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City: Kampala

P.O Box 676, Kampala,Plot 2514/15, Gaba Road, Kansanga,

At ActionAid, we do things differently. Our goal is to end poverty. ActionAid works with poor people in over 40 countries across the world. We focus on the people that others forget. People in poverty. People who face discrimination. People whose voices are ignored. We help people fight for the rights that they are denied. Simple things, like the right to eat. The right to stay on their land. To an education. To a say in the decisions that shape their lives. We

Contact PersonArthur Larok (Country Director)
Telephone0392 220 002

P.O Box 16729,Kampala,ACFODE House Plot 623/624 Bukoto,

Action for Development (ACFODE) is an indigenous, voluntary, non-governmental women

Contact PersonRegina Bafaki (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 531 812

P.O. Box 4553, Kampala,Plot 20 ,

Uganda Health Marketing Group (UHMG) is an indigenous organization that was founded by reputable public health and social marketing Ugandan professionals in 2006. With support and mentorship of the AFFORD Health Marketing Initiative, a USAID

Contact PersonBrenda Kabagweri (Corporate and External Relations Manager)
Telephone0312 244 718

P.O Box 5018, Kampala,Bukoto-Ntinda Road (off Froebel Stage), Kampala, ,

Action for Youth with Disabilities Uganda (AYDU) is a registered nongovernmental, non-profit organization founded by and for youth with disabilities in Uganda. It is a national umbrella for young people with all forms of disabilities aimed at creating a unified voice for them and ensuring their full integration not only within the mainstream disability movement, but also in national inclusive programmes. AYDU envisions youth with disabilities living dignified and productive lives. Its mission is to empower youth with disabilities to advocate for their rights and engage meaningfully in social, economic, political and other activities. AYDU

Contact PersonOlweny Aggrey (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 288 495 / 0712 041 963

P.O Box 6599, Kampala,Cape Town Road, Mawanga Zone, Munyonyo,

Concern Worldwide is an international, nongovernmental humanitarian agency founded in 1968 in Dublin, Ireland. Concern Worldwide responds to emergencies and works to advance people in greatest need in 28 countries in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. Concern Worldwide in Uganda started working in 1980, with a famine relief operation in the Karamoja region. The organization returned to Uganda in 1990 to respond to HIV and AIDS pandemic mostly in Western Uganda. Since then, Concern Worldwide has maintained a presence in the country and implemented a range of projects supporting good governance and the decentralization process, enhancing people

Contact PersonMary O
Telephone0414 269 731 / 0414 269 825/ 0414 501 908 / 0392 702 937

P.O Box 1663, Kampala,Plot 1 Perryman Gardens Off Hoima Road,

National Association of Women Organisations in Uganda (NAWOU) is an indigenous umbrella for women organizations formed in 1992. NAWOU is an affiliate of International Council of Women, has a consultative status with United Nations Economic and social Council (ECOSOC) and collaborates with several networks; international NGOs and development partners.It was formed to harness efforts of various women organisations

Contact PersonPeace T. Kyamureku (Secretary General)
Telephone0414 258 463

P.O Box 27789, Kampala,Bukadde Magezi Building-Ndeeba,2nd floor,

Action Line for Development (ALFORD) was established as an NGO that supports community initiatives in three programs areas namely, education, Health, secure livelihood and national volunteering scheme.MissionTo educate community empowerment and care for the disadvantaged and poor communities in the UgandaVisionTo have holistic approach to self

Contact PersonEric Mwanje (Programmes Director)
Telephone0414 274 388 /0784 570 418 /0752 655 919

P. O Box 8567, Kampala,Plot no. 530, Kisasi Road-Bukoto,

The National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda (NUDIPU) is an indigenous umbrella Non Governmental organization of Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) that brings together all disability categories including sensory, physically and mentally impaired people. NUDIPU was formed in 1987 when the then existing associations of PWDs came together to break the tradition that tended to treat them as objects of charity and medical care. Before NUDIPU was formed, the voice of PWDs was scattered, a scenario that left the disability issues isolated from the society's main development priorities. NUDIPU derives its mandate from the membership of district based disability associations and National Disabled Peoples

Contact PersonSebuliba Michael (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 540 179 / 531 952 / 0772 480 913

P.O Box 24667, Kampala,Plot No.13 Factory Road and 40 Hancock Road,

Action Group for Health Human Rights and HIV/AIDS Uganda (AGHA-U) is an indigenous Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in July 2003 to mobilize health professionals and health consumers to address issues of human rights as they relate to health, with a specific focus on HIV/AIDS. AGHA brings together doctors, nurses and other professionals with NGOs interested in promoting human rights in the health sector to create local and national networks dedicated to health advocacy.Achievements

Category:HIV / AIDS
Contact PersonOdwe Dennis (Programme Officer)
Telephone0414 348 491

P.O Box 692 Kampala ,Plot No. 2809, Muyenga Tank Hill Road, ,

Community Integrated Development Initiatives (CIDI) was founded with mandates focused on mobilizing and empowering communities to carry out activities in areas of; enhancing food security, backing efforts in primary health care among urban dwellers, supporting income generating activities in agriculture, environment protection, water and sanitation.Over years, CIDI

Contact PersonLukanga Musisi Samuel (Senior Program Officer
Telephone0701 314 075

P.O Box 2831, Kampala,Plot 2727, Muyenga Road,Kampala,

VSO is an international development agency that works through volunteer professionals to fight poverty and disadvantage. VSO sees development as a complex and continuous process that empowers people and communities to fight disadvantage, take control of their future and fulfill their potential.VSO has been working in Uganda since 1962. Initially, VSO supported the education sector; this has evolved over time due dynamism in the development arena and today, VSO works in 3 programme areas, including health, disability and participation and governance. So far, more than 6,000 international volunteers have been placed to work with different partner organisations. While Uganda enjoys a high growth rate averaging 8% per annum, this is currently not proportionately being translated into better li ...

Contact PersonPeter Barnard (Country Director)
Telephone0414 269 655 /267 008 /268 984 / 0312 264 595

P.O Box 16548, Kampala,8 Km Gayaza Road, Mpererwe off Buwambo Road,

Katalemwa Cheshire Home for Rehabilitation Services (KCH) was initially set up to provide a family home environment to people who were incurable, sick and physically disabled. Over the years the home has expanded and the emphasis changed from long-term residential care for adults to short-term rehabilitation for children with physical disabilities. In 2000, the National Council of Cheshire Homes was formed to coordinate activities of all the Cheshire Homes in Uganda. Katalemwa therefore ceased to have responsibility for the other homes and started increasing rehabilitation services both at the centre and in the communities through collaborations and partnerships. KCH focuses on providing medical and social rehabilitation to children with disabilities and their families, provision of mobili ...

Contact PersonKibanga Samuel James (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 590 739 / 0752 494 529

P.O.BOX 4636, Kampala,Plot 25, Muyenga Tank Hill Road, Kabalagala,

The NGO Forum

Contact PersonRichard Ssewakiryanga (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 510 272 / 0312 260 373 / 0414 501 674

P.O Box 27193 Kampala,Kakiri Town Wakiso,

Agency for Integrated Rural Development (AFIRD) was founded in 1997 by a group of professionals who realized the need for an integrated approach to rural development given their experience. VisionA society free from hunger and diseases living in a peaceful and green environmentMissionWe aim at improving the livelihood of vulnerable communities through capacity building in sustainable natural resources management to increase income.Strategic Objectives

Contact PersonEustace Sajjabi (Director)
Telephone0772 550 387 / 0414 374 851

P.O. Box 11027, Kampala,Human Rights House, Plot 1853, Lulume Road, Nsambya,

Foundation for Human Rights Initiative (FHRI) is an independent, non-governmental, non-partisan and not-for profit human rights organization. Established in 1991, FHRI is legally registered as a non-governmental human rights organization under the Non-governmental Organization Registration Statute 1989 and, is duly incorporated under the Companies Act, Cap. 110 as a body corporate. The organization seeks to enhance the knowledge, respect and observance of human rights, promote exchange of information and best practices. The organization has Observer Status with the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights, is a member of the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty and is affiliated to the International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH).FHRI is implementing the sixth strategic plan ...

Contact PersonLivingstone Sewanyana (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 510 263 / 510 276/ 256 752 / 791 963

P.O Box 10293,Kampala,Tagore Crescent ,Plot 18, Kamwokya,

Uganda Child Rights NGO Network (UCRNN) brings together community-based organizations, national and International organizations working to improve the welfare of children in Uganda. We exist to undertake joint action for the promotion and protection of children

Contact PersonStella Ayo-Odongo (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 543 548 / 0414 532 131

P.O. Box 9719, Kampala,Plot 4775 Church Road off Ggaba Road, Kansanga,

HORIZONT3000 Austrian Organisation for Development Cooperation is an Austrian NGO working in the field of development cooperation with its Head Office in Vienna, Austria and field offices in Uganda, Mozambique, Nicaragua, and Papua New Guinea. In East Africa, HORIZONT3000 started its operations in 1988 in Fort Portal District in Uganda, by the name of Austrian Service for Development Cooperation (OED). This name was changed to HORIZONT3000 in 2001, when OED merged with two other organisations. Today the Regional Office East Africa is situated in Kampala in Uganda. HORIZONT3000

Contact PersonJosua Burkart (Regional Director East Africa)
Telephone0414 510 385 / 0414 267 102