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Kyenjojo town council, , , P.O Box 1021,kyenjojo

The organization was started by seven Agro-Business graduates of Makerere with the aim of achieving improved agricultural entrepreneurship and innovation with the objective of commercializing agriculture since it’s the backbone of Uganda’s economy and a major employer of the rural population.   We started out by forming Farmers’ groups, sensitizing farmers in modern commercial agriculture that entails proper record management and educating farmers about agricultural diversification and processing.   We have registered achievements in Farmer groups where they have learnt and accepted the importance of forming groups and production record keeping.    Currently there are no programmes in process apart from few field visits. This is due to financial constraints and limited human resource ...

Contact PersonMukonyezi Francis
Telephone0783 920076 / 0755 904250
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Obol Akal Road, Pader Town Council, , , P.O Box 17, Pader

ARiD was started in 2010 by five young professionals who wanted to make positive impacts on the lives of the youth and women in northern Uganda. The development oriented organization aims at transforming the lives of the people emerging from the legacy of the civil war, especially of the vulnerable communities, as a result, we set out; I.To advocate for the promotion, protection and fulfilment of rights and dignity of marginalized groups and individuals II.To contribute to conflict management, peace building, leadership and good governance  III.Provide community based life-skills trainings and educational support to vulnerable communities. IV.To conduct cutting-edge action oriented and policy advocacy research on contemporary issues affecting mankind. V.To offer technical support serv ...

Contact PersonBen Otto Adol (Coordinator)
Telephone0755 104165
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Nkokonjeru Cell, Plot 51-60 DC Block Suite 27 Republic Street, Mbale, , , P.O. Box 1786 Mbale

Babuka Development Trust Uganda (BUDETU) is a voluntary charitable Non-profit making, grassroots Development oriented and duly registered Non Governmental Organisation operational in the Republic of Uganda. Historical Background: BUDETU was initiated in Bumusayi Village, Bubutu Sub County in Manafwa District by a group of local youth mainly of OVC origin to improve on their status and livelihood using the local resources. The organization was initiated with guidance from elders and guardians in 2008 but got a statutory recognition early in 2011.The organisation begun with a simple membership of 16 youths and 2 elders but currently has about 24 membership and 112 men and women beneficiaries.   BUDETU activities are consolidated by management pillars of the General Assembly, The Registere ...

Contact PersonWakimwai Benedictus Anthony (Chairperson)
Telephone0788 580 332
Fax+256 454 434 461
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Bugiri Town Council, , , P.O Box 37, Bugiri

BUPOMO-NET is a community based organization in Bugiri Town Council. It started as a group of community monitors established by Uganda Debt Network but later on transformed into a community based organization. BUPOMO-NET’S GOAL was to have an informed, mobilized civil society participating in formation, monitoring and evaluation in the implementing of development programmes. BUPOMO-NET also wanted to have an open, Transparent, accountable and prosperous Ugandan society. This was to be achieved through lobbying and advocating for prudent management and effective use of national resources for the benefit of all Ugandans through community Monitoring, Mobilization, information sharing, skills and knowledge formation, learning, public education campaigns in collaboration with Civil Society Orga ...

Contact PersonHyuha Chrispus Jarmen (Coordinator)
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Plot 54 Persee Street, , , P.O Box 368 Masindi,

Masindi Community Foundation, MCF, is a nonprofit organization created by the communities of Masindi district in the year 2011 to nurture and strengthen community philanthropy so as to build social capital for promoting and facilitating asset based development as an approach that enables local citizens establish and manage sustainable social enterprises capable of improving their livelihoods and helping them achieve poverty relief. Vision  Making Masindi a better place to live for everyone. Mission To mobilize and endow resources for the promotion and facilitation of asset based development so as to enable local citizens establish and manage sustainable social enterprises capable of improving their livelihoods and helping them achieve poverty relief. Objectives •Promote asset based d ...

Contact PersonMicheal Kirungi (Chief Executive Officer)
Telephone0465 420090
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PO Box 26, ,

The Uganda Restoration Gospel Churches Organization (URGCO) was started in 1960 and formally registered as a corporate entity in 2013 operating in Kabarole and Kyenjojo Districts, Western Uganda. URGCO is a faith based NGO whose main objective is evangelism to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Ruwenzori Region and the rest of Uganda. URGCO through evangelism provides Social economic and humanitarian support to Women, Youth, PWDs, and older persons, Prisoners, Refugees and Children in need. These services are provided through health, education, and livelihood support programmes. The following are first activities of the organisation: Evangelism to the Community Establishment of nursery and primary schools Formation of saving and credit units for Christians Income generating ...

Contact PersonBakambiiha Stephen (Publicity Secretary/ Director, Orphans, Widows and Elderly)
Telephone+256 782 747 033