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City: Lamwo

P.O Box 1, Lamwo,Central Ward, Pobar Parish, Agoro sub county, Lamwo,

AYENET was started by three youth to unite the youth, mitigate land conflicts and domestic violence as a result of unemployment, idleness and drug addiction (alcoholism), poverty and build peace among the community. This was after the effects of the civil unrest by the Lord

Contact PersonRev. Obwola Charles (Secretary)
Telephone0714 435 558 /0773 435 558

Po Box 67, Kitgum, , , 67

Acoli Cultural Revival Organization (ACRO) is a registered indigenous community Based Organization operating in Sub Counties of Lamwo District in Northern Uganda. Lamwo is one of the 7 districts in the Acoli-sub region. The others are Agago, Amuru, Gulu, Kitgum, Nwoya and Pader. The Acoli region is known the world over for the long insurgency of Joseph Kony’s LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army)-1986-2006. In 1996 the government of Uganda put in place a policy of forced placement of the Acoli in Northern Uganda into camps. The activities of the LRA have been devastating within Acoli land, where a lot of lives were lost including the destruction of socio-cultural infrastructures. Due to the profound effect of the war, the Uganda poverty status report (2012) indicates that the welfare indices ...

Contact PersonNyero Augustine Caesar

Ywaya Parish, Padibe West Sub-county, Lamwo District,

We started the organization as five youth from Padibe West to solve youth fighting, drug addiction, idleness which caused by youth dropping out from school.The aim of the organization was to ensure that youth school drops go back to school and to bring youth together through football matches, songs and drama. We also hoped to promote peace and cultural revival among the youth.We started by promoting cultural revival through plays/drama. We encouraged peace building by resolving conflicts among youth. Promoting education of youth and children through influencing drop outs to go back to school and encouraging sanitation and hygiene was one of the key things we initially worked on. We have now started training in computer skills, organizational skills and our membership has expanded from 5 to ...

Contact PersonOdur Justine Peace (Coordinator)
Telephone0772 383 574 / 0782 573 637