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City: Nebbi

P.O Box 105, Nebbi,Pithuwa Road-Nebbi Town Council. Opposite Nile computers, ,

The need to form a platform for Civil society organisations in Nebbi District started in 1998 where three civil society organisations in the name of Accelerated Regional Development (AFARD), Community empowerment for Rural Development and Pakwach Rural Development for Microfinance Association (PRUDEPMA) came together to form a platform where Civil society organisations can engage, network and share information as well as collectively advocating for the community. However, due to poor Civil Society coordination in the district and Uganda at large, the innovation failed to take up.In 2001 as a result of many government programmes like Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF), 244 civil society organisations comprising of community based organisations (CBOs), NGOs and Faith Based Organisati ...

Contact PersonOgamdhogwa Moses
Telephone0476 421 656 / 0781 483 555

P.O Box 70, Paidha,Paidha Teachers College Road,

A group of young university graduates came together to address the problem of HIV/AIDS patients who lacked counselling and basic needs like food, clothing and shelter. They wanted the HIV patients to live a dignified life that was stress free. They also wanted them to enjoy basic human needs that they were lacking. The graduates started with providing HIV/AIDS counselling services moving from house to house. They also played part in creating awareness on the dangers of HIV/AIDS among the community.Some of the changes which have been realised since the Organisation was founded include; recruitment of four permanent programme staff and establishment of a functional board of directors.Current Programmes

Category:HIV / AIDS
Contact PersonWilliam Anyolitho (Executive Director)
Telephone0772 688 394
Date Founded

P.O Box 92, Paidhah,Holly Family Nyapea Hospital,

The organisation was started by a group of mothers who were working at Holy Family Nyapea Hospital. The purpose was to increase the importance of mothers and children; nutrition and maternal health services; promote girl and boy child education; prevent HIV/AIDS among the people of Zombo district. The organisation was hoping to achieve a healthy and educated community of Zombo district which was formerly Okuro community.We began by working on health that included the sensitisation of mothers on nutrition and maternal health services, HIV /AIDS prevention done and being taken through community mobilisation and sensitisation, voluntary counselling and testing for the sick people.We worked on water and sanitation which included training, mobilisation and use of clean water through constructio ...

Contact PersonOcanda Wilfred Jatho
Telephone0774 243 671
Date Founded

P.O Box 109, Nebbi,Nyaravur Trading Centre, Nebbi,

SYSED was started by youths who were concerned about the increasing cases of human rights violation within the sub-county. HIV/AIDS prevalence rate was high in Nyaravur sub-county in 2009. The area was affected by poor sanitation and rampant drug abuse among youths in the sub-county. The NGO

Contact PersonAwekonimungu Collins (Coordinator)
Telephone0773 871 666
Date Founded