbale. It is managed with three part time paid staff and a total of 80 fully registered members. VisionTo provide a platform where the community contributes to the well being of orphans and vulnerable children and their households ObjectiveTo deliver integrated quality essential; services to orphans and vulnerable children and their households in Namanyonyi by 2013 Its major objectives are;

Contact PersonNgoloba Silver (Cordiantor)/Nandudu Jamila(Chairperson)
Telephone0751 593 440 / 0776 593 440 / 0757 459 076

P.O Box 101 Kanungu,Kanungu Town Council along Kanungu Road, ,

Kanungu District NGO/CBO forum (KNCF) is a local non profit making organization founded by local community based organizations in 2004. The forum started with over 300 community based organizations in 2004 in eleven sub-counties. It has passed through stages of growth and that has reached a strategic position of visibility. Whereas the forum had no functional secretariat, today there is one with a fully paid up coordinator, accountant, and a typist.It boasts of its strengthening wave that trickles down from the district forum to sub -county and to parish forums. This means that we enjoy good information flow and cohesion. We have a motorcycle and three computers. VisionStrong and vibrant civil society organizations and enhanced civic expression Mission To have a strong civil society to pro ...

Contact PersonKaberuka James Ruugi (Secretary to the Executive)
Telephone0782 828 464 / 0703 960 476

P.O Box 68, Mpigi,Naluwembe Site Village, Muyina Parish, Kamengo Sub-county, Mpigi,

The organisation was initiated by Kanyike community members led by Rev. Kakuba Kapia after realising that people were suffering from AIDS, poverty and poor health conditions in addition to poor infrastructure and internal conflicts. They hoped to turn these problems into opportunities for dignified livelihoods.They started with engaging in agriculture and livelihood improvement like send a cow, pineapple growth for commercial benefits, piggery projects, bird rearing, etc. They implemented primary health care activities e.g. health education, awareness (HIV/AIDS), home based care, water and sanitation.Since the organisation was founded, there has been livelihood improvement socially and economically due to livelihood empowerment projects like piggery, send a cow and local micro-finance. The ...

Contact PersonLutalo Bbosa Daniel (Coordinator)
Telephone0773 456 131/ 0772 432 387/ 0772 848 150
Date Founded

Kanyum Trading Centre,Kumi,

KAPLIPHA was established in 2005 as an initiative by the Kanyum sub-county community members who were infected and affected by HIV/AIDS pandemic.Vision A society where all members of the community share improved social and economic statusMissionTo contribute towards the improvement of the quality of life at PLWHAs, their families and the general community of Kanyum sub-countyThe community members started in participating in activities like advocacy, psychosocial support and counselling, HIV/AIDS education and awareness, goat rearing and security.KAPLIPHA being a legally registered and recognised organisation, there is in built confidence among members, state holders and security to the organisation. The existence of reasonably equipped secretariat which co-ordinates the activities of KAPLI ...

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Contact PersonOmuut Hussein (Director)
Telephone0755 401 750 / 0785 932 838
Date Founded

P.O Box 190, Kapchorwa,Kapchorwa Town Council, Plot 12/14 Cheptoris Road, Kapchorwa, ,

Established in 2000, Kapchorwa Civil Society Organisations Alliance (KACSOA) is an alliance of civil society organisations operating in Kapchorwa, Kween and Bukwo Districts. KACSOA was born out of the realisation that these organizations were working in isolation, with very limited collaboration and interaction, and that poverty issues required joint action and a strong and common voice on issues and concerns with the duty bearers in the quest to address pervasive poverty. From 2007 to date, implementation of programmes was been guided by a strategic plan 2007-2010 which outlined a threefold broad programmatic thrust: Capacity-building, Coordination and Advocacy. Building on that, a new strategic plan has been developed. 2011

Contact PersonCherukut Miriam (Programme Coordinator)
Telephone0392 949 437 / 0782 559 321

P.o Box 2841, Kapchorwa,Plot 37, Sironko , ,

KABHURO is constituted by Paralegals trained by Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) Uganda in 1996 and refreshed by Uganda Land Alliance in 2005 to address widespread human rights needs and land conflicts affecting especially among women and children.In 2002, Action Aid International Uganda (AAIU) appreciated the services of the paralegals and engaged them as implementing partners of human rights issues with emphasis on women

Contact PersonKitiyo Patrick (coordinator)
Telephone0782 665 702/0778 864 957

P.O. Box 8, Bukwo,Bukwo District,

Kapchorwa/Bukwo Women in Peace Initiative (KWIPI) is a non profit making community based organization that operates among the communities affected by conflict and violence as a result of cattle rustling. KWIPI aims at promoting positive cultural practices among the Pokot, Karamojong, Sabiny and Turkana communities. KWIPI which was established in 2003 after realising that woman had been left out of peace negotiations over long time. As mothers they suffered psychological torture and pains arising from death of their sons, husbands, rape of women and young girls and displacement. KWIPI is being supported by Action aid Uganda Kapchorwa Development Initiative both financially and in capacity building to promote cross-border peace initiatives. Practical Action Kenya also supports the organizat ...

Contact PersonMasika Elijah Ndinyo (Coordinator)
Telephone0777 251 685

P.O. Box 450, Kasese,Kasese District Headquarters, Rukoki,

Kasese District Development Network (KADDENET) is an umbrella organization (network) of civil society organizations that has existed since 1996.According to the 2006-2011 strategic plan, KADDENET operates under the core areas of capacity building, lobbying and advocacy; research information and communication, linking and networking, including sectoral chapter coordination.VisionA well governed socially just, and poverty free society of enlightened people enjoying their human dignity in a clean and safe environmentMissionTo empower civil society in Kasese district through enhancement of skills, linkages, enlightenment and favourable policy environment so that its people can actively influence development processes for effective and efficient service delivery in a bid to attain sustainable l ...

Contact PersonBwambale Tom (Coordinator)
Telephone0772 937 211

P .O Box 484, Kasese,Railway Village Along Kasese -Mbarara Road, Muruli Road, Kasese Town Council,

Kasese District Youth Focus on AIDS (KADYFA) was founded in the late 2001 to respond to the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Kasese district in respect to the young people and help mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS among the vulnerable community groups especially the youth. KADYFA was founded by a group of strong youth from Kasese district. We formed it after reflecting on our humble background, adolescent experiences, and our expectations in life amidst the challenges we were facing. Kasese is one of the districts with increased birth rates and one of the most populated districts in Uganda. The challenge therefore remains on how to improve the quality of life of this population.KADYFA is mandated to work hard to promote activities related to its thematic area which include; HIV/AIDS and reproductive he ...

Contact PersonKule Stephen
Telephone0782 748 876 /0483 445 892 /0776 400 301

P.O Box 26 Katakwi,Plot 10 Engole Lane Katakwi, Town Council,

Katakwi District Development Actors Network (KADDAN) is a voluntary membership NGO serving as a network, for development actors in Katakwi district, north-eastern Uganda. It is a capacity building, policy and human rights advocacy organization.KADDAN draws membership from NGOs, CBOs, Faith Based Organizations, Associations, Women groups, Youth groups, Media organizations, Trade Unions and Cultural Institutions operating in the district.KADDAN provides a platform for collective action and voice to voluntary local associations to strongly advocate for creation of more opportunities to the people and CSO participation in the development process. The organisation

Contact PersonAngiro Betty (Coordinator)
Telephone0454 473 083/ 0454 463 659

P.O Box 16548, Kampala,8 Km Gayaza Road, Mpererwe off Buwambo Road,

Katalemwa Cheshire Home for Rehabilitation Services (KCH) was initially set up to provide a family home environment to people who were incurable, sick and physically disabled. Over the years the home has expanded and the emphasis changed from long-term residential care for adults to short-term rehabilitation for children with physical disabilities. In 2000, the National Council of Cheshire Homes was formed to coordinate activities of all the Cheshire Homes in Uganda. Katalemwa therefore ceased to have responsibility for the other homes and started increasing rehabilitation services both at the centre and in the communities through collaborations and partnerships. KCH focuses on providing medical and social rehabilitation to children with disabilities and their families, provision of mobili ...

Contact PersonKibanga Samuel James (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 590 739 / 0752 494 529