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Muvule R/d plot 29, , , P.O Box 861 Tororo

In a community where people were disadvantaged and faced with food insecurity, disease outbreaks and high dependency levels, Action for Behaviour Change (ABC) was started. Our main purpose of set-up was to transform livelihoods in communities and empower people to control diseases and become self-reliant.In our infancy days, we educated communities on family planning methods, nutrition, child protection and support for OVCs, vocational training, care and support interventions and micro enterprise skills for school drop-outs. We nurtured some of the community needs and skills for the youth.Over the years, there was an increment in the demand for our services in the community, which saw us expand and move on to three other districts. We have had working partnerships with other organisations ...

Contact PersonOnyaango John (Executive director)
Telephone0772 866 164
Date Founded

P.O Box 27789, Kampala,Bukadde Magezi Building-Ndeeba,2nd floor,

Action Line for Development (ALFORD) was established as an NGO that supports community initiatives in three programs areas namely, education, Health, secure livelihood and national volunteering scheme.MissionTo educate community empowerment and care for the disadvantaged and poor communities in the UgandaVisionTo have holistic approach to self

Contact PersonEric Mwanje (Programmes Director)
Telephone0414 274 388 /0784 570 418 /0752 655 919

P.O Box 27193 Kampala,Kakiri Town Wakiso,

Agency for Integrated Rural Development (AFIRD) was founded in 1997 by a group of professionals who realized the need for an integrated approach to rural development given their experience. VisionA society free from hunger and diseases living in a peaceful and green environmentMissionWe aim at improving the livelihood of vulnerable communities through capacity building in sustainable natural resources management to increase income.Strategic Objectives

Contact PersonEustace Sajjabi (Director)
Telephone0772 550 387 / 0414 374 851

P.O Box 616,Arua,Plot 15, Okuti Lane,Arua Municipality,

The civil society organisations were caring out activities in an uncoordinated manner. ADINGON was formed to coordinate activities of members to strengthen their effectiveness in policy advocacy and lobbing; networking and capacity enhancement.We exist to provide a collective voice for civil society to promote good governance in the district.We began with capacity building to the member organisations and working on policy research and advocacy. The active membership has grown up to 68. There is effective collaboration with MAYANK, Anti Corruption Coalition and DENIVA. Current programmes

Contact PersonAcadribo Henry (Coordinator)
Telephone0783 310 866/ 0772 863 305
Date Founded

P.O Box 123, Nebbi,Bishop Orombi Road, NECUSOC Complex Afere, Nebbi Town Council

Three concerned individuals from Nebbi district had a shared vision of a clean and healthy environment for sustainable community development. We all had similar educational backgrounds in natural resources management. We were hoping to provide support and innovation to communities to realize their local capacities to use natural resources sustainably for transformation.We started by raising awareness on climate change, its effects and defining mitigation strategies or local risk reduction solutions in 3 sub counties of Nebbi. We also conducted a context analysis / baseline survey on resources management and land use in Alwii sub-county.Our organization believes that natural resources can be used sustainably through collective efforts of all stakeholders involved in its use. Ours is only a ...

Contact PersonAbok Openytho (Program Director)
Telephone0772 901 219 / 0752 901 219 / 0772 582 776
Date Founded

P. o Box 79, Jinja,Plot 2 Main Street, General Post Office Building,

Bakatawamu Information and Development Empowerment (BIDE) was initially formed as a women

Contact PersonPatrick Tazuba (Director)
Telephone0434 243 392 / 0776 611 669 / 0752 611 669

P.O Box 304, Mityana,Bbuye Kikumbi, Mityana Town Council,

The organisation was started by a team of seven women to improve the lives of women in terms of income, health, education and financial support in the community. They initially began with conducting income generating activities; water and sanitation and HIV/AIDS mobilisation for testing and seeking treatment. Ever since the organisation started their engagements there has been water tanks distribution to the needy. Scholarships have been given to 120 students at different levels. Tree planting and distribution has been well done. We have joined different networks at national and international levels. Currently, we are engaged in palliative care (terminal ill care and management). From these engagements, groups have been formed; courses, seminars and workshops for the board development h ...

Contact PersonNtabaazi Lucy
Telephone0752 625 237
Date Founded

P.O Box 340471 Kampala,Head office; Annex B Building Bulange Mengo,

Buganda Cultural and Development Foundation (BUCADEF) was established by the Buganda Kingdom after recognition that Buganda was endowed with many untapped human and material resource and these could be harnessed for the betterment of the community. Vision A dignified quality of life for the people in BugandaMission Promote and foster the social and economic advancement of all people of Buganda using culture blended with modern management styles to cause sustainable developmentObjectives

Contact PersonKabonge Charles (Ag. Chief Executive Officer)
Telephone0414 271 870

Anai Parish Lira Sub-county, ,

The LRA war that lasted over 21 years left a scourge and enormous needs among the people in Northern Uganda. It

Contact PersonHardson Ongura (Education Director)
Telephone0772 637 971
Date Founded

P.O Box 192, Kitgum,Plot 11, Oneka Road, East Ward, , ,

This is a child focused organisation established in 2006 and registered with the NGO Board (Registration No. F 5914/450). Its mission is to enable vulnerable children to meet their expectations of life. The vision is to ensure a world where children develop to their full potential.The NGO aims to address the problems of:

Contact PersonPeter Ogenga Abwola (Coordinator)
Telephone0712 581 308

Fort Portal, , , P.O Box 460,Fort Portal

CABCS is a company limited by guarantee without share capital and not for profit. It was formed by seven founder organisations SATNET, KRC, JESE, KIIMA FOODS, MMU and RUCIDIn order to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers, CABCS facilitates the building of their capacity in agribusiness management in order for farmers to operate professionally and establish competitive agribusiness enterprises.We make information accessible on exchange, credit or technical assistance and encourage use of better in-puts, equipment, or production processes that can increase their efficiency and returns. We offer counselling through business advice, or mentoring Information, we also offer consultancies according to clients

Contact PersonRwekamba Patrick (Chief Executive Director)
Telephone0772 605 753 / 0483 422 118
Date Founded

P.O Box 692 Kampala ,Plot No. 2809, Muyenga Tank Hill Road, ,

Community Integrated Development Initiatives (CIDI) was founded with mandates focused on mobilizing and empowering communities to carry out activities in areas of; enhancing food security, backing efforts in primary health care among urban dwellers, supporting income generating activities in agriculture, environment protection, water and sanitation.Over years, CIDI

Contact PersonLukanga Musisi Samuel (Senior Program Officer
Telephone0701 314 075

P.O. Box 33081, Kampala,Plot 65, Semawata Road, Ntinda,

Community Shelters Uganda (CSU) is a Ugandan non-political, non - governmental and non - profit making organization seeking to reach out to the dire homeless needy families. We target HIV/AIDS affected people and infected pregnant mothers and children, elderly persons with children under their care, persons with disability, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), refugees, war, floods and mudslides affected families. CSU provides them with free simple decent houses, Ventilated Improved Pit-Latrines (VIPs), protection of spring wells and provision of water tanks for harvesting clean water. Our major aim is to contribute sustainably to the standards of living of the underprivileged communities in Uganda by providing free decent simple permanent shelters, ventilated improved pit latrines (VIPs), ...

Contact PersonKiisa Barnabas (Executive Director)
Telephone0414 288 617

Nyantungo road, kyenjojo town, , P.O Box 783, kyenjojo

Development foundation for rural areas (DEFORA) was started in 1994 by seven committed rural philanthropists to address the plight of marginalized poor rural communities mostly women and children and help them improve their livelihoods. DEFORA desires to see an economically empowered, self sustaining, healthy and peaceful society.Our initial activities involved community mobilization and sensitization on human rights awareness campaigns, advocacy and lobbying, HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support, PMTCT and HCT, vocational education to OVCs who had dropped out of school.We continue to operate with all the above activities in addition to offering small grants to identified and trained community groups; conducting UWEZO annual learning assessments; implementing community empowerment program ...

Contact PersonRev. Stephen Kalyebara
Telephone0782 484 901 or 0704 937 377
Date Founded

P.O Box 1069, Lira,Plot 41 Boroboro Road, Senior Quarters, Lira,

The organisation was started by four Ugandans with the aim of providing clean and safe water for the people of northern and eastern Uganda who have little or no access to safe water. VisionWe envision a whole man living with hope in a healthy Community environmentObjectivesWe aim at establishing the face of hope to desperate people of Uganda by developing communities into healthy places to live. This is done by;

Contact PersonDeleo Moses Ocen (Executive Director)
Telephone0392 967 162
Date Founded

P.O. Box 931, Gulu,Plot 17, Commercial Road, Pece Division, Gulu Municipality,

For the last ten years our work has been focused on educating people on peace, conflict resolution, and prevention of violence and HIV/AIDS. We carried out peace education through youth groups in and outside schools; supported peace clubs in schools and communities through life skills and livelihood programming ; charity work in the community accompanied by sensitization of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) through drama on early pregnancy and HIV; educational and scholastic support to vulnerable children due to HIV and other causes; and engaging policy makers on issues concerning stigma, discrimination and child rights due to HIV status. We have taken up microfinance in Bungatira Sub County in Gulu and Lamogi Sub County in Amuru district.VisionA peaceful Acholiland and Uganda as a whole ...

Contact PersonLabeja Olweny (Programme Coordinator)
Telephone0772 519 641 / 0772 519 641

P.O. Box 3430 Kampala,Plot 56 Bwaise-Nabweru road,

Environmental Management for Livelihood Improvement Bwaise Facility [EMLI Bwaise Facility] is an environmental non

Contact PersonSydah Naigaga
Telephone0312 111 249 / 0202 648 080

P.O Box 227, Adjumani, Former LWF Compound; Moyo-Adjumani Road, Rassia Village, Pachara Sub County, Adjumani,

The Organization was started by former seminarians to promote development works in the communities so as to improve qualities of lives of the people in Uganda especially Adjumani and Moyo Districts in particular. The first activity of the Organization was capacity building of the members on governance and management. The organisation implemented peace building projects in the communities of Adjumani so as to resolve domestic violence in families among others. The members later came up with a constitution for the organization and that helped in registration of the organization with National NGO Board. FOSID later came up with internal governance policy documents and Board of Governors.Our vision is to have a self-reliant, health and prosperous community where there are equal opportunities f ...

Contact PersonAnyama John Kennedy (Team Leader)
Telephone0772 304 287/0772 578 5311
Date Founded

Ntwetwe Subcounty, Kyankwanzi District, , , P.O Box 56, Kiboga

FOSEDE was started by a group of community members with the aim of promoting sustainable community development through improving standards of living for the rural people in the district.We first engaged in HIV / AIDS awareness, sensitisation and counselling, nutrition and early childhood development services, Child Growth Monitoring and Promotion, and Water and Sanitation.Our current programmes include

Contact PersonSsonko James ( CBO Facilitator )
Telephone0414 235 790
Date Founded

P.O Box 1015, Kyenjojo,Kasiina Kyenjojo Town Council,

The organisation was started by two concerned community members; Peace and Patrick Ruharuza. Their aim was to restore hope to the hopeless children of Kyenjojo District through creating a child abuse free environment with Christian values as the foundation.They started with projects like water and sanitation (SODIS), back to school program, psycho- social support and construction of a children

Contact PersonKakwezi William (Coordinator)
Telephone0776 836 946 /0392 893 660
Date Founded