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City: Arua

P.O. Box 1315, Arua,Plot 57 Avenue Road, Uganda Red Cross Society Building,

Approaches to Rural Community Development (ARCOD) formerly

Contact PersonManasseh Acidri (Program Coordinator)
Telephone0476 460 222 / 0772 912 124

P.O Box 616,Arua,Plot 15, Okuti Lane,Arua Municipality,

The civil society organisations were caring out activities in an uncoordinated manner. ADINGON was formed to coordinate activities of members to strengthen their effectiveness in policy advocacy and lobbing; networking and capacity enhancement.We exist to provide a collective voice for civil society to promote good governance in the district.We began with capacity building to the member organisations and working on policy research and advocacy. The active membership has grown up to 68. There is effective collaboration with MAYANK, Anti Corruption Coalition and DENIVA. Current programmes

Contact PersonAcadribo Henry (Coordinator)
Telephone0783 310 866/ 0772 863 305
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P.O Box 239,Arua,Weatherhead Park Road, Anyafio, Arua Municipality,

CEGED was started by four professional experts who had worked with international NGOs in Westnile region. Initially most NGOs that worked in the region in the pre and post conflict times employed staff that were not originally born in the region. Having phased out the programmes, most of them left and there was a large capacity gap left. Many good initiatives, best practices and lessons learnt were not replicated or sustained by the local CSOs. CEGED was formed to provide local capacity as a center of excellence in non- profit programming.MissionTo contribute to equitable sustainable development in Westnile region through promoting effective service deliveryVisionTo promote good governance as a catalyst for social economic development in WestnileOur initial activities included;

Contact PersonKatungye Vincent (Team Leader)
Telephone0392 300 434

Driver's Corner Building, Maracha Town Council, , , 652, Arua

Amani Initiative is a Ugandan NGO that was established in 2011 by a group of Ugandan youths who were directly or indirectly affected by the pertinent issue of teenage pregnancy & early marriage. The organization is registered with the NGO Board under registration number 9539. Amani Initiative has been awarded by six child based organizations (ANPPCAN-Uganda, Child Fund Uganda, Compassion International, Save the Children in Uganda, UCRNN, World Vision Uganda and UNICEF for its efforts in the fight against teenage pregnancy & early marriage under the 2013 Tumaini Awards. Vision A community whereby each child has an equal opportunity to quality education and develops to full potential without the impact of teenage pregnancy & early marriage.  Mission To create sustainable s ...

Contact PersonOchatre Nixon
Telephone+256 703 154 084

P.O Box 404, Arua,

The organisation which was started by concerned youths was aimed at improving the socio-economic welfare of the community for sustainable development i.e. PWDs, women, elderly and vulnerable children. It was also meant to achieve unity, peace and reduce poverty through campaigns, lobbying and advocacy. They started by addressing issues around sexually gender based violence (SGBV); Child rights and protection; Environmental protection awareness and Water and sanitation. Through the work of our organisation reduced cases of domestic violence at household levels and divorce cases have been observed. Child abuse has also reduced in the community and there is increased awareness in the community on the environment and the number of protected water sources. To date we are continuing to plant ...

Contact PersonBuzu Fred Bayo
Telephone0774 186 655
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P.O Box 630, Arua, Ocebu Alibu village, C/O Giligili Trading Centre,Arua,

The organization was formed by a group of five Persons Living with HIV/AIDS (PHAs) to reduce stigma and discrimination. They started by carrying out outreaches for HIV/AIDS awareness; home visiting; Music, Dance and Drama for sensitization; referrals and counselling; and palliative care. People who were initially shying away from the community because they were PHAs have now started sharing openly with community members about their situation. The turn up for VCT services has also increased which has helped most of them to know their HIV status. We are currently engaged in agriculture that includes goat rearing. We are also implementing programmes in education and health. The organization has provided children living with HIV/AIDS with scholastic materials and school uniforms. We still n ...

Category:HIV / AIDS
Contact PersonOnziga Francis (Director)
Telephone0774 407 090
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P.O Box 402, Arua,Drajibu Village, Adraa Parish, Offaka sub county, Arua,

The CBO was started by some community members with the view of changing and modernising our community to accept girl child education to build the future; as the saying goes,

Contact PersonDrabuni Caleb
Telephone0785 214 681
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P.O. Box 865, Arua,Plot 62/64, Avenue Road, Arua Town, ,

Participatory Initiative for Real Development (PIRD-U) is a local organization initiated by retired and working professionals of various areas of discipline who had vast working experiences with the communities, NGOs, CBOs, private institutions, government and Individuals.PIRD-U was instituted in 2004 to provide consultancy services and conduct research as a basis to positively influence societal activities focused at the welfare of the communities in the district, region and the country.The scope of the institution

Contact PersonAndama Martin
Telephone0772 863 305