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P.O Box 249, Gulu,Pawel Road, Opposite SOS children,

The organization was founded by a group of disabled women. Initially, the group was called Makmatic. It was established to prevent discrimination, violence or abuse of women and girls with disabilities and empower them economically, socially and politically to have a dignified life. Vision Women and girls with disabilities able to unite, organize, manage and empowered to affirm their human rights and freedoms in a dignified mannerObjectives

Contact PersonNume Allan Ogwang (Programme Officer)
Telephone0779 250 635 / 0782 998 709

P .O Box 269, Gulu,Plot 25/27 Okidi Dakamoi Road,

Gulu Youth Development Association was formed in 1992 as a very small group of youth from Gulu district. The organisation came into existence after realizing the impact of the Northern War had had on the community members most especially the youth. The organisation started mainly to train the youth in gainful skills for their development, mainly in the field of metal work and fabrication. Other courses were introduced which include; tailoring, hair dressing, motor vehicle mechanics, carpentry and joinery, salon and hair dressing.Due to high demand of services of the organisation by the community, the services of the organisation have been extended to serve the whole Northern Region of Uganda. The organisation aims at addressing high level of poverty among the youth due to unemployment due ...

Contact PersonKilama Robert (Director)
Telephone0471 435 242 / 0772 571 678

P.O Box 1 , Pader;Patongo Town Council , Agago District,

The organisation originated from a group of 10 Persons Having AIDS (PHA) some of them going through long illness. They decided to come out and declare their HIV/AIDS status. By that time there were many people registering suspected people with HIV/ AIDS for their personal gain.Why we formed the group

Contact PersonOkech John Latworo
Telephone0777 647 192 /0713 647 192 / 0774 139 629 /0713 139 629

Plot 21,Dabani Road, Busia Municipal council,P.O Box 510 Busia,

Happy Childhood Foundation is community based organization that was established by a group of volunteers in response to a crisis caused by HIV/AIDS and poverty in rural and semi urban communities in Uganda.The purpose is to work with poor and marginalized groups by improving their livelihood while promoting self-reliance through education support, health services, environment protection, advocacy, food security and net working.MissionTo mobilize and improve on the conditions of vulnerable groups in Uganda especially children, youth, women and PLHA`sVisionAn empowered and health community capable of developing interest in improving their own situationProgramme/Activities

Contact PersonOkonera Vincent (Executive Director)
Telephone0772 625 711

P.O Box 4704, Nakawa;Kitintale Zone 10, Port Bell Road,

Happy street association (HASA) is an association started by youths joined together with a common goal dedicated to linking other youths in development activities within the community. HASA runs several activities through targeting the youths, children and women. These activities include; 1) Accessing volunteers from Uganda and other countries with help in supporting the needy and vulnerable people. 2) HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns most especially emphasizing prevention among the youth and stopping cross generational sex between the young group and old married people. 3) Emphasis is put on environment protection and conservation through trainings, planting of trees awareness creation as a process of preventing global warming. 4) Vocational skills training as part of Income Generating Activ ...

Contact PersonShafi Abasi (Chair/Person)
Telephone0774 522 556 / 0712 997 083

P. O. Box 1360,Jinja,Plot 3A Nizam,Jinja, Uganda,

Haven Anti-AIDS Foundation is a charitable, indigenous, NGO based in Jinja district. We aim at involving and empowering children and youth to fight HIV/AIDS, illiteracy and alleviate poverty. Through participatory and advocacy activities, they use their talents to realize their potential and discover their worth. The organization hopes to create a children and youth resource centre for entrepreneurship training, talent promotion, networking and advocacy free from HIV/AIDS. Today

Contact PersonDdungu Joseph (Executive Director)
Telephone0712 072 560 / 0704 224 948

P.O Box 472 Gulu,Plot 9B, Dr. Corte Lucile Road, Laroo Division, Gulu Municipality,

Hope and Peace for Humanity (HPH) is a CBO founded by a group of committed individuals already in the fight against HIV and AIDS and addressing the socio-economic impacts of the two decades civil conflict in Northern Uganda. HPH aims at addressing the issues of increasing HIV infections especially amongst the young people, limited skills, capacities and poor livelihood conditions, need for peace building and addressing psycho-social effects of the long armed conflict, and widening development gap in the region. Hope and Peace for Humanity is set to work towards empowering people infected and affected by HIV/ AIDS in Northern Uganda to take better control of their social and economic lives by ensuring their participation in development activities. Major achievements and milestones, as well ...

Contact PersonCanwat Godfrey (Executive Director)
Telephone0772 834 267/0772 698 237

P.O. Box 33566, Kampala,Independence Road- Moroto Municipality,

Hope for Humanity Karamoja (HHK) is an indigenous, community

Contact PersonPatrick Kapello (Team leader)
Telephone0776 823 422 / 0752 823 422

P.o Box 27,Kazo, Kiruhura,Rwamanuma/Kazo Town Council, Kiruhura District, ,

Hope Multipurpose Incorporated (HMI) is a non-profit organisation started in 2004 by the late Beatrice Garubanda. She founded HMI to bring together friends in both Uganda and Minnesota to address the needs of Ugandan orphans and vulnerable children. She began by adapting an abandoned store in Kazo into a shelter such that a group of homeless girls could go to primary school. Girls have lived there since July 2004 and some will complete Senior Four this year.HMI works to provide this home, nourishing food, clothing, basic health care, guidance and consistent access to education. Fondly called the BLUE HOUSE, this shelter seeks to foster a sense of self worth, purpose and community in its residents.HMI

Contact PersonTuhairwe Sere (Founder/Board Member)
Telephone0782 460 528

Mugurusi Road, Fort Portal Town, , P.O Box 870, Fort Portal

Ride Africa was formed in 1996 by a group of women social workers with the purpose of advocating for promotion of women and children rights. Our first activities entailed promoting accountability and transparency among local leaders in service delivery, civic competence, supporting children

Contact PersonRukidi Sam (Director)
Telephone0772 463 522
Date Founded

P. o. Box 31067 Kampala,Plot 73, Queen,

Hunger Free World (HFW) is an International NGO working to build a world free of hunger. The organisation, whose headquarters are established in Japan, has affiliates in Burkina Faso, Benin and Uganda for the African region and Bangladesh for the Asian region. Our goal is to create a world free of hunger. The ability to access adequate food to sustain a healthy body and mind is the most fundamental human right. Regardless of where we are born or live, each one of us belongs to a world where hunger is a problem which must be addressed. HFW aims to make this

Contact PersonFred Batte (Country Director)
Telephone0414 255 106 / 0772 409 664 /0414 342 686

C/O Bushenyi Medical Centre (BMC) P.o Box 347,Bushenyi,Mutojo T/C, Kyangyenyi Sub-county, Sheema District, ,

LEGAL STATUS Integrated Rural Youth Development Initiatives (IRYODI) is an indigenous, non-governmental, non-profit making, non-denominational, charitable organization founded in 2001. The Organization was first registered with the NGO Board of Uganda in 2005 (Reg. No 5914/5596) GOVERNANCEIRYODI is governed according to its Articles and Memorandum of Association. It has a membership of 312 and an Executive Board composed of 7 people chaired by Board Chairperson. It has a secretariat consisting of five full-time paid employees as well as 43 volunteers. GEOGRAPHICAL COVERAGEIRYODI is licensed to operate in the original Bushenyi District which has recently been divided into five new districts. VISIONA healthy and self sustaining rural youth MISSION STATEMENTTo play an active role in the ...

Contact PersonOwoyesiga Asa (Executive Director)
Telephone0702 341 476/0772 611 807

Rubirizi, , , 14

Invisible Talents Education Foundation Uganda is a youth focused not -for -profit Organisation established with an aim of nurturing a community of responsible young people who know their rights and are able to demand for better services whilst contributing positively to political and socio-economic development in Uganda. VISION “An empowered and productive youth able to contribute to Uganda’s political and socio-economic prosperity”. MISSION “To empower and educate young people to actively participate in governance and development programs as well as demand for accountability and service delivery from duty bearers”. CORE VALUES Respect and Responsibility Friendship and Human Dignity Transparency and Accountability Integrity Hard Work and Efficiency Appreciation of Diversity ...

Contact PersonBaker Akampurira

P.O Box 379 Jinja ,JDAB offices, Mufubria subconty-Kumuli Road,

Jinja District Association of the Blind (JDAB) was initially called Victoria Association and Workshop of the Blind. It was formed by six blind people with an aim of uniting the blind and empowering them through vocational training. It initially operated in whole of Busoga region with the workshop located in Jinja District, in a building belonging to the custodian board for departed Asians. Its aim activity then was art and craft work. When the Asians returned to Uganda the building was repossessed.The initiators then lacked a workshop place and started to operate in the compound of Spere road primary school. With funding from Netherlands embassy, the association contracted a building in the compound of the school as unit for blind children vacation training. Government took over the unit ...

Contact PersonKawuma Fazaria (co-ordinator)
Telephone0782 242 352 / 0702 755 212

Mulinira Zone, Bukoto, , P.O Box 15383, Clock Tower Kampala

The organisation was started by a group of young professionals with the desire to improve the situation of children through welfare services and child rights advocacy and awareness creation. The organisation was hoping to uphold the four pillars of UNCRC of participation, on discrimination, best interests of child and growth survival and development. We started with Child rights promotion campaigns and community based response in preventing violence against children. With time, we adopted

Contact PersonNtenga Moses (Executive Director)
Date Founded

Muguru , , P.O Box 583 Fort Portal

KIWED was formed in 1999 by women in Kabarole district. They were committed to developing timely programs that serve the needs of individual activists and organizations in the field of poverty reduction.The women started with skills and capacity building, handling gender issues, HIV/AIDS, marketing agriculture component i.e. mushroom growing, vanilla growing, water and sanitation, nutrition and information and communication technology (ICT).As of today, we engage in rice growing, mushroom growing, and HIV/AIDS sensitization.We noticed that farmers are applying skills acquired such as mushroom growing in the Ruwenzori region. In addition, farmers in Rwimi Sub-County have been trained and supported with best practices for upland rice growing.Over the years, we have achieved in various aspec ...

Contact PersonGrace Rukuba (Director)
Telephone0775 590 183 / 0778 858 406
Date Founded

Kagadi Town Council, near kagadi hospital, Kibaale District, , , P.O Box 166 kagadi

The founders had a mission of transforming the rural poor Ugandans from peasantry society to modern and self sustainable, in pursuit of peace, democracy, patriotism as well as unity in diversity. They hoped to achieve a society where people live in dignity and decent life.They therefore set out with HIV prevention campaigns through drama, radio talk shows, live testimonies, voluntary counselling and testing as well as supporting income generating activities such as bee keeping for people living with HIV.As an organisation, we grew from a CBO to and NGO in 2009 and opened up opportunity for local, national and international members from individual membership, and started establishing model gardens at local levels.We currently offer Health development programmes, economic community programm ...

Contact PersonAkweteireho Amiri (Executive Director)
Date Founded

P.o Box 931,Mbale,Kanikwa Village,Nkoma Parish,Namanyonyi Sub-county, ,

Kanika Peasant and Orphanage Project (K.P.O.P) is a community based organisation which was formed in 2001 with only nine founder members and registered in 2002 under community development office in Mbale and NGO Board.The organization is operating in Kanika Village in Nkoma Parish in Namanyonyi sub-county in Bunghokho County in Mbale. It is managed with three part time paid staff and a total of 80 fully registered members. VisionTo provide a platform where the community contributes to the well being of orphans and vulnerable children and their households ObjectiveTo deliver integrated quality essential; services to orphans and vulnerable children and their households in Namanyonyi by 2013 Its major objectives are;

Contact PersonNgoloba Silver (Cordiantor)/Nandudu Jamila(Chairperson)
Telephone0751 593 440 / 0776 593 440 / 0757 459 076

P.O Box 68, Mpigi,Naluwembe Site Village, Muyina Parish, Kamengo Sub-county, Mpigi,

The organisation was initiated by Kanyike community members led by Rev. Kakuba Kapia after realising that people were suffering from AIDS, poverty and poor health conditions in addition to poor infrastructure and internal conflicts. They hoped to turn these problems into opportunities for dignified livelihoods.They started with engaging in agriculture and livelihood improvement like send a cow, pineapple growth for commercial benefits, piggery projects, bird rearing, etc. They implemented primary health care activities e.g. health education, awareness (HIV/AIDS), home based care, water and sanitation.Since the organisation was founded, there has been livelihood improvement socially and economically due to livelihood empowerment projects like piggery, send a cow and local micro-finance. The ...

Contact PersonLutalo Bbosa Daniel (Coordinator)
Telephone0773 456 131/ 0772 432 387/ 0772 848 150
Date Founded

P .O Box 484, Kasese,Railway Village Along Kasese -Mbarara Road, Muruli Road, Kasese Town Council,

Kasese District Youth Focus on AIDS (KADYFA) was founded in the late 2001 to respond to the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Kasese district in respect to the young people and help mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS among the vulnerable community groups especially the youth. KADYFA was founded by a group of strong youth from Kasese district. We formed it after reflecting on our humble background, adolescent experiences, and our expectations in life amidst the challenges we were facing. Kasese is one of the districts with increased birth rates and one of the most populated districts in Uganda. The challenge therefore remains on how to improve the quality of life of this population.KADYFA is mandated to work hard to promote activities related to its thematic area which include; HIV/AIDS and reproductive he ...

Contact PersonKule Stephen
Telephone0782 748 876 /0483 445 892 /0776 400 301