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City: Kitgum

P.O. Box 42, Kitgum,Ayul,Palabek Rd., next to St. Phillips Clinic,Kitgum, ,

Active Vision Youth Foundation was established in April 2006. It aims to help youth and transform them into a God-feared young generation with good moral values and free from an HIV/AIDS pandemic. The organisation hopes to create a conducive environment for the future by educating, networking, lobbying and advocacy, inculcating in young people the spirit of entrepreneurship, patriotism, voluntarism and strong moral values. It has established a vocational training centre for this purpose. AchievementsActive Vision has given scholarships to 60 students from Kitgum and Lamwo district (to attend the Lira Christian Institute of Professional Development).We have also trained youngsters from different secondary schools both in Kitgum and Lamwo on HIV/AIDS prevention.In addition, we have trained ...

Contact PersonArop Denis (Executive Director)
Telephone0792 582 006 / 0777 322 256 / 0712 582 006 / 0779 004 683

P.O Box 192, Kitgum,Plot 11, Oneka Road, East Ward, , ,

This is a child focused organisation established in 2006 and registered with the NGO Board (Registration No. F 5914/450). Its mission is to enable vulnerable children to meet their expectations of life. The vision is to ensure a world where children develop to their full potential.The NGO aims to address the problems of:

Contact PersonPeter Ogenga Abwola (Coordinator)
Telephone0712 581 308

P.O Box 96, Kitgum;Bwona Gweno Road, Kitgum Town Council, adjacent to Kitgum Government Hospital,

MPK was established in Kitgum by some members of a Lay Catholic Movement known as Christ is Communion and Life (CCL) from Christ the King Parish, Kitgum Mission and Palabek Parish. It

Category:HIV / AIDS
Contact PersonKetty Opoka (Coordinator)
Telephone0772 531 238
Date Founded

P.O. Box 158, Kitgum,Plot Samsoni Lukoni Road, Kitgum Town Council, ,

Kitgum District NGO Forum (KINGFO) is a network of all CBOs, NGOs and agencies (local, national, international) based and operating in Kitgum district. Currently it is composed of 124 members mainly CBOs, local NGOs and a few international NGOs. KINGFO was formed to provide a common platform for CSOs operating in Kitgum district so as to contribute to community development through co-ordination, public dialogue, advocacy, networking, and continuous partnership-development and information exchange. VisionAn empowered Society that is enjoying their rights to effective and efficient service delivery for improved quality of life in Kitgum districtMissionTo develop community in Kitgum district in partnership with the district Local Government and development partners through advocacy, lobbying ...

Contact PersonLaker Gladys Susan (Programme Coordinator)
Telephone0471 439 605

P.O Box 383, Kitgum,Kitgum Town, opposite Warchild Offices, Senior Quarters, ,

Kitgum Women Peace Initiative (KIWEPI) is a community based organisation registered with Kitgum District government and Community Development Office, and a member of the Kitgum NGO Forum.KIWEPI was initiated in April 2000 by a group of voluntary women when the Lord

Contact PersonCanogura Faddy Gladys (Coordinator)
Telephone0772 544 827/ 0794 350 828

P.O Box 1, Lamwo,Central ward, Pobar Parish, Agoro sub county, Lamwo,

AYENET was started by a group of three youth to unite the youths, mitigate land conflicts and domestic violence as a result of unemployment, idleness and drug addiction (alcoholism), poverty and build peace among the community. This was after the effects of the civil unrest by the Lord

Contact PersonRev. Obwola Charles (Secretary)
Telephone0714 435 558 / 0773 435 558

P.o Box 282 ,Kitgum,Samsoni Lukono Road, East Ward , ,

KICWA was founded by six mothers who were concerned about the plight of children formerly associated (abducted) by the Lord

Contact PersonChristopher Arwai (Program Manager)
Telephone0471 439 534/0772 857 153/0792 695 636

Bwanagweno Road, Opposite II Ford Photo Studio, Kitgum, ,

Live Again (LAG) is a registered community-based organisation that was started in 2006. It was formed as a result of the civil war in northern Uganda which was characterised by destruction of properties, loss of lives as well as forceful displacement of people in the Internally Displaced People

Contact PersonGladys.A. Oyat (Executive Director)
Telephone0471 440 143 / 0772 695 155

P. O. Box, 200. Kitgum, , , 256

Keeping Sports Alive Uganda focuses on effective ways that sport can promote more stable and inclusive communities, and as an alternative to anti-social behavior among children and youths. Our Project goals include the importance of leadership, responsibility, teamwork, healthy living, and self-discipline to demonstrate how organized sports can encourage children and youth to stay in school, prevent HIV/AIDS, substance abuse and violence, and mitigate extremist voices. Our projects aim to include the use of sport as a tool to promote tolerance and understanding through organized activities that appeal to Children, youth and their influencers, and that focus on conflict prevention/resolution.

Contact PersonOryem Kissinger, Executive Director