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City: Gulu

P.O Box 275, Gulu,Plot 9 Erinayo Oryema Road, Kanyagoga, Bar Dege Divison, Gulu Municipality,

In response to women and children

Contact PersonJonathan Lea-Howarth (AG. Country Director)
Telephone0781667667/ 0704 519 443/0712 634 202 /0771 843 664

P.O Box 104,Gulu,Plot 16,Olya Road,Gulu Municipality,

ARLPI was started by the top religious leaders from the Acholi sub-region. These were both Christians and Muslims. They were proactively responding to the LRA conflict with the aim of bringing it to an end using non violent means.ARLPI remains committed in pursuing peaceful means to end the LRA conflict in the region, and to lobby for funds to implement grass root programmes in the aftermath of the LRA conflict in the Northern Uganda. To achieve this broad aim, a strategic plan has been revised for the period 2011-2016. The first projects implemented included;

Contact PersonLoum Patrick (Programme Coordinator)
Telephone0417 143 484

P.O Box 963, Gulu,Alokolum Kirombe Sub-ward, Layibi Division, Gulu Municipality,

Our organization was founded by Late Rev. Fr. Paul Otolini, Rev. Sr Jovanah Calabria and Rev. Sr Dr. Dorina Tadielo. They were later joined by the late Dr. Mathew Lukwiya and a group of volunteer parishioners of Gulu cathedral parish. It was founded to provide care and support to people infected by HIV/AIDS who were then being stigmatized and abandoned by their families and relatives. This was a Christian response to the HIV/AIDS Pandemic.The first activities of the organization included home visits and praying with the sick; transportation of bed ridden sick people to Lacor hospital; collection and distribution of food items and clothing by volunteers to the sick; training and animation of volunteers in caring for the sick; HIV/AIDS awareness rising and behavior change education targeting ...

Category:HIV / AIDS
Contact PersonOpiyo Masimo (Executive Director)
Telephone0392 761 741/ 0787 070 807/ 0788 708 797/ 0777 370 677

P.O Box 364, Gulu,Plot 5, John Labeja Road, Layibi Centre, Pece Division,

Gulu District Farmers Association (GDFA) was formed in l992 with the objective of mobilizing the farming community to have one voice under one independent umbrella organization. GDFA is also a registered member of the Uganda National Farmers Federation, the umbrella body for all farmer organizations in Uganda. The association operates in the whole of Gulu district. Currently, the total membership stands at 8,200 members.GDFA is dedicated to eradicating poverty in the smallholder

Contact PersonDennis Adonga Laloyo (Coordinator)
Telephone0789 555 500 / 0772 826 735

P.O.Box 16673 Kampala,Plot 15 Kitgum Road, Unyama Trading Centre,

Childcare Development Organization (CDO) Uganda seeks to improve the socio-economic well being of vulnerable and orphaned children and families.CDO Uganda is a story of commitment by its founders to bring love, hope and help to address the challenges faced by thousands of children in Northern Uganda, who have been orphaned by 23 years civil war and affected by the HIV AIDS pandemic. These children need health, education and care. CDO Uganda works to empower communities to meet the needs of the children and work with families and household members to enable them provide health and education services to their very vulnerable children. Focus ProgramsHealth care and Medical service development

Contact PersonHope Okeny
Telephone0714 310 623/ 0714 768 772

P.O Box 1468, Gulu,Dr. Corti Lucille Road Opposite Kony Paco, Gulu Municipality,

Flama Uganda is a CBO established by a team of dedicated volunteer medical and social development practitioners. The organization and its affiliate medical centre are aimed at providing appropriate, affordable, integrated reproductive health & general clinical medical services to all categories of people, with special emphasis on vulnerable groups like women, the elderly, children and adolescents, as well as other social cases with special needs. The organisation

Contact PersonOkello Flavia Teddy (Program Director)
Telephone0782 451 889 / 0712 451 889 / 0752 451 889 /0774 205 506

P .O Box 269, Gulu,Plot 25/27 Okidi Dakamoi Road,

Gulu Youth Development Association was formed in 1992 as a very small group of youth from Gulu district. The organisation came into existence after realizing the impact of the Northern War had had on the community members most especially the youth. The organisation started mainly to train the youth in gainful skills for their development, mainly in the field of metal work and fabrication. Other courses were introduced which include; tailoring, hair dressing, motor vehicle mechanics, carpentry and joinery, salon and hair dressing.Due to high demand of services of the organisation by the community, the services of the organisation have been extended to serve the whole Northern Region of Uganda. The organisation aims at addressing high level of poverty among the youth due to unemployment due ...

Contact PersonKilama Robert (Director)
Telephone0471 435 242 / 0772 571 678

P.O Box 249, Gulu,Pawel Road, Opposite SOS children,

The organization was founded by a group of disabled women. Initially, the group was called Makmatic. It was established to prevent discrimination, violence or abuse of women and girls with disabilities and empower them economically, socially and politically to have a dignified life. Vision Women and girls with disabilities able to unite, organize, manage and empowered to affirm their human rights and freedoms in a dignified mannerObjectives

Contact PersonNume Allan Ogwang (Programme Officer)
Telephone0779 250 635 / 0782 998 709

P.O. Box 1216, Gulu,Plot 50 Lower Churchill Drive, Gulu Municipality,

The Justice and Reconciliation Project (JRP) empowers conflict-affected communities to participate in processes of justice, healing and reconciliation. JRP has played a key role in Transitional Justice (TJ) in Uganda through seeking to understand and explain the interests, needs, concerns and views of communities affected by conflict. Based in Gulu, we aim at promoting sustainable peace through the active involvement of war-affected communities in research and advocacy.Our work is guided by the following objectives;

Contact PersonLindsay McClain (Communications Officer)
Telephone0471 433 008/ 0783 300 103

P.O. Box 1085, Gulu,Odong Onyango Road, Kanyagoga, ,

Originally founded in Japan to work on the issue of landmines, small arms and child soldiers in South East Asia, Terra Renaissance is now working to promote the re-integration of former LRA child soldiers and poverty reduction in Gulu municipality. It is a member of Gulu District NGO Forum and, since it is registration with NGO Board in April, 2006, has operated operated a vocational training centre at Kanyaoga

Contact PersonOtema Jimmy Fred (Head of Office)
Telephone0712 048 128

P.o Box 1341, GuluPlot 11 Acholi Road,Gulu, ,

VAC-NET was founded by committed people who live and serve in the region. They realized the worsening situation of the rural poor, especially women, who are adversely affected by the social

Contact PersonBukenya Muusa (Program Director)
Telephone0752 328 735 / 0782 858 369

P. O Box 4080 Kampala,Plot-9 University road close, Gulu University road (Pioneer hostel),

Community Rural Empowerment and Support Organization (CRESO) is a conflict revolutionary NGO committed to promote change to the vulnerable communities in Uganda. The organization was formed by concerned young women and men (youths) who felt the need to advocate for social rights and to empower the vulnerable people who are being suppressed by the looming poverty, ignorance and diseases. The organization was initiated out of a research on

Contact PersonArop Francis Omuk (Executive Director)
Telephone0782 875 616/ 0711 875 616

P.O. Box 931, Gulu,Plot 17, Commercial Road, Pece Division, Gulu Municipality,

For the last ten years our work has been focused on educating people on peace, conflict resolution, and prevention of violence and HIV/AIDS. We carried out peace education through youth groups in and outside schools; supported peace clubs in schools and communities through life skills and livelihood programming ; charity work in the community accompanied by sensitization of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) through drama on early pregnancy and HIV; educational and scholastic support to vulnerable children due to HIV and other causes; and engaging policy makers on issues concerning stigma, discrimination and child rights due to HIV status. We have taken up microfinance in Bungatira Sub County in Gulu and Lamogi Sub County in Amuru district.VisionA peaceful Acholiland and Uganda as a whole ...

Category:HIV / AIDS
Contact PersonLabeja Olweny (Programme Coordinator)
Telephone0772 519 641 / 0772 519 641

Plot 22, Patiko Road, Kabedopong, , , P.O. Box 751

Summit Foundation (SUFO) was founded on August 26, 2008 and first registered as a Community Based Organization (CBO registration number CDR/1723) in 2009 in Gulu district of Northern Uganda, and later incorporated in September 2012 as a charitable company limited by guarantee, without share capital, under the Companies Act (Cap. 110 of the Laws of Uganda). SUFO has been very instrumental in youth empowerment and development programming both at local and international levels, from the validation of East African Youth Charter on Human Rights and Democracy, an initiative spearheaded by African Youth Trust with support from Swedish government; to the development of the African Union’s Plan of Action for Youth Empowerment and Development 2009 – 2018 spearheaded by the African Union Commission; ...

Contact PersonJob Collins Okello
Telephone+256 392 914568, 200 903526, 704 572206
Date Founded

P.O Box 1555, Gulu,Plot 16 Olya Road, Opposite Mega FM,

Northern Uganda Drivers for Prevention of HIV/AIDS and Accident Programme (NUDPHAAP) was initiated in 2009 December to build capacity and disseminate information on road safety and HIV/AIDS prevention aimed at reduction of road accidents and HIV/AIDS in the transport corridor of Northern Uganda. We aim at strengthening preventive measures in order to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and possibly expand support and care for those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. The project targets long truck drivers, taxi and bus drivers as well as boda boda riders of ages between 18 and 50 years in the transport corridor of Northern Uganda. Also included in the target group are the immediate family members of the drivers and rider, employers and employees. Other beneficiaries include producers of technolog ...

Category:HIV / AIDS
Contact PersonKomakech Joseph Ojambo
Telephone0772 317 616

P.O Box 349, Gulu,Gulu Bus Park, Behind Police Post,

Laroo Pece Women Association (LAPEWA) is a women

Contact PersonGarbert B. Alichan (Programme Coordinator)
Telephone0773 390857 / 0772 529 188

P.O Box 472 Gulu,Plot 9B, Dr. Corte Lucile Road, Laroo Division, Gulu Municipality,

Hope and Peace for Humanity (HPH) is a CBO founded by a group of committed individuals already in the fight against HIV and AIDS and addressing the socio-economic impacts of the two decades civil conflict in Northern Uganda. HPH aims at addressing the issues of increasing HIV infections especially amongst the young people, limited skills, capacities and poor livelihood conditions, need for peace building and addressing psycho-social effects of the long armed conflict, and widening development gap in the region. Hope and Peace for Humanity is set to work towards empowering people infected and affected by HIV/ AIDS in Northern Uganda to take better control of their social and economic lives by ensuring their participation in development activities. Major achievements and milestones, as well ...

Category:HIV / AIDS
Contact PersonCanwat Godfrey (Executive Director)
Telephone0772 834 267/0772 698 237

P.O. Box 350 Gulu,Plot 4 Philip Acaye Rd, Gulu Municipality,

Zion Project was established in Uganda by Sarita Hartz Hendricksen to serve as a rehabilitation home for child mothers and their children. Ten girls and their children experienced a loving home where they received medical care, counseling, spiritual discipleship, child school sponsorship, education and economic empowerment opportunities based on their own dreams and goals. They graduated in 2009 and are doing well. Some of the girls are currently employed with Zion Project. Zion Project is an international faith-based organization that aims at healing and empowering war affected women and children in Northern Uganda. We address the complex issues of sexual exploitation and prostitution through love and relationship.Our focus is to build Gulu's first Healing Retreat Center to further our ef ...

Contact PersonChristine Oyite (Administrator)
Telephone0392 897 251

P.O Box 972, Gulu,Plot 3-11 Olam Sisto Road Layibi Orubu, ,

TEAMS was formed ten years ago to empower the vision of the local churches in Gulu. It was in the period of sever suffering as a result of the civil war which lasted over 20 years. Dr. Liam Chapman from UK initiated the programme after physically experiencing the war in Gulu for some good period of time. He then worked with the local Christian churches in collaboration with donors and international organisations from UK so that the needs of the local people could be addressed.The donations TEAMS gets from UK are used to empower the following sectors:

Contact PersonDr. Liam Chapman (Director)/ Gabriel Lajul
Telephone+447 940 567 931 / 0757 511 059 / 0772 646 256

Cuk Wilobo Market Vanguard Parish, Pece Division, Gulu Municipality,

Northern Youth Alive Multipurpose Uganda (NYAMU) was formed by a group of united youth to address challenges of unemployment. This was meant to provide life skills like carpentry and joinery, beauty salons, loan revolving saving scheme for youths and the vulnerable, sensitization on HIV/AIDS through sports activities, general community works and services like carrying out general cleaning and maintenance of the surrounding environment and gender related issues. MissionTo identify some of the sustainable productive activities that can contribute to the development of youths at various relevant skills which can change on their character behaviors and team build them to productive activities to enable vulnerable people and youth and school drop-out to think positively about their future.Goal ...

Contact PersonOpige Richard (Managing Director)
Telephone0782 927 711/ 0712 370 775