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P.O. Box 4 , Lyantonde,1/2 km from Lyantonde town along Mbarara road, ,

Rakai Community Based AIDS Organization (RACOBAO) from one of the projects of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) known as Rakai Community Based AIDS Project (RACOBAP). Its major goal was to reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS transmission and mitigate the social economic impact of AIDS. The capacity building process of transiting RACOBAP into a local NGO was started in 2006 and ended in 2007. In 2008, RACOBAO started operations with a goal of having HIV/AIDS affected households in Rakai and Lyantonde districts realize their right to access the Uganda Minimum health care package and living in dignity. VisionA Ugandan community where people are free from HIV/AIDS and are living an improved quality of lifeMissionWe exist to empower communities affected by HIV/AIDS and those at risk to respond ...

Category:HIV / AIDS
Contact PersonSsenkima Stephen (Director)
Telephone0392 721 324

P. O Box 7303, Kampala,Plot 1 Boazman Road Mbuya II,

Reach Out Mbuya Parish HIV/AIDS Initiative was started in May 2001 with only 14 clients in the empty church rooms at the basement. To date, we have 4063 active patients and 10% of these are children. Reach Out Mbuya has grown out of the small Christian community in Mbuya Parish and expanded its services closer to the people through its sites of Mbuya, Banda, Kinawataka, and the recent addition of Kasaala, in Luwero district. Achievements

Category:HIV / AIDS
Contact PersonDr. Stella Alamo Talisuna (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 222 630 / 0414 223 334

P.O. Box 24928, , , 256

Reach The Youth-Uganda (RTY) was founded to respond to the health, social, economic and humanitarian challenges faced by children (5-18 years) and the youth (18-30 years). Vision: A world where youths have the opportunity to maximize their potential and to influence decisions that affect their lives. Mission: To contribute to the process of supporting the youth to have access to opportunities and choices for self-improvement and sustainable livelihoods. The values of RTY are honesty, integrity, continuous learning, investing in staff and volunteers, teamwork, creativity, innovativeness and mutual respect. Its overall is to enable the youth live healthier and more productive lives. RTY is mandated to operate in all district in Uganda and has implemented programmes in Greater ...

Physical AddressPlot 1676 Bukoto-Kisasi Road

Endiinzi Town Board, Bukanga Isingiro, , P.O Box 09, Isingiro

Real Agency For Community Development is a nonprofit making organisation which started as a community based organisation in 2007 then later alone developed into an NGO as it course of work extended to cover the whole district of Isngiro and beyond. And it attained its registration status as an NGO in 2002 from NGO board under NGO Act. Its major activities are; socio-economic development, land management and natural resources conservation. Currently we are implementing the project of tree planting in Endiinzi Sub-County. We are also in preparations to extend the project to Sub-Counties of Kabingo, Kashumba, Rugaaga and Ngarama. In implementing this project we faced a number of challenges like little funds to finance the project to its maximum capacity, limited support from partners in the d ...

Contact PersonAsiimwe Benfred (Director)
Telephone0772 357 580 / 0774 864 501
Date Founded

09 Isingiro, , , 256

Real Agency for Community Development (RACD) is an NGO established in October 2007 as a CBO working in Isingiro District, particularly in three sub counties ie Endiinzi, Mbaare and Rugaaga. It was started with the aim of empowering communities to improve their livelihood by putting up sustainable income generating activities like milk coolers, grinding machines and sensitizing people about HIV/AIDS. Later on the scope of work expanded and RACD went beyond the CBO capacity which prompted the members to advocate for promotion to an NGO status. After registering as an NGO with NGO Board on 12th June, 2012, the organization strengthened its operations in the areas of its objectives set. It started by conserving natural resources, providing support to vulnerable people in Isingiro Distr ...

Physical AddressEndiinzi Town Council, BukangaIsingiro District South ...

P.O Box 409, Masindi,Plot 34 Henry Mugisa Road, Masindi Municipal Council,

RDP-Uganda was started by community youth groups in Masindi, Apac and Nakasongola. Our aim was to mobilize communities especially youth to participate and influence development processes at local government levels, and enhancing youth voices. Our initial activities included; sports tournaments and cultural festivals, leadership training, exchange programmes advocacy and social mobilization activities to engage the youth.Since we started, we have evolved institutionally and programmatically. Several changes have taken place which include; a clear cut focus on youths, a redesigned strategy to focus on youth advocacy and participation. We are members of CCDEU (Citizens Coalition for Electoral Democracy).We are part of the youth manifesto 2011-2016 campaign. We are spearheading the campaign on ...

Contact PersonNkumiro Kenneth (Executive Director)
Telephone0465 420 440 /0392 942 838

P.O. Box 156, Kapchorwa,Plot 2/3,Mella Road, (Opposite Kapchorwa Prisons), ,

The programme was founded in 1996 as a project with support from the UN Population Fund, UNFPA. The purpose was to fight the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) which was seen as a human rights violation and a danger to the health of women and girl children.Being a cultural practice, it took a long time for the community to say no to the practice through a culturally sensitive procedure that aims to eliminate the actual cut but promotes the positive aspects of culture.For better results and for a wider coverage, UNFPA conducted a survey and recommended the REACH programme to operate as an NGO. So, in 2007, REACH was granted NGO status to cover all areas in Uganda that practice female genital mutilation: Sabiny region, Karamoja region, Teso region, Busoga region, parts of Bugisu, p ...

Contact PersonBeatrice Chelangat (Director), Martine Cherukut (Programme Officer)
Telephone0772 504 502 / 0782 881 426

7242 kampala Uganda, , , +256

Reviving Hope Uganda is charitable, indigenous, non-for-profit youth ages from 11-30 and children months – 10 development organization registered with the aim of empowering vulnerable groups particularly the HIV/AIDS victims, youths and orphans with knowledge, skills and support to alleviate poverty within this target group as a strategy to address one of the key factors contributing to the rapid spread of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.Ever since 2012, Reviving Hope Uganda has been joining forces with youth in different areas to prevent, create awareness. Reviving Hope Uganda uses skills development for income generation, information education, community outreach, capacity building to address the given issues and so far we have covered kawuku,namulanda,mpala,bwebajja,kitende,lweza,seguku,lubowa,za ...

Contact PersonJean-Luc Kitsa or Nsubuga Ibrahim Saad .K.
Date Founded

P.O. Box 100, Moroto,Plot 33, Lorika Road- Moroto Municipality,

With the launch of a small disarmament programme in Karamoja 2001, there was lack of adequate preparation and uncertainty. The programme lacked the component of sensitisation which was essential in disarming the mindsets of the Karimajong. It turned out that they would give one gun for an ox-plough, and retain nine for raiding.Many stakeholders and donor agencies like DANIDA were concerned about the pattern and process of disarmament, including fear of violation of human rights, and therefore carried out consultations with relevant actors including the then Moroto NGO forum. Moroto NGO Forum was re-constituted to become Riamiriam Civil society Network in 2003, to provide a common forum/platform through which CSOs could articulate issues of concern and advocate for improved conditions for ...

Contact PersonSylvia Atugonza (Programme Coordinator)
Telephone0774 785 357 / 0752 785 357

P. O. Box 27838, , , +256

Rights Initiatives International is a Non Governmental Organization registered in Uganda under the Act of parliament Cap 113 registration number 11846. Our organization addresses issues of Human rights and Governance including; Civic and political rights, Economic Social and Civic participation, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), Rights to sustainable environment as well as Social Research and policy advocacy. We empower people especially special interest groups including youth, women, people with special needs and older persons to fight for their rights. We address our issues through capacity building, advocacy, training, public education, community dialogues, awareness creation, designing and implementing projects as well as partnership building with the public and other ...

Contact PersonEmmanuel Curuma
Telephone+256 772 579 420

340 KYOTERA RAKAI, , , 256

Rural Community Strategy for Development (RUCOSDE) is a non profit making indigenous non partisan Community based organization found in Rakai District Uganda –East Africa established in January 2006 by a group of Volunteers to identify solutions to increased cases of Violence of marginalized communities, especially Gender based sexual violence which increased HIV/ AIDS and Poverty in the rural areas of Rakai District, Uganda. Vision: Rakai District free from human rights abuse and promotion of good local governance. Mission: To foster the promotion, protection, respect of human rights and good governance in Rakai District.

Telephone0392-961-267,077 2 581178,07054949466

P.O Box 402, Arua,Drajibu Village, Adraa Parish, Offaka sub county, Arua,

The CBO was started by some community members with the view of changing and modernising our community to accept girl child education to build the future; as the saying goes,

Contact PersonDrabuni Caleb
Telephone0785 214 681
Date Founded

P.O Box 24808 Kampala,Millennium Chambers Building, 3rd Floor, Plot 960/961, Entebbe Rd, Kampala, ,

In 2004 Rural Health Promotion and Poverty Alleviation Initiative (RUHEPAI) founders formalised a dream to work with poor rural women and youth in creating a difference in their lives. Six years later, a visible transformation has been made in the lives of people in Birere sub-county of Isingiro District and Ndejje Parish of Wakiso District. There are 939 beneficiaries who are farmers from 64 farmer groups.MissionTo advocate for health and poverty alleviation initiatives that better people

Contact PersonFredica Baguma (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 501 013 / 0772 516 931 / 0703 962 866 / 0775 417 801

P.O. Box 162, Ntungamo,Rushooka Centre, Kayonza Sub-county, Rushenyi County, Ntungamo District, ,

Rushooka Orphans Education Centre (ROEC) was fully registered in 1993 under the NGO National Registration Statute of 1989 and under the Companies Act as a company limited by guarantee. In 2003 it also registered with the Ministry of Education and Sports

Contact PersonRutagonya Vincent (Executive Director)
Telephone0772 669 780 / 0702 700 304

Rwenkarabo, Kiziba, Kagango, Sheema,

Our organisation was started by women of Rwenkarabo and our hope was to achieve wealth as women and a better living for our children and youth. Our First project was coffee planting and pig rearing.At first we as women didn

Contact PersonMulezi Joelia (Chairperson)
Telephone0774 133 154
Date Founded

P.O.Box 592 Kasese Plot 13 Cresent Road Kasese Munincipality, ,

Rwenzori African Development Foundation (RADF) is a private, voluntary and Non-governmental organization working in collaboration with local governments, NGOs, community based organizations, women groups, youth groups and others towards improving the social economic well-being of the rural and urban people of the Rwenzori Region.RADF was founded in May 2007 by a team of development workers who met and resolved to create of a development path for the Rwenzori Region. VisionAn empowered and self reliant community living quality and dignified lives in peaceful co-existenceMissionTo strengthen the capacities and empower the rural and urban communities thereby helping to improve their living standardsObjectiveTo build and strengthen the capacity and competences of the rural and urban communitie ...

Contact PersonMuhindo Jackson Rukara- Programmes Manager
Telephone0483 444 616

P.O. Box 898, , , 256

Rwenzori Center for Research and Advocacy (RCRA) is a non-profit company limited by guarantee, registered under Institutions Act 2012 with charity No. 186835 to operate in Uganda. It was formed in 2010 as a CBO/182 by a group of social workers and scientists with the purpose of fostering innovations to improve lives of women and children. RCRA is also registered with the US federal government under NCAGE code: SWF69. RCRA operates in the 7 districts of Rwenzori Region in Western Uganda. RCRA endeavors to expand coverage in Uganda and extend its technology for development services to Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, Malawi and South Sudan. RCRA presently collaborates with Local Governments, International development organizations, Health Centres, Clinics and Hospitals, Moon University ...

Physical AddressBoma Government Building, Fort Portal

P.O Box 916, Fort Portal, , , +256

Rwenzori Information Centres Network (RIC-NET) is a community owned information, knowledge and skills sharing network established in 2005 by the Civil Society Organizations in Rwenzori region, western Uganda. The genesis of RIC-NET was at an open space forums for CSOs in 2002/2003, where the need to establish a network to boost effective and reliable information sharing was higly pronouced. RIC-NET was established to harnesses the available resources and opportunities in order to strengthen information, knowledge and skills sharing within the region. The genesis of RIC-NET was the result of an open space forum for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in 2002/2003, whereby participants expressed a need to establish a network for effective information and knowledge sharing throughout the regi ...

Contact PersonMurugahara John

Butangwa -Butebe, , , 916

RIC-NET genesis was at an open space forums for Rwenzori region CSOs in 2002/2003, which indentified need for effective and reliable information sharing among different shake holders as the most important element that would unlock the region potentials. RIC-NET is a community owned and initiated network of information centres from rural villages to the regional level. RIC-NET registered as CBO in 2005 and incorporated without share capital Reg. 85565 (under section 16(1) of company Act). in 2006, and registerd as Not for profit local NGO by S.5914/11258 (under NGO registration ACT, CAP.113)

Contact PersonM John Silco