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City: Apac

P.O. Box 167, Apac,Plot 19, Biashara street, Apac, ,

Campaign Against Domestic Violence in the community (CADOVIC) was established with the aim of reducing domestic violence against women and children. Since 2001, we have been handling cases of violence against women and children and registered a great impact through the different strategies of handling domestic violence cases. These include guidance and counselling, mediation, networking, dialogues, training, information sharing, provision of financial support to sexually abused victims, case tracking and follow up of cases at different levels like court, clan levels, community among others.The output and out comes were created with the meagre financial support from Action Aid International

Contact PersonArum Felix George Ojok (Coordinator) or Florence Omara (Treasurer)
Telephone0775 445 580 / 0712 63 967 / 0772 308 647

P. O Box 64, Apac,Plot 11,Republic road , Apac,

TAACC was started by a group of volunteers headed by Hon. David Ebong Abong, to curb down mismanagement of public funds, abuse of office and denial of service delivery to the community. The community members could not access drugs in hospital and health units and there was need for fair justice in courts of law and before the police. The community required governance, transparency, accountability and effective service delivery.Our initial activity was to organize the Anti-corruption week. We started recruitment of community Independent Budget Monitors (IBM) in ten sub counties and built their capacity to do the work effectively.We started as a small organization called Anti-Corruption Coalition of Apac (ACCA) in 22 sub counties and to date we are covering Lango sub region of 8 districts in ...

Contact PersonOpwonya Tom (Coordinator)
Telephone0772 647 107

P.O Box 160, Apac,Plot 22, Olelpek Road, Almanu Building,

The organization was started by a group of individuals who realized the high levels of domestic violence and lack of access to legal services in communities in the Lango sub region. The women were being beaten and battered by their husbands; children were not getting uniforms, scholastic materials and tuition from their parents. The purpose was to call for service delivery and favorable policy for women and children.We first worked in Chegere Sub- County where we created awareness on HIV/AIDS, provided uniforms and scholastic materials to 50 pupils of Ilee Primary school, mattresses to 25 OVCs in secondary schools and hybrid cocks to ten widows.Since the organisation started, the coverage has increased from one parish to three districts. The beneficiaries include 200 women and 1,800 childr ...

Contact PersonEbuu Martin Odwong
Telephone0772 946 225 / 0392 835 103