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Anai Parish Lira Sub-county, ,

The LRA war that lasted over 21 years left a scourge and enormous needs among the people in Northern Uganda. It

Contact PersonHardson Ongura (Education Director)
Telephone0772 637 971
Date Founded

P.O Box 409, Masindi,Butaiba sub county, Piida Parish,

We started the association as a group of 10 youth who saw that our rights to participate in governance processes of budgeting, planning and implementation were being violated. This coupled with the training we had attained on advocacy skills, forum theater performance from RDP Uganda; we managed to use the opportunity to address youth and community issues.We started with several activities including;

Contact PersonOpira Godfrey (Coordinator)
Telephone0777 211 777

P.O. Box 815, Lira,Plot 25, Church Road, Ojwina Division, Lira Town,

Concerned Parents Association (CPA) is a child focused organization formed by a group of parents affected by the abduction of children by the Lord

Contact PersonKerwegi Anthony (Executive Director)
Telephone0782 717 610

P.O. Box 11 Pader,Next to UN WFP office Pader Town Council, ,

Pader Youth Network was established in 2004 with funding from the DANIDA Human Rights and Good Governance programme in response to the war in Northern Uganda which had marginalised youth, making them vulnerable and victims of abject poverty. The focus of the organisation is to form a network of community-based youth organisations operating in Pader and Agago Districts, in a collective and concerted effort to empower the youth of the two districts.Pader Youth Network envisions constructive engagement of youth in development and decision making processes.To achieve this,60 youth and 45 leaders were trained on applying human rights in governance and development;66 youth were trained in conflict resolution and peace building skills and 30 youth were trained on project planning and management s ...

Contact PersonGeorge Odong (Coordinator), John Loktek (Project Officer)
Telephone0772 834 295 / 0772 344 992 / 0772 971 722

P.O. Box 42, Kitgum,Ayul,Palabek Rd., next to St. Phillips Clinic,Kitgum, ,

Active Vision Youth Foundation was established in April 2006. It aims to help youth and transform them into a God-feared young generation with good moral values and free from an HIV/AIDS pandemic. The organisation hopes to create a conducive environment for the future by educating, networking, lobbying and advocacy, inculcating in young people the spirit of entrepreneurship, patriotism, voluntarism and strong moral values. It has established a vocational training centre for this purpose. AchievementsActive Vision has given scholarships to 60 students from Kitgum and Lamwo district (to attend the Lira Christian Institute of Professional Development).We have also trained youngsters from different secondary schools both in Kitgum and Lamwo on HIV/AIDS prevention.In addition, we have trained ...

Contact PersonArop Denis (Executive Director)
Telephone0792 582 006 / 0777 322 256 / 0712 582 006 / 0779 004 683

P.O. Box 162, Ntungamo,Rushooka Centre, Kayonza Sub-county, Rushenyi County, Ntungamo District, ,

Rushooka Orphans Education Centre (ROEC) was fully registered in 1993 under the NGO National Registration Statute of 1989 and under the Companies Act as a company limited by guarantee. In 2003 it also registered with the Ministry of Education and Sports

Contact PersonRutagonya Vincent (Executive Director)
Telephone0772 669 780 / 0702 700 304

Bamusuuta Parish, Kiboga Town Council, , , P.O.Box 67

Back in the late

Contact PersonNanvubya Esther ( Chairperson )
Telephone0772 393 760 / 0779 396 484
Date Founded

P.O Box 402, Arua,Drajibu Village, Adraa Parish, Offaka sub county, Arua,

The CBO was started by some community members with the view of changing and modernising our community to accept girl child education to build the future; as the saying goes,

Contact PersonDrabuni Caleb
Telephone0785 214 681
Date Founded

P.O. Box 689, Kabale,Plot 12 Katuna Road,

The organisation was started by the Diocesan secretariat, through bishops

Contact PersonTumwesigye Elias (Program Coordinator)
Telephone0712 844 221 /0486 435 264
Date Founded

P.O Box 42, Kabale,Nyabikoni, Northern Division, Kabale district,

The organization was started by a former street child who received help from a certain family and managed to complete his education with a degree in social work. The issue of street children stayed on his heart and this organization was established because of this man

Contact PersonTushabomwe Patrick (Director)
Telephone0782 859 508 / 0702 859 508
Date Founded

Mukono, Kigombya village P.O.Box 30562 KAMPALA, , , 256

Bukunja Gwogwe Development Association was founded by five directors in Mukono district.At present it operates in two districts (Mukono and Buikwe) because of the current demarcation of original districts (formation of new districts).Currently the organization is engaged in training youths in carpentry and joinery. 240 youths have acquired these skills. We have visited 150 homes in Ngogwe sub-county educating and sensitizing locals on primary health care and HIV/AIDS awareness.Our future plan is to embark on comprehensive tree planting in and Buikwe districts for carpentry in future since the main product of the project is timber.In collaboration with other local community based organisations, we have plans to organize more seminars, workshops and meetings to sensitise communities on prim ...

Contact PersonMukwata Gimmy
Telephone0772 566 459 / 0752 699 002

Mulinira Zone, Bukoto, , P.O Box 15383, Clock Tower Kampala

The organisation was started by a group of young professionals with the desire to improve the situation of children through welfare services and child rights advocacy and awareness creation. The organisation was hoping to uphold the four pillars of UNCRC of participation, on discrimination, best interests of child and growth survival and development. We started with Child rights promotion campaigns and community based response in preventing violence against children. With time, we adopted

Contact PersonNtenga Moses (Executive Director)
Date Founded

P.O Box 35309, Kampala,Plot 169 Bombo Road, Wandegeya,

We are a membership organisation founded that provides requisite health care, formal education, food services and vocational training services to the youth, children, families and those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. VisionA Society where all orphans and other vulnerable children live to their full prospective, aspiration and their rights are fulfilled Mission To enhance a framework for the enjoyment of rights and execution of responsibilities of orphans and other vulnerable children Programme Objectives

Contact PersonPeter Kikomeko (Executive Director)
Telephone0782 320 201 / 0414 571 713
Date Founded

P.O Box 10923, Kampala, Sebbi ,

The idea of starting a community development initiative at Ssebbi was intiated way back in 1987 by the late Ms. Florence Nagawa (RIP), a nurse by profession. Ms. Florence Nagawa had a vision of improving the quality of life of the community through provision of social services. She used to offer basic health services in the community of Ssebbi

Contact PersonMartin Ssebuliba Victor (Chairman)
Telephone0752/ 792 / 499 000 / 701 499 001
Date Founded

P.O Box, 12750,Shop No 25/26 UMSC, Commercial Building, Kampala,


Rev. Dr. Chandy of Indian Origin started this NGO in Lira under the name Olaka Child care International. The organisation started with looking after orphans as he had started a school in Lira. It should be noted that he was a Professor with Lira Town School / college though he is now retired in India Kerala. The organisation currently runs under the name Agape Child Care International. We have so far donated five sewing machines to Watoto church widows to promote self-employment. We are taking care of three Orphans in Lira having discovered their plight through The New Vision News Paper. We also help BLESSED ORPHANAGE as and when possible by supplying books and food items. We are now stable and positively moving towards our goal;

Contact PersonRoque Joseph (Executive Director)
Telephone0712 550 560 / 0772 332 378 / 0772 427 016
Date Founded

P.O Box 38, Bugiri,Nkusi Town , Bugiri,

Light the Future for Young Generation (LIFFYGE) is a Christian NGO which basically intends to cover all the districts of Busoga region to spearhead poverty alleviation in the region but also wishes to reach out to other parts of Uganda with a similar intention. The core mission of the organization is,

Contact PersonMagumba Frank (General Secretary)
Telephone0782 047 475 / 0202 564 711

P.O Box 518, Dokolo,Ojer Village, Apyen-Nyang Parish, Kwera Sub-County, Dokolo District, ,

Apyen-nyang Child and Family Programme started in August, 1998 with the aim of addressing particular problems affecting our community. These included;

Contact PersonAchar James- Project Manager
Telephone0777 785 220

P. O Box 45, Kigumba,Kigumba Trading Centre,

We formed this group as a result of inspiration from a fellow youth Mr. Okaba Patrick (R.I.P) who was concerned about the challenges faced by the youth in our community. The challenges included extreme poverty, high illiteracy levels, drug abuses, the high HIV/AIDS prevalence and the increasing indiscipline among the youths. Having identified these problems, 20 youths from Kigumba town had to organize and mobilize themselves to form the group.We started with a few activities which included;

Contact PersonKato Jacob (Chairperson)
Telephone0784 877 593

Plot 59/61 Nagongera R/d, , , P.O Box 662, Tororo

A students

Contact PersonMugabi Nathan ( Director)
Telephone0782 479 025
Date Founded