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P O Box 1 Nakapiripirit,Nakapiripirit Town Council C/O Nakapiripirit District Local Government Department Of Community Based Services, ,

Nakapiripirit Civil Society Forum (NACSOF) is an umbrella Organization of all Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) operating in Nakapiripirit District. So far NACSOF has membership of twelve NGOs and fifteen CBOs with full support of Nakapiripirit District Local Government. The Vision of NACSOF is to have a collective voice to effectively influence policies, programs and practices of central and local governments and other development partners through harmonizing, networking, research, advocacy and lobbying.NACSOF complements government

Contact PersonRev.Fr. Henry Drajeru (Chairperson), James B. Bisheko (Vice Chairperson)
Telephone0773 965 611 / 0772 916 044 / 0772 705 866

P.o Box 1160,Mbale,Buwabwala Sub-county Head quaters, ,

Namisindwa Rural development Initiative

Contact PersonKhisa Sam Khabusi (Secretary)
Telephone0782 800 685 / 0785 170 415

P.O. Box 81 Busembatia,Plot 18, Kaiti Road, Namutumba, ,

Namutumba District NGO Forum is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political, inter-denominational, charitable organisation, established in 2006 by a group of volunteers as a response to a crisis caused by poverty in rural and urban communities in Uganda and in Namutumba in particular. It works with poor and marginalized rural and urban people in groups such as NGOs, community-based and faith-based organisations.The Forum works to improve the lives of its members and also promote self reliance. It operates in different fields of capacity building, advocacy, lobbying to explore different opportunities for the member organisations since they are the implementers in Namutumba.Our development program focuses mainly on ensuring that the member organisations are able to stand on their own even ...

Contact PersonKisame Umaru (Coordinator)
Telephone0712 965 382 / 0784 259 211 / 0434 660 341

P.O Box 35563, Kampala,Plot 25 Plot 50, Bunamwaya Nyanama-Zzana road,

Our mission is to promote social, economic, and environmental empowerment of women and young people through capacity building, research, advocacy and service provision. National Association for Women

Contact PersonPatience Nyangoma Muramuzi (Executive Director)
Telephone0772 820 199 / 0777 108 535

P.O Box: 35563, , , 256

National Association for Women Action in Development (NAWAD) is a voluntary non-governmental organisation that was initiated by a group of women in 2009 and legally registered in 2010. NAWAD is focused on the family and the crucial role women play in their families, their communities and the development of Uganda as a nation. Our goal is to promote the fundamental human rights of women and young people especially in relation to sustainable management of the environment and natural resources, health and economic security. We believe that “Putting the woman at the fore front” and encouraging men to work with them is the only way to develop stable families and communities and the best way to ensure that all Ugandans can realise their full potential. NAWAD’S program areas include ...

Physical Address: plot 112;block 267 Lweza, Entebbe Road, after Mogas ...

P.O Box 1663, Kampala,Plot 1 Perryman Gardens Off Hoima Road,

National Association of Women Organisations in Uganda (NAWOU) is an indigenous umbrella for women organizations formed in 1992. NAWOU is an affiliate of International Council of Women, has a consultative status with United Nations Economic and social Council (ECOSOC) and collaborates with several networks; international NGOs and development partners.It was formed to harness efforts of various women organisations

Contact PersonPeace T. Kyamureku (Secretary General)
Telephone0414 258 463

P.O Box 997, Kabale,Associations House, Bwankosiya Road, Kabale,

A group of youth led by Orishaba Justus Bagamuhunda started the organisation to help those whose rights were violated and to promote a democratic nation. They started by sensitising the community about their rights, training volunteers and organising workshops with government leadersSince the organisation was founded, there has been new staff recruitment to increase the capacity to reach out to more people. People are currently aware of their rights and there has been a change in human rights violations. Currently, we hold radio talk shows meant for good governance and reconciliation.Through us many people have known their rights and the dangers of violating other people

Contact PersonOrishaba Justus Bagamuhunda ( Executive Director)
Telephone0774 190 533 / 0783 410 072
Date Founded

P. O Box 8567, Kampala,Plot no. 530, Kisasi Road-Bukoto,

The National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda (NUDIPU) is an indigenous umbrella Non Governmental organization of Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) that brings together all disability categories including sensory, physically and mentally impaired people. NUDIPU was formed in 1987 when the then existing associations of PWDs came together to break the tradition that tended to treat them as objects of charity and medical care. Before NUDIPU was formed, the voice of PWDs was scattered, a scenario that left the disability issues isolated from the society's main development priorities. NUDIPU derives its mandate from the membership of district based disability associations and National Disabled Peoples

Contact PersonSebuliba Michael (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 540 179 / 531 952 / 0772 480 913

POBox 8567, , , 256

The National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda (NUDIPU), is an indigenous umbrella NGO of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), formed in November 1987. It brings together all categories of disabilities including the physically, sensory and mentally impaired people. The coalition has always worked to break the tradition that tended to treat PWDs as objects of charity and medical care. NUDIPU exists to promote the equalisation of opportunities and active participation of PWDs in mainstream development processes. This is pursued through participation in policy planning, capacity building, awareness enhancement and resource mobilisation. We believe that the position of disabled people in society is a human and civil rights issue and that society must be changed to allow our full inclus ...

Physical AddressPlot No 530, Bukoto-Kisasi Road
Telephone414 540 179

P.O.Box 177 Hoima,Hoima Town, Main Street Plot 21(B)-Behind Agabagaya Restaurant,

The Navigators of Development Association (NAVODA) was started by seven members with a concern to complement Government and other stakeholders

Contact PersonTusingwire Benon (Executive Director)
Telephone0775 704 014 / 0774 055 126

P.O Box 105, Nebbi,Pithuwa Road-Nebbi Town Council. Opposite Nile computers, ,

The need to form a platform for Civil society organisations in Nebbi District started in 1998 where three civil society organisations in the name of Accelerated Regional Development (AFARD), Community empowerment for Rural Development and Pakwach Rural Development for Microfinance Association (PRUDEPMA) came together to form a platform where Civil society organisations can engage, network and share information as well as collectively advocating for the community. However, due to poor Civil Society coordination in the district and Uganda at large, the innovation failed to take up.In 2001 as a result of many government programmes like Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF), 244 civil society organisations comprising of community based organisations (CBOs), NGOs and Faith Based Organisati ...

Contact PersonOgamdhogwa Moses
Telephone0476 421 656 / 0781 483 555

P.O Box 122 ,Yumbe,Abiriga Road, Yumbe Town Council,

Needy Kids Uganda is a non partisan CBO established in 2003 shortly after the 2002 comprehensive peace agreement between the government of Uganda and Uganda natural resources forum. The insurgence led to high mortality rate, poor maternal health, increased child labour, high school drop outs, low levels of agricultural production, and limited awareness on basic human rights. It was founded by three volunteers whose membership has grown to 21. We are a community catered organisation where there is value for rights in programming, respect, dignity transparency and integrity.The organisation started with a few activities like HIV /AIDS voluntary counselling and testing, Malaria prevention through distribution of mosquito nets, peer educators training on girl child education, distribution of ...

Contact PersonAluma Swali
Telephone0754 992 344/ 0774 289 754/ 0752 405 021/ 0782 103 637
Date Founded

P.O Box 24011 Kampala,Plot 4A, Kimera Ntinda, ,

Representatives of 25 member organisations established NURRU in 1994 to spearhead demand

Contact PersonMr. Obot David (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 288 781

P.O Box 1555, Gulu,Plot 16 Olya Road, Opposite Mega FM,

Northern Uganda Drivers for Prevention of HIV/AIDS and Accident Programme (NUDPHAAP) was initiated in 2009 December to build capacity and disseminate information on road safety and HIV/AIDS prevention aimed at reduction of road accidents and HIV/AIDS in the transport corridor of Northern Uganda. We aim at strengthening preventive measures in order to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and possibly expand support and care for those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. The project targets long truck drivers, taxi and bus drivers as well as boda boda riders of ages between 18 and 50 years in the transport corridor of Northern Uganda. Also included in the target group are the immediate family members of the drivers and rider, employers and employees. Other beneficiaries include producers of technolog ...

Category:HIV / AIDS
Contact PersonKomakech Joseph Ojambo
Telephone0772 317 616

Cuk Wilobo Market Vanguard Parish, Pece Division, Gulu Municipality,

Northern Youth Alive Multipurpose Uganda (NYAMU) was formed by a group of united youth to address challenges of unemployment. This was meant to provide life skills like carpentry and joinery, beauty salons, loan revolving saving scheme for youths and the vulnerable, sensitization on HIV/AIDS through sports activities, general community works and services like carrying out general cleaning and maintenance of the surrounding environment and gender related issues. MissionTo identify some of the sustainable productive activities that can contribute to the development of youths at various relevant skills which can change on their character behaviors and team build them to productive activities to enable vulnerable people and youth and school drop-out to think positively about their future.Goal ...

Contact PersonOpige Richard (Managing Director)
Telephone0782 927 711/ 0712 370 775

P.O Box 219, Ntungamo,Peoples, ,

The Forum is a legal entity that was started in 1997. It registered with the NGO Board in 2002 (under the Non Governmental Registration Statute of 1989) and, in the same year, under the Companies Act as a company limited by guarantee.Mission To ensure one, coherent voice for the development of Ntungamo district through good governanceVision To have a vibrant, self sustaining civil society Objectives

Contact PersonRutagonya Vincent (Chairperson)
Telephone0772 669 780 / 0702 700 304

Karundo,Nyabuswa Parish, Muhusu sub-county, Kabarole,

The organisation was started by Bagonza George William. He wanted to sensitise the youth against HIV/ AIDS and to fight poverty and transform their behaviour. He wanted them to be aware of HIV /AIDS and help them prepare for their future. The first activity was to help the youth to understand group dynamics and participate in activities like gardening, music, dance and drama.We now know how to share our issues that can take our organisation to another step of development. We have an office and a piggery project and music, dance and drama.We are currently sensitising the community through churches and schools on water sanitation, HIV /AIDS, human rights and environment protection. We have increased our networking in the district and other NGOs. Our members

Contact PersonBagonza George William
Telephone0773 352 401
Date Founded

P.O Box 92, Paidhah,Holly Family Nyapea Hospital,

The organisation was started by a group of mothers who were working at Holy Family Nyapea Hospital. The purpose was to increase the importance of mothers and children; nutrition and maternal health services; promote girl and boy child education; prevent HIV/AIDS among the people of Zombo district. The organisation was hoping to achieve a healthy and educated community of Zombo district which was formerly Okuro community.We began by working on health that included the sensitisation of mothers on nutrition and maternal health services, HIV /AIDS prevention done and being taken through community mobilisation and sensitisation, voluntary counselling and testing for the sick people.We worked on water and sanitation which included training, mobilisation and use of clean water through constructio ...

Contact PersonOcanda Wilfred Jatho
Telephone0774 243 671
Date Founded